Have you been out shopping?

I guess it is because I am Canadian.

And because the last thing I would want to do after cooking and feasting would be to wake up at 4am the next day to battle crowds of frantic shoppers in search of the greatest deals. I hate both mornings and crowds on the best of days.

So, I can’t understand Black Friday. It is a mystery to me.

I have never touched my toe on a mall floor on Boxing Day either. Logically, I see the appeal of these shopping days. Save money. Makes sense. But oh the agony. Shopping is so exhausting. The day after a holiday feast, I want to sleep and laze around the house, trying out new toys while eating leftover pumpkin pie all.day.long.

But today I envied the sales opportunities open to you Americans. I wanted those 50% off deals. I wanted my Christmas list to be on sale – on a really, really big sale.

So I am going to join you — a little late to the party, but I am going to go shopping this weekend… online of course!

As store owners of www.pedalcarsandretro.com and www.a-rocking-horse-to-love.com, we are in our busiest season. So, I hardly have time to drive across the US border in hunt for sales, let alone even head to my local Canadian mall to shop.

But oh life is good because of the internet!! With a computer and a credit card, I can join the shopping throngs from the cozy comfort of my home.

So – I am heading online to shop and see if I can find some of those really great deals myself.

What about you? Did you hit the sales on Friday?
Did you power up on caffeine and hit the brick and mortar stores at 5am or did you bring your mug of steaming coffee to your computer and click your way through the online sales?


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    There were some deals at the brick and mortar stores that my sister-in-law and I couldn’t pass up so we went out and had a great time!

    The key is to only use cash, to have a list and to shop with a friend (that way you can take turns standing in line!)

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    I opted to stay home yesterday. I did do walmart’s pre-black friday sale however, which was a few weeks ago. I stood in a long line in the back of a walmart from 6am-8am for a $298 HP Compaq laptop. It was 50% off! Definitely worth it :)

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    I posted about my Black Friday experience because it was so unique. I went to three stores at 5 AM and never stood in line, even though all three were bug ticket stores.

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    Growing Up my mom NEVER went shopping…However My Mother in Law and I have been doing this together since before Hubby and I got married! Our major stop is at a craft and fabric store BUT as an unwritten rule We WILL NOT go to Wal Mart We have friends work there and the Horror stories They tell..Like Employees being bitten by shoppers…NO JOKE..It’s crazy BUT we had to wait in some incredibly long lines though!

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    I didn’t step out on Black Friday except to take AA to the playground! We had beautiful weather. I will be shopping on line over the next week finishing my shopping list!
    Point us in the path of some really good deals for 2-year olds!

    Alyzabeth’s Mommy for Ten Weeks!

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    Actually, I did shop yesterday, although I never do!

    My daughter and I took my parents to the bookstore, so on the way back, we went into Toys R Us and Barnes and Noble. It was about 1:30, so it was after all the crazy “doorbuster” deals, but it seemed like they were actually still available, which defeats the purpose of going out at 4am.

    We didn’t buy anything, and it wasn’t super-crowded at that point, but I did do a little bit of shopping online.

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    I’m with you. I have no desire to venture out at 4 a.m. for any deal.

    I did go out to Michael’s in the afternoon because they had a crazy sale on one item that never goes on sale and that they don’t allow coupon use for. But, of course, they were all gone then. But even that time of day, there were no empty shopping carts, the aisles were crowded, the lines were long — I just can’t stand it. One of the things I love about being a SAHM is being able to shop the mall weekdays when there aren’t many people there.

    I do more and more of my shopping online, though.

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    Hey girl, you are so right, I still don’t understand this “black friday saga”. You would think that after a huge feast on thanks giving that people would jut hang with and chill with their families, but standing in line for hours or waking up at 4am on any day is not my cup of tea. If that does it for others then oh well let them shop away I just won’t be there, especially when I can find the same things on line for the same or cheaper price. Black what? They could call it white friday and I still won’t be there.

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    No way was I going to endure the frenzy of Black Friday. I can’t start shopping till payday But once that comes around next friday, rest assured I will be with the masses shopping from my office chair with a nic big cup of hot tea and a bagel in my pajamas!!!

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    Black Friday has turned deadly and very dangerous this year…very sad to see what people will do for a bargain. :(

    We never go. The deals are never worth the hassle in my opinion. If anything I’ll check out Cyber Monday but we don’t spend a ton of money on Christmas gifts anyway.

    Not just because of finances but it really isn’t the true meaning of the season anyway. I finished up my kids shopping online not long ago and we managed to keep both kids gifts together under 100.00.

    The older I get the more greedy and gross Christmas seems to be getting. So many gifts, people going into debt for presents, buying gifts for people you never see because you feel you have to and so on. (not to mention seeing that a walmart worker was trampled to death from all these shoppers rushing in on him!!)

    Christmas to me is about Jesus and his birth, spending quality time with family and so on. In fact, out of all the Christmases of my childhood I don’t remember ONE SINGLE gift but I have such beautiful memories of traditions and time spent with family.

    Gifts are fun (and afforable or free gifts are even better) but anything in excess grosses me out and makes me feel yucky.

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    I was woke up by the baby at 5am yesterday, so we all went out to some black friday sales. Of course, the lines were stinking atrocious when we got to walmart and I had 2 sickies (including the baby) along so we opted to go back home and go to bed. My husband did end up going back out later and getting some of the smaller ticket items that were great deals though.

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    I refuse to go shopping on Black Friday. I worked enough retail in college to dislike the crowds intensely. My husband went, but he didn’t find anything worthwhile. Did say the lines were shorter than usual.

  13. J. says

    For the last few years, I have done my Christmas (and birthday/ graduation/ anniversary) shopping bit by bit throughout the year, which is less stress, more selection, and not so expensive all at once. I love that. Things are wrapped and stored in our “gift closet”(which my kids know not to ever open!) :-) Then I have more time to spend December making memories with the kids and making handmade things to decorate with and give away. If I see something in a store or online that I know a friend or someone in my family would like, and it’s a decent price, I buy it for them then. Then, there’s no running out at 11:00p.m. the day before trying to find something that’s beautiful and just-right.

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    My 15 year old wanted to go to one store in particular, a clothing store, but we did not stand in line for it to open. We went about 6 AM and we were home shortly after 7. I braved some of the crowds last year to go to Target, but I decided to stay away from the superstores this year. As my kids get older, the things they want rarely go on sale anyway. I also read a story (in the Houston Chronicle) about a man who was trampled to death in a Walmart store. I believe it was in Long Island. That’s reason enough for me to stay away from now on.

  15. Stacy says

    Well I was one of the crazys that was at Jcpenny’s at 4am, stopped by Herbergers, opened Walmart at 5am, Opened Target at 6am, Stopped for breakfast, then spent the rest of my morning shopping at the mall and a few local stores. I finally made it home at 11am. It sounds crazy but I love Black Friday. There is a thrill in seeing if you can get in and out of the store in a speedy fashion. But I am not one of the ones who has lost all of there mannors and respect for other human beings. If a store gets that bad I stop going there anymore. Plus i get all of my Christmas shopping done in one day. I love it and can’t wait until next year.

  16. karen c. says

    I went out shopping on Black Friday after getting only one hour of sleep. My mom and I go every year together (if possible) since I was a kid. This year, I was surprised by how not crazy it was. Sure we waited in a couple long lines, but for the most part, it was just too easy. We got almost everything we were hoping to get and had plenty of time to spare before heading to the next store. It feels great to have our shopping done for Christmas already. Now it’s time to decorate. :)

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    I went to Walmart a little late and it wasn’t bad. Got the $4 pajamas and slippers for my daughter. Then I went to Toys R Us.. it was NUTS! I waited about 45 minutes in line just because my mom wanted to get my son a shopping cart toy that was the ONLY ONE available. I couldn’t order it online because they were sold out. It wasn’t even on sale but I did also get a Littlest Pet Shop set for my daughter that was on sale so it was worth it I guess. Not sure I’ll do it again next year. I usually find much better deals if I start shopping in September and try to watch for sales on the things my kids really want and need. Otherwise it’s too easy to load up on junk that they don’t need or really play with.

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