Wordless Wednesday

“WHAT is this thing on my head?!?”

Olivia was not impressed with the idea of a helmet on her head. And yes – that was the “toddler” size, the smallest one at the store. (No – she isn’t riding a bike yet. But when our little ones are on toddler ride on toys outside, we make sure their sweet heads are protected.)

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    May I suggest the Giro Helmet. We had to order it ($14.94 from nashbar.com) but it is adjustable and Graham doesn’t mind it! We take him on rides on our bikes…we have a child seat of course.. and that’s what works for us!

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    How cute, all in pink!

    It seems really late in the year, but I just had to share the fact that the leaves here in N. Texas have FINALLY changed color! It’s fall!

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    Hopefully she’ll get used to the helmet if she has to wear it often enough. Zoe insists on wearing hers whenever she rides on anything now. She just likes it.

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    My Ella is 18 months old in a few days, and we too always make sure she has on a helmet. In fact, if we were to forget, she would surely remind us. She LOVES to wear it! One day she wore it around the house for an hour or two. :)

    Cute picture of your little sweetie!


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