1. Janice says

    Just so you all know – I totally did not pose this shot! I was trying to get my son to let me tak a picture of him and the little monkey climbe down there and gave me his charming grin. I quickly snapped the shot, but was worried I might not have gotten the perfect one. I tired to get him to do it again. No way. Boy was I glad when I uploaded the shot and realized I had caught his beautiful monkey grin!

    BTW, it is at our cabin and that is under the ramp that head down to our dock. He is perched next to the dock on the rocks by the lake. And I didn’t add the fallen leaves for effect. It was truly a real moment. Don’t you LOVE when you get a shot like that?!?! I was euphoric!

  2. Janice says

    Yes Kailani, I took tons of photos that afternoon. I have this one and another one that were great. The others not so much. At the time of this shot, I clicked about six or seven. This was the second shot. The others didn’t work because they weren’t his initial, natural grin. I am so relieved I got this one!

  3. says

    What a nice photo. You captured his smile nicely, and all the colors…they just pop right out at you. Hes a cutie! Mine is up too. Happy Wed.

  4. says

    Great shot! Perfect timing. I get a good one about every 100. I have some good ones of the girls on my post today, but Kristen took them!


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