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I am terribly behind on blog visiting, so I am trying to catch up tonight. I have been struggling with a cold for the last two and a half weeks, and I am just wiped out. I haven’t been able to stay up late doing my regular blog hopping, so I am very behind. I am just trying to visit all the Wordless Wednesdays tonight!

But as I was doing my rounds, I came across an inspiring post from the Faith Builders Meme that I missed earlier this week.

(I was feeling so ill in the beginning of the week that I missed doing the Faith Builders Meme on Monday. I felt terrible about missing it, but my body just gave out on me and what is a girl to do?!?)

In her post My Personal Purpose, Faeryland Mom talks about the ministry of being a mom and brings meaning into that sink full of dirty dishes. Check it out to add a burst of purpose and passion to your life as a mom.

And if you want to join the Faith Lifts Faith Builder Meme, we would love to have you. Heather posts the discussion question on Sunday evening and you post your thoughts on your own blog Monday. (Or instead of answering the discussion question, you can write a general post about the theme of the month.)

Looking forward to seeing your post – and this time I won’t miss the party! :)


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    Thank you for linking me. I honestly didn’t expect it, and the comments I’ve received have been so encouraging. It’s why I started my blog really, to minister to other moms & sisters in Christ.

    For your cold: Echinacea & Vitamin C. You can also buy drops for your kiddos. Look for a store that carries the brand “Herbs for Kids” in your area. It will most likely be at a vitamin store or a whole foods type store. It’s cheaper than visiting a doctor, and really helps keep colds & such to a minimum. :o)

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