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    I love to see pictures like brings back fond memories of my “little” girl who is now eleven. She never could master a bike without training is that possible???? :)

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    THIS is a pic that needs to get printed and put on the fridge as a cool reminder of them doing something neat together. VERY cool photo! I can’t even imagine having another taken similar to this, when they’re older. Pretty funny. 😉

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    Oh, how cute! And I’m glad to see they are wearing helmets–a helmet saved my son’s life when he was 7! (And don’t they look like cool bikers with those on?)

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    Look at all the people who linked and ran!!! It says 54 linked up and I’m only the 43 commentor. Very rude!!

    Anyway….Cute pic!! Nice helmet.LOL and man, she’s got a cool bike!!


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