Teleflora Mother’s Day Bouquet Giveaway!

Mother’s Day…

A day to let your mom know just how much she means to you…

A day to thank her for all of the hard work that she put into making you the incredible person you are today…

A day to show her that you really do understand all of the sacrifices that she made for you.

What better way to say “Thank you and I Love You.” than with some beautiful fresh flowers?

This year, I’m all the way across the country from my Mom, but I know that with Teleflora, I can still get some very beautiful fresh flowers to her that she will absolutely love.

Every gift from Teleflora is personally designed by a florist in your recipient’s neighborhood and arrives artistically arranged in a vase. This means that unlike other flowers shipped in boxes from one location, there’s no risk of damage or dehydration. Your gift of fresh, premium flowers will last longer and will arrive ready to be enjoyed.

Every Teleflora gift is hand-delivered by an industry professional, in most cases, the day you place the order. The Teleflora difference means that you can send flowers with the confidence that you’re sending the best.

For Mother’s Day, Teleflora has a huge selection of amazing flower arrangements that will make any Mom’s heart melt, and the best thing is, there is something for every price range!

I have absolutely fallen in love with just about every arrangement they have available for their Mother’s Day selection.

To make shopping for flowers even easier, they’ve set up several categories to shop by. You can choose arrangements with her favorite flowers, or you can even shop by Mom’s personality! I love the Gourmet Mom category! They have really cute arrangements in a colander, a pitcher, and tea cups. They even have food baskets!

Well, to make Mother’s Day even more special for one lucky reader, Teleflora has offered up a beautiful Mom’s Butterfly Bouquet for us to give away! Retail Value $59.95 You can have it sent to you, or you can have it sent to that special Mom in your life!

Teleflora is also running a Mom’s Shopping Spree Sweepstakes, which kicked off on April 20th. The grand prize is a $20,000 shopping spree; first and second prizes will be shopping gift cards. When you are done entering our giveaway, be sure to head on over to Teleflora for your chance to win an AMAZING shopping spree for you and your mom!.

Although our Mother’s Day Giveaway event runs until May 9th, we really want our winner to have their bouquet in time for Mother’s Day. So, this particular giveaway will end on Friday May 1st, at 10:00 A.M. EST. We will announce our winner on Friday, May 1st, at 2:00 EST. So, hurry and enter now, so that you don’t miss out!
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  1. says

    I can’t recall the last time someone sent me flowers but if I won this I would send them to my mother-inlaw-my own mom passed but my mother-inlaw has always been there for me.
    I’m all linked up in the original post.


  2. chyk says

    we have a lot of mother around here who lost sons this year in iraw, and one of them would go ga ga for one of these.

  3. says

    And I would enjoy winning this giveaway – I’d send the flowers to my birth mother in California! We’re all going together and getting my stepmother some new pots and pans for Mother’s Day!

  4. says

    Such a fabulous giveaway! My family will be visiting my own Mother that day, but my MIL lives on the east coast…this would be perfect since she is so far away!

  5. Susan T says

    This would be great..I would use for my mother n law..She loves flowers and this would be such a nice surprise for her. semtaylor(at)yahoo(dot)com

  6. says

    I love the fact that they are created fresh at a florist. The last box of roses I got died within a day!!! Flowers were not meant to be boxed! Everytime I have received boxed flowers they were wilted or dead even. I will use Teleflora for all my future long distance flower needs.

  7. says

    My mom is in California, I am in Texas. My heart hurts a little & I miss her a bunch! I’d love to have these to send to her!

    (I have your button on my sidebar)

  8. says

    I subscribe to the feed and the get the newsletter, does that get me extra entries every day or do I have to post that info every day? I looked over the rules but couldn’t decide whether I knew the answer or not….help?

  9. Rebecca says

    I will get to spend Mother’s Day with my mom, so I would send the flowers to my sister-in-law. I won’t get to see her on Mother’s Day this year, but it’s her first one, so it would be really special to end her flowers.

  10. says

    i would love to win this for the best mom in the world of 12 kids. my mom, she has biolgical kids, step kids, adpoted gaurdiandship and foster and 6 are under the age of 5

  11. says

    Oh how Gorgeous!
    My Precious mom passed away 2 years ago, but I sure would love to win these in memory of her! She loved flowers so much and she always said (SHE WAS A CHARACTER) Don’t buy flowers for my funeral, they only make the Florist Rich! Give ’em to me NOW so I can smell ’em and enjoy ’em while I’m alive! So she always had flowers! I don’t have that luxury as money is tight! These are Beautiful!!!

  12. says

    Beautiful flowers! I posted on the original Mother’s day post that I have your button. Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways…you are going to make lots of mommies happy!

  13. Maggie M says

    I would love to send the Teleflora arrangement to the brand new Mom in our family, my niece Jessica. Jessica had her first child January 27, 2009 so she’s a brand new Mom! My Mom prefers gift certificates, LOL!

  14. Joyce Poyton says

    My mom lives with my husband, daughter and me. This would make both of us smile and get to enjoy it. My mom just found out last week that she is “officially in remission” from cancer. She is 86 years old.

  15. Shelley says

    My mom would love to have flowers show up from me. I live across the country from her & don’t get there as often as I would like.

  16. says

    I can’t recall ever sending my mother flowers and she really does deserve them.

    I’ve also got the link and button on my blog to your giveaway.

  17. says

    I would like to win this! I have a button on my sidebar on my blog and I subscribe and I have signed up for your newsletter. (During the “Ultimate Blog Giveaway”…which was great!

  18. says

    My mom will be out of town this mother’s day, so I’d love to send this to her at my aunt & uncle’s house where she will be staying! What a neat surprise it would be!

  19. Cindi says

    My sister is 10 years older than me and we are very close. We are best friends and she has always been there for me! This would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for her. Many thanks, Cindi

  20. says

    This would be such a nice surprise for my mom. She lives so far away, but I talk to her every day on the phone. I usually take the time to sit down and write a personal letter of appreciation to my mom on Mother’s Day. It has become a custom, and she says she really looks forward to those letters. Flowers would just make the day even more special.

  21. Jill L says

    It’s been a long time since I received any flowers. I think I would give this to my husband to get them for me.

  22. amanda says

    I would love to win this for my Mom. She’s the best, always doing for others. I don’t have alot of money right now but if I did, I would spend it on her. Thanks for the chance!

  23. Rachel says

    This would be perfect. I’m not sure what our finances are right now and I’m hoping I can squeeze enough money together to get my mom something. This would be lovely. She’s a very “Spring” person so the colors are great.

  24. says

    I’d love to win this for my Mom or my hubby’s Mother, what we do every Mother’s Day is I get something for my Mom, his Mom, and also my son’s Mother.. so its kind of like a huge Mother/Grandmother type gift event because we always include new pics of the kids, their artwork, and other creative gifts!

  25. Heather M says

    I would love to win these… The Last time Somebody bought me flowers was 2 yrs ago Mother’s Day (It was 4 days after my daughter’s birth, so it kind of had a double meaning) My daughter’s Birthday party is the day before Mother’s Day this year and I’d love a bouquet sitting on my counter!! Thanks

  26. Mya Brooks says

    I collect butterflies, and having fresh flowers in the house, would make me want to cry. I haven’t been able to afford them in years…

  27. Mary says

    I have the world’s best mother! I have a special needs son and my mom help me out with my kids More than I can describe, enabling me to give my son the things that he needs (and keep my sanity). I would love to be able to repay her just a little with these beautiful flowers!

  28. Jessica Maurer says

    Gorgeous flower arrangements! I would love to win these for my mom. She’s had a helluva year & deserves these fabulous flowers.

  29. Lori says

    Beautiful! My husband isnt a romantic(I know he loves me, he just isnt the flower sending kinda guy) so I would love to get flowers!

  30. christina singer says

    I wanna win this! I would love to get the flowers for my sister. She’s a mom, and she’s my hero

  31. laurie says

    i love fresh flowers but their always to expensive to buy. my mom would love to have these. thanks for the giveaway.

  32. Vicky H. says

    It’d be nice to send some lovely flowers to my friend, mother of my God-daughter and my sister’s God-son. Thanks for posting such a lovely giveaway.

  33. Renee C says

    Oddly enough, my mom doesn’t like flowers. So I’ll enter on behalf of my 4 yr old and 1 yr old, who I’m sure would love to send this to me! 😉

  34. Margaret Smith says

    These flowers are so beautiful. If I won, I would send these to my Mom for Mothers Day. Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway.

  35. Phyllis says

    I would love to win this giveaway for my precious daughter to let her know I’m proud of the beautiful mother she is to my grandchildren.

  36. Jean F says

    My mother’s deceased, but I would love this bouquet for myself. I could always think my daughters gave it to me!

  37. KarenPr says

    Wow. Great giveaway. Even though my mom has passed I would still love these for her. Thanks for the contest.

  38. kp says

    i would love to honor my mother with these beautiful flowers. she most definitely deserves it after raising 3 daughters! and she is retiring from 30 years of teaching this year!

  39. Carol G says

    My mother is gone, but I would love to have this in my house. That way, my daughter, my granddaughter and myself could all enjoy it–3 mothers for one floral arrangement!

  40. jayne says

    Sadly my Mama is already gone-but I would love to share this with my Mother In Law. She would be thrilled! thanks!

  41. Kristi C says

    I would love to win these for myself. My family tends to make mother’s day rather low on the priority list and I enjoy fresh flowers.

  42. Donna Johnson says

    My Stepmother would love these flowers, she has had a difficult year so far and this would really put a smile on her face.

  43. says

    if i won this i think i would probably give this to my mother in law. i don’t remember if we’ve ever given her something for mother’s day. it would be hard to decide between my living mother in law or putting them on my other mother in law that passed away in october.

  44. says

    I added in the magic button now PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, count me in for this gift. =0)

  45. CM says

    My Mom passed away last Year and its been a long time since i got Flowers :( so i would love to win this for myself.


  46. says

    Since every Teleflora gift is hand-delivered by an industry professional, in most cases, the day you place the order, that means I can send flowers with the confidence that I’m sending the best if I win. I am so bad. I have never sent my mom flowers. And I know she deserves the very best. Thanks for the chance to send he some.

  47. barbara rose says

    I have 5 grown children and none can afford to send flowers.
    I miss not getting them.
    I would love to get free bouquet. I would share with a friend who doesn’t get flowers either.

  48. Jennifer M says

    This would be the perfect gift for my mom to show her how much I care for all that she has done for me! Thank you for the timely giveaway!

  49. Beth says

    I would love to win this for my Mom. She deserves a surprise flower bouquet. :-)

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  50. says

    If I won this, I would send it to my grandma from my mom and me. She’s lonely in Alaska and totally deserves something this nice! Thanks for the great giveaway. :-)

  51. Alexis Bowie says

    I would love to win these flowers for my mother because she works so hard and does so much for me i would just like a way to show her i love and appreciate her!!

  52. May Schultz says

    What a GLORIOUS bouquet that would be, if I won it. My mother is gone, and I’ll be celebrating my 60th wedding anniversary in June this year. I wouldn’t mind winning it a month ahead of time. It’s beautiful.

  53. Meg says

    No one ever sends my Mom flowers, I mean like ever. She would be amazed if she were to get flowers this year, and I would love to send them to her.

  54. lois says

    Would bring great joy to my 89 year old mother who lives in the nursing home, enjoys her bingo games and flowers.

  55. says

    May 1 is my b-day! :) What a lovely birthday gift this would make.

    I’ve added the button to my sidebar and linked to this post from my blog. I’m already receiving your newsletter and your on my RSS feed. :)

    Have a great day!

  56. Teresa Baker says

    I subscribe to your newsletter!
    I believe flowers have a wonderful way of brightening up anyones day. Since my Mom is no longer with me here on earth, I would bless my Mother-in-law with the bouquet. I know she would love them! Thank you for this opportunity. :-)

  57. liz reffitt says

    I would love so much to send these to my moms house my husband and i live worse than pay check to pay check and this year there are no fund to send even a weed

  58. barbara wright says

    I’d love to win these. Our area is replacing all the trees with shopping malls, so all the wildlife comes to my house to eat. I can’t grow flowers anymore because all the rabbits eat them.

  59. Chan says

    I would love to send these to my mom, I don’t think I have ever given her flowers. Well maybe once when I was little, but that was probably dandelions from the yard! Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. sally wess says

    my mom has passed, so i would love to have this for me…. my children live 2000 miles away, so i cannot be withem…..this would cheer me up

  61. Christie says

    My mom loves flowers and she really deserves flowers and so much more. I would be very happy to give her this Teleflora bouquet.

  62. Stefanie Hartman says

    Flowers for Mother’s Day. What a treat that would be for me. I love the butterfly bouquet. Lovely. Happy Mother’s Day!!

  63. Kristen says

    I try to have fresh flowers in the house as much as possible. It makes life less stressful! Thanks for this opportunity!

  64. Sharon Jo Seneker says

    My Mom is recovering from her 2nd breast cancer surgery. These flowers would be for her! Thanks!

  65. Karen says

    This floral bouquet is absolutely gorgeous. I would love to give my mom these flowers for Mothers Day 2009. Thanks!!

  66. Michael says

    It’s not too difficult to understand why women love flowers…
    That being said, it’s not too difficult to understand why men love ‘Teleflora’ :)