YOU by Crocs – Fashion gets Comfy!

It isn’t often that a girl can find a pair of 3 1/2 inch heels that are actually comfortable. In fact, the mere thought of 3 1/2 inch heels makes me long for my Crocs. (Yes – I am one of those moms that runs around in jeans and Crocs or flip flops.)

The irony is – these sexy, high heels are made by Crocs.

Yes, Crocs are transforming Croc-comfort into high fashion!

Check out these gorgeous shoes and boots. Just delicious, aren’t they?

The Italian designed YOU by Crocs line features a combination of leather, suede and lambs wool, as well as Crocs’s plastic resin on the soles.

I tried out the Fabulous Fashionista boots and they are fabulous! Despite towering higher than I have dared in years, I am surprisingly comfortable in them.

I got an 8 1/2 instead of just an 8, (I vary between the sizes depending on brand and style,) just to make sure they weren’t too small. I find with boots, I like them to not be too tight. The 8 1/2 boots are a little roomy for me, so I put in a gel insole in the front. This helped make them even more comfortable, since my feet aren’t used to being up on such high heels.

Also, in case you have small calves like I do, mine are a little loose around the leg on me. If you have a problem with boots being too tight around your calf, then these will probably work great. Since I wear mine with jeans and pants, I am not too worried about them being a bit big.

I also loved these Daring Duchess pumps.

I had a hard time choosing between the Fabulous Fashionista boots and the Daring Duchess pumps. I may have to buy a pair…

If you want to win a pair of YOU by Crocs shoes or boots, just leave a comment on this post letting us know which pair you would like.

You can choose from any of the following pairs.
Fabulous Fashionista, Highball Lambswool, Impossible Girl, Mischeivious Minx, Racy Rocker, Shaken Not Stirred, Sidecar Patent Leather, Sophisticated Mama, Twisted Tart, Daring Duchess

We have TWO pairs to giveaway. We will announce the winners November 22nd. This contest is only open to US shipping addresses.

AND if you want another chance to win, head over to Kailani’s An Island Life and enter her YOU by Crocs contest too! Yes, we are having some cross-post contest fun today.


  1. Becky says

    I LOVE the sophisticated mama or the fabulous fashionista black boots. I am on my feet all day and those look like they’d be perfect with my work attire!

  2. says

    oooooh! I wan to win the boots! It’s a tough choice because those Daring Duchess pumps are so darned cute but I’ve always wanted a pair of heeled boots ~Especially comfy ones.
    ((Hugs)) Mechelle

  3. Bree says

    Ohhh those are so cute! who knew crocs made comfortable classy shoes too! exciting! I LOVE LOVE the Daring Dutchess!

  4. Lindsay Vandermyde says

    Wow! I am so glad they are making shoes that are actually cute & comfy. I am so sick of wearing shoes that hurt my feet.
    I would choose the Impossible Girl boots. Nice!

  5. says

    Do I really have to decide today? I LOVE the Highball Lambswool boot, but wouldn’t get much use of them here in the Golden State. The Duchess pumps are adorable though, especially in the red!

  6. Melissa OConnor says

    Love the Racy Rockers! They would be great riding boots or just running about town.

    Thanks for the great contest!

  7. says

    Oh I would love to have a pair of the Daring Duchess! They look like Penelope shoes… that’s what we call cute shoes.LOL

  8. says

    I have so much trouble with my knees that I pretty much live in sneakers or crocs. I actually have a lot of trouble finding a nice pair of dress shoes/boots because of my knee problems. I would love to try the Sophisticated Mama!

  9. says

    Ooooo…so pretty!! And if you add comfort to shoes that look like those….well there’s no question about it…they must be had! :)

  10. says

    I’m having a difficult time choosing beween the Impossible Girl (in black) or the Sidecar Patent Leather (in lapis) — they are both cute! Although, I’m sure if I won (wink wink) I would have no trouble making up my mind at all!

  11. says

    Oh my gosh, I had no idea. I love my Crocs and will definitely have to check this out. I think I would go for the Daring Duchess although I alos like the sidecar patent leather and Twisted Tart. Could their names be any more fun?? Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  12. says

    My favorites are the Highball Lambswool. The Daring Duchess pumps are really nice too! I had no idea that Crocs now makes nice shoes, not just cheap-looking sandals! This would be an awesome prize to win… Id never buy such expensive shoes for myself.

  13. says

    I haven’t been able to wear high heel shoes for about 7 years now b/c I have a 3 in screw in my left foot. I bet even I could wear these. I love the “shaken not stirred”.

  14. ~Lana B~ says

    Definitely the Highball Lambswool! I gets cold here and I have no boots! Thanks SO much for a chance!!!!
    ~Lana B~

  15. says

    YOU by crocs™ daring duchess pumps in black would be just perfect!Size 9.5 Wide. Oh my gosh, Can’t believe those are crocs.

  16. says

    I would love a pair of those shoes, the boots, Fabulous Fashionista, in a size 8/12 😀

    My mom started wearing boots *shock* and i got the fever from her.


  17. Jackie says

    Ok, I agree that it is hard to imagine these heels being comfortable. But if they’re crocs, I guess I can believe it! I love many, many of these shoes…
    My faves are Daring Duchess, Neat Leather, Impossible Girl, and Naples, you know, just to name a few :)

  18. ColleenM says

    That was really hard to make a decision but I would have to pick the daring duchess pumps in red. I am in love!!!!!

  19. says

    “Boots too big for your calf.” Now THAT’s a phrase that should never be uttered in the presence of other women! 😉

    I was looking at these shoes this weekend, trying to decide if they were really comfy or not. I’m glad to hear that they are! (And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dutchess, in either black or red. The red is just so sexy!)

  20. says

    The daring duchess are just what I’d like…perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win these wonderful shoes. Had no idea Crocs had boots and shoes like these, yippee!

  21. says

    Wow. I LOVE the Fabulous Fashionista boots! I had to retire my favorite Skechers boots, so a new pair would ROCK!

    I love your website!

  22. Rainydaygirl says

    I love CROCS. I have several pair but had not seen this line yet. I am so excited to add to my collection. I really like the Shaken not Stirred in chocolate. They match my style of casual comfort but fashionable. Thanks for the chance.

  23. says

    Oooo, a mom prize! I love the first pair….I wear my Crocs all the time but haven’t seen the “real” shoes before….very cool!

  24. says

    These are so stylish, and I’m surprised to see they’re made by Crocs (which I wear in summer).

    I’d love to win the Shaken Not Stirred in Chocolate.

  25. says

    Likewise I’m slippers or socks around the house and just maybe something a little more respectable in public, but only a little bit.

  26. says

    This is so exciting. I haven’t had a pair of boots in years. I love the impossible girl. Those duchess are looking mighty good too. Hope I’m lucky enough to win. Thank you.

  27. Sandra F. says

    Crocs are my absolute favorite brand of shoes!! i can’t express enough how excited i am that they came out with these gorgeous shoes. i love the “with a twist” boots!!!! also the patent leather shoes are cute too…it’s really hard to choose :O)

  28. Staci says

    I just came across your blog in a local paper and boy am I ecstatic!? I would love the Daring Duchess – beautiful.

  29. says

    Oooo, I would love to win the Daring Duchess pumps in red!

    I have Plantar Fascitis and Fibromyalgia, so I’m sure these shoes by Crocs would be more comfy for my feet than traditional pumps!

  30. says

    I love the Twisted Tart but I would have to try the Fabulous Fashionista if I won… my daughter says I’d have to get the purple ones but I might go with basic black out of modesty… ha!

  31. says

    I think I am with a lot of the others, I pick the Red Daring Duchess! I love adding the splash of colors in my outfits through accessories!!!

  32. says

    i’ve just been thinking that the way to stretch out my summer wardrobe is to wear long boots…which i dont own. i plan to spend some of the winter up in northern washington…and the “shaken not stirred” would keep me warm…and stylish!

  33. says

    I AM SO IN LOVE with the RACY ROCKER boots!!!!! They are to die for!!!!

    My daughter is obsessed with getting a pair of Uggs, but as soon as I showed her these boots she FLIPPED!!!! She wants these so bad too. THANKFULLY we are about the same shoe size too!!! So we can share them if we want. But really… Mommy should get them first and foremost. LOL!!!

    Thank you SO MUCH to you and You by Croc for an AMAZING giveaway!!!!!!!

  34. Michelle says

    I would love to give these new style of Crocs a try! I would have to go with the Shaken Not Stirred boots. They are adorable, and look so comfortable. Thanks for the opportunity.

  35. gaitha says

    I signed up for the boots on the other giveaway, so on yours I wwould want the daring duchess:)
    ggp42304 (at) gmail (dot com)

  36. says

    I’d pick the sophisticated mama… because I’m really tall enough as it is! Plus, me and 3 inch heels won’t go well together – I’m a klutz!!!

  37. says

    To be honest…..I’d take em all. Okay, if I have to pick one… the Crocs. I’m a sucker for comfort. As a mom, we never just sit at a desk all day. We’re running all over the place. But, we love to be stylish while we chase our kids around trying to wipe the bright blue fruit roll up dye off their faces.

  38. says

    Oops! I like the black wedge at the top of your post. (The croc site must be updating or something, I can’t view the other styles). I’m dying to see more.

  39. says

    I love those boots!I have never owned a pair of Crocs because I find them hideous, but these, these could change my mind.

  40. denice p says

    oh with out a doubt my eyes are in love with the impossible girl boots in black. so pretty and sleek. they would go with just about anything!!Thank you for this excellent giveaway!


  41. pinklady says

    Wow…I love the Croc boots and shoes. I’d have to pick the Highball Lambswool boots…they sound awesome.

  42. says

    I am so surprised to see Crocs that I would love to have in my closet! My daughter would even wear many of these latest styles. Count me in on voting for RacY Rockers as sylish, fun and practical!

  43. says

    Oh my goodness – I am a die-hard Crocs wearer and these shoes are WAY exciting! I haven’t been wearing “cutesie” shoes since discovering Crocs – so now I’m excited to get the best of both worlds. It’s so hard to pick just one, but with winter upon us, I’ll go with the Shaken, not Stirred Lambswool boots.

  44. says

    I love th Racy Rocker Boots! Who would have ever thought Crocs would make such fashionable boots I shoes. I wouldn’t give up my origionals for anything though!

  45. ashley moorhouse says

    I can’t decide between daring duchess, and racy rocker! there both too cute, would love a chance to win either of them. thanks!-ashley m

  46. Dani says

    Wow, I would love the Impossible Girl boots! They look so great, I can’t believe we’re getting a chance to try them for free! Thanks so much for the offer!

  47. Krista says

    I love the sophisticated mama boots. Lovely, and yet look comfortable too. Thanks for the contest!

  48. Glenda D says

    Shaken Not Stirred are so cute. I would love to win. I have not had a chance to try these Crocs but I love the casual Crocs.

  49. Makila says

    I would choose either Racy Rocker or Shaken Not Stirred. Tough choice! :)
    makila04 at gmail dot com

  50. Ally says

    Racy Rocker in an 8.5 would be PERFECT for my feet!! I LOVE croc and would Love to win a pair!!

  51. Brandlyn says

    I would love the Fabulous Fashionista Boots in 81/2….thoes boots look Hot…I can not believe they are crocs.

  52. says

    I LOVE this line!! I think complicated contessa is probably my fave…but I also like highball leather and lambswool, topshelf leather, and daring duchess…definitely NEED these in my closet. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  53. Maureen says

    The Straight Ups – I’m not normally a heels kind of a person but maybe these could get me to change my mind :)

    Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  54. oona says

    The Racy Rockers would look so cute with a winter skirt! They are all gorgeous!

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  55. Karla E. says

    I love the Fabulous Fashinionista boots. And since I would never, never, never pay $280 for a pair of shoes, no matter how comfortable they are, please pick me!

  56. Misha says

    Crocs? Wow, very cute! I had no idea!
    In the boots I really like the Highball Lambswool. But then there are the heels, I love heels! Your pick of the Daring Duchess is nice. I also like Dangerous Diva and Straight Up. But I guess my final choice are the Highball Lambswool boots.
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  57. Erica says

    A lot of those boots are cute, but with my small calves (and the fact that I don’t like it when boots are loose on the calves, they don’t work well for me. I’ve been dying for a pair of red heels, however, so the Daring Duchess in red would be my favorite here. Thanks!

  58. Emily says

    Those are sooo cute and I’m already a Croc lover! I can’t pick I love em both but the duchess pumps are more my style

  59. Demetra says

    I want to try these! I am a fan of heels and naturally when I think “Crocs” I think more comfort than fashion – but I was just on their page for quite some time and found MANY that I want!

    I love the SEXY SNOWBUNNY boots in chocolate, size 7.

    My other faves include the Dangerous Diva in grey(carbon), the Twisted Tart in black, and the Nightcap shoes (kiwi, lapis, or poppy)!!!!!

    Told you I was on there for awhile, didn’t I???

  60. says

    Oh man. If Crocs are going to make fashion comfortable, I’m definitely interested. I think I’d choose the Sophisticated Mama boots. They look just dressy enough, but not too dressy. I would wear them all the time this winter.

  61. Hertzie22 says

    You mean a mother of two/first grade teacher can look stylish and be comfy! Wow! Fabulous Fashionista is something I’ve never been =)

  62. Robin says

    Wow!! Who would have thought Crocs could be so stylish? I love the Daring Duchess shoes. Very nice.

  63. Marlena U. says

    I’m loving these!! My choice would be the Impossible Girl boot in black. m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  64. Dixie says

    I absolutely love Shaken Not Stirred. They look so warm and comfy, yet stylish!
    Great giveaway!


  65. Rosann says

    highball lambswool- rock- I never thought I would want crocs- until now!!!You have totally changed my mind!

  66. says

    I would select the fabulous fashionista boots. Boots with heels that are comfortable! That just sounds amazing to me! I would stick with the size 8 though. :)

  67. Karen says

    I would love the Mischievous Minx boots. However, I know my daughter would try to steal them, I mean BORROW them from me.

  68. Kristin says

    I’d love to win a pair of these for work. Graceful Gem and Monaco are both practical and retro chic.

  69. says

    oh man… what a great line of shoes! Thanks for sharing.

    If I won, it would be a toss-up between Twisted Tart and Daring Duchess. They’re all very cute!

  70. Carolyn Sharkas says

    I love several pairs, but probably the Mischievious Minx or the Twisted Tart.

    Thanks for sharing

    ceashark at aol dot com

  71. thelastman says

    i like the men’s ambler boots. i would get something different for my fiance. thanks if i win and i hope everyone’s days are all blessed.

  72. Georgina S says

    I love daring duchess heels.
    WOW! Thanks for letting me know Crocs made such cool shoes. I lived in them during my pregnancy.

  73. Margaret Smith says

    I would so love to win this giveaway. I love the Mischeivious Minx, in size 8 if I won. I could really use a nice pair of shoes. I just started back to work after being a stay at home Mom for the past 8 years and could really use these. Thank you so much for this wonderful and very generous giveaway!!!!!

  74. Margaret says

    Thanks for bringing these to my attention — I would have never known about them otherwise!

    I love the fashionista boots in black… size 8.5 please.

    I love these!

  75. Donna J. says

    I always thought Crocs were those ugly but incredibly comfy shoes with holes in them. These boots are beautiful.. if I was lucky enough to win a pair I would love the Shaken Not Stirred in Chocolate! thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  76. Donna Johnson says

    I always think of Crocs as those funky but incredibly comfy shoes with holes but not now.. The boots are beautiful, I love the Shaken Not Stirred in Chocolate. thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  77. Kari A. says

    Oh would I love the Shaken not Stirred. Those are so beautiful! Thanks for the great contest ladies!

  78. says

    Hey guys, i’d love to enter this one! I love the shaken not stirred boots (Walnut, size7), can you say COMFY!!! Pick me! :) THanks Janice!!

    Rachel T

  79. Teresa says

    I LOVE my crocs and would LOVE to try out the high fashion side of crocs! :) I think I would go for the cute impossible girl boot in Black (size 8 1/2) Thanks !

  80. says

    I love their shoes! I think I’d go for the Highball Lambswool, I like the heel and they look really versatile. Thanks so much!

  81. Brooke says

    Gotta go with the Highball Lambswool Boot…. so glad crocs is making shoes and boots… love my clogs but some times I have to wear real shoes.. bah wiicked13 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    mmm I hit the submit but it says error so I’m going to try again sorry if double entry please don’t hold it against me

  82. Jaque says

    Wow! Some great shoes for every occassion there! My favorite? The ginger style. I noticed these only come in wide widths, or am I not reading the sizes correctly?

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. :-)

  83. Tai says

    The Racy Rockers are going to go perfectly with my new Leather Jacket! I think I’m going to start scoping out cute leather gloves so I’ll be all set if I win! Have a spooktacular Halloween! Rock on Rocktober!

  84. Cindi Kavadas says

    It is sooo hard to choose – I love them all!! Fabulous Fashionista won out!! Black/size 8. Thank you for the opportunity to win a pair!

  85. says

    I LOVE my crocs and can’t wait to try these boots! I think my favorite are the racy rocker. Although I really like the shaken not stirred, too. Thanks for the opportunity to win them!:)

  86. Tracey Byram says

    I absolutely ADORE the mischievous minx. I would really be stylin’ in those. And I’m all about comfort in shoes. Life’s too short to wear shoes that hurt your feet.

  87. Alice C says

    those are some really nice boots, tuff choice.
    I’ll go with the shaken not stired, but it was not easy to leave some of the others behind :0)

  88. steven lewis says

    my fiance will look greae in the heels, but the boot would be more practical at this time of year

  89. Courtney says

    Oh, I have been waiting to try these beautiful crocs. I think crocs have gotten a bad reputation and I just love mine and continue to wear them for comfort. I would love to have a pair of the shaken not stirred in chocolate, they look so stylish and very, very cozy too.

  90. Brenda Callahan says

    love the shaken not stirred boots!!!
    can’t believe these are all Crocs! Amazing!

    thank you so much for opportunity

  91. Theresa says

    I can’t believe these beautiful shoes are crocs! I would love to win the tall black boots. It is almost impossible to find comfortable shoes with heels that look this good.

  92. beth shepherd says

    Thank you for having this. I would love to win. I like the Bali. Thank you!
    tatertot374 at

  93. says

    I think I would yank myself to choose these: highball lambswool in chocolate but those daring duchess shoes…hmm I like those a lot too. Thanks!

  94. Deborah R says

    I am beyond excited that Crocs is making fashion footwear now! I love the “Shaken Not Stirred” boots. Thanks for the chance to win.

  95. Amanda says

    I love the Shaken, Not Stirred boots! Amazing that they are made by Crocs. I had no idea they had this line of lovely shoes and boots.

  96. Denese S. says

    I just started a home-based business selling jewelry and had to dig my heels out of the back of my closet. Wow, my dogs are barking. I was hoping that someone made comfortable shoes that looked great! Please enter me for the sophisticated mama boots in black. Thanks!
    Denese S.
    dsudbeck at hotmail dot com

  97. Sherry says

    The Daring Duchess pumps are rocking. I already thought they were hot, but when I found out the color was Chili I knew they were Red Hot!!!

    I know begging is undignified, but I have this thing about red shoes. I can’t help myself.

    So Please Please Please…… Pick me!!!!!

  98. FPresley says

    I can only DREAM about really comfy boots and shoes…and my dream would be SHAKEN NOT STIRRED!

  99. Barbara says

    I like the Racy Rocker in black. Thanks for the great contest!

    oinkmoobaa (at) yahoo (.) com

  100. says

    I’m a big fan of crocs, but these styles just put me over the edge! I love them all, but I’d love to have a pair of the Racy Rocker’s all to myself!

  101. Becky says

    I’d LOVE Racy Rocker! 😀 Thank you so much for this giveaway.
    eyeslikesugar (at) gmail (dot) com

  102. Angela says

    Those boots look great and I do need a pair for an upcoming trip. I would take either shoe, but the boots are really nice.

  103. Christine says

    I really want a pair of Cotton Candy and Oatmeal Croc Mammoths, they’re so pretty and look comfortable. Thank you!

  104. says

    If I won, you would have to hand out ear plugs, because my squealing would be unbearable.

    I would give up my first born for a pair of the impossible girl boots. I can’t decide between red, or black though. How brave am I? Hmmm…

  105. Rachel says

    I’m in love with the Racy Rocker boots…I really need a good pair of black boots, and I’m curious to try out this new line of Crocs!

  106. Shannon says

    The bali are precious…but then so are the monaco…wow, who knew crocs came in such beautiful options! I’m with you on the jeans/crocs thing…except I have always worn oka-b

  107. says

    I would love to win any of Croc’s products. WOW, they also have a great selection of styles!
    I would love to win any of them, but my fav’s are the “Daring Duchess” pumps.

    Thank you for giving your readers this wonderful opportunity!

  108. Karen Bartz says

    WOW who new Crocs made boots? I love them!! I realy like mischievous minx and the racy rocker boots. Thanks for letting me know.

  109. Kirsten says

    I can’t choose between an awesome purple mischievous minx or a cozy shaken not stirred!!!!!!

  110. says

    My favorite pair is the Daring Duchess style. I can’t imagine those being a comfortable choice, but know since they are made by Crocs they would be amazing. Can’t wait to try some of these types of shoes out one day.

  111. Janice Golden says

    Those Black boots are to die for.My husband bought a pair of these because he has a bad back and he loves them.He is not a shoe person like me

  112. says

    I would LOVE ANY of them but the daring dutchess ones are amazing! I just bought another pair of crocs last night…..HAHA..those cutesy women running around in their sexy high heels make me sick! LOL…Its hard to do that running after a 15 month old!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for the chance!!!!

  113. Debbo says

    The Sophisticated Mama or the Daring Duchess are fantastic. What a great idea for Croc to venture into this area!

  114. Tanya Moyer says

    Oh definitely the Sophisticated Mama! So cute!
    Great giveaway – thanks for offering it!

  115. arielle says

    I love the highball lambswool boots in black! 😉 But the Red Daring Duchess pumps are also really cute!! I have no idea how I would choose between the two!

  116. says

    I can’t believe it. Sassy crocs? I love the twisted gray mary janes! Thanks for a great giveaway, and I have linked you at my blog.

  117. AJacobsen says

    LOVE the Daring Duchess in black! Too bad they aren’t offering the Dangerous Diva shoes too!! Love em!!

  118. Whitney C says

    I love the Sophisticated Mama boots! Very classy and I’m sure they’re comfortable! Sophisticated Mama in size 8.5, please.

  119. Teresa See says

    Those are by crocks??? SWEET I would love to own a pair of the Fabulous Fashionista boots! Those are sexy and fun

  120. says

    While I LOVE the Impossible Girl, my sensible side says that if I win I would want/need the Sophisticated Mama in size 9. The styles are all great though…I wish they were a little more in my price range!

  121. Louise Emery says

    I’d love a pair of the Daring Dutchess! Every woman needs a great pair of red shoes, even if you’re a mommy!

  122. JeanineE says

    I love the racy rocker. Some boots for winter would be soooo amazing. Thakns for the opportunity.

  123. says

    These Crocs are actually very fun. I think I’d choose between the Impossible Girl in Black or the Sophisticated Mama in Purple. Its so fun to wear “tall boots” with knee-length skirts in the fall! In fact, I wore that combination today!

  124. Brianne Coble says

    The black Highball Lambswool boots are killer.

    I would never associate the word Crocs with any of this sublime footwear.

  125. Courtney S says

    It’s so hard to choose! I love my Crocs , I didn’t know they made other types of shoes! I would choose the impossible girl boots!

  126. Jjean says

    Tough choice…I’ve narrowed it down to Simmering Sister in black. I do love, love the Unquestionable queen, too. Great styles! Thank you!

  127. Jjean says

    Tough choice…I’ve narrowed it down to Fabulous Fashionista in black. I do love, love the Unquestionable queen, too. Great styles! Thank you!

  128. Emmy T says

    I need a nice, comfy shoe to wear with suits, and the dangerous diva are so beautiful! Love Crocs, want to try these too!

  129. Donny says

    The impossible girl in chili pantone 1, I’ve been told, would make my wife really happy. (I don’t even know what chili pantone 1 is)

  130. Jean N. says

    I love the highball lambswool. It’s hard to believe that such stylish boots could be so comfortable!! Thanks for the contest!

  131. MonicaShoes says

    I saw Racy Rockers in a magazine, and I can’t stop thinking about them. I’d love to win a pair of those.

  132. Maggie M says

    It’s hard to believe these are from Crocs, but I checked out their web site and they have all kinds of boots and fancy shoes available. I would LOVE to win a pair of the “Highball Lambswool” boots. I wear an 8 also, so I would need an 8-1/2, if I should win that is:) Great giveaway and just in time for Christmas! Yeah!!

  133. Kimberly C says

    Oh! The Sophisticated Mama boots called my name! Very classy looking without towering on too-high of heels!

  134. Perri Rendon says

    wow, crocs….

    my daughter would love any of them….they are so much like her…

    good luck everyone…


    <a href=”

  135. Carol Armstrong says

    I love my crocs. It would be nice to wear a higher heel again, I think I would choose the boots.

  136. Kayce C says

    I love the Mammoth slip-ons. Please tell Crocsto make them with a heel strap for people with drop-foot who can’t keep shoes on their feet.

  137. Katy Reitman says

    The fabulous fashionista for me, or the Racy Rocker……or,….. Imagine a comfortable high heel??

  138. Rayetta Lovett says

    I would love the boots, I live in Michigan where there can be lots of snow in the winter months….

  139. Leah says

    I’m definitely having trouble choosing, but I think the Sophisticated Mama would suit me best. They are all really cute, and the comfort is definitely appealing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  140. Gaye McGill says

    These certainly aren’t the original Crocs. I’d choose the Racy Rocker style. Very sharp.

  141. Amy C says

    I would love to win a pair of the Twisted Tart in Gray. I love those boots they are absolutely fabulous!

  142. says

    WOW! Who would’ve known they are makers of some great designs such as these. I would definetly chose the Shaken not Stirred boots! I love them!!!!!

  143. Whitney M says

    I would love the Fabulous Fashionistas! They are work appropriate and sexy at the same time. I already own 2 pairs of the you by crocs shoes from the spring /summer line and they are amazingly comfortable. I will never compromise comfort for style again!

  144. jess says

    wow. i’d take any of them. the racy rocker. the impossible & fashionista. i’ve been hoping to find a pair of boots my feet can stand to wear!

  145. Betty Rose says

    I think the daring duchess pumps in black are a must have to go with that little black dress.

  146. Perri Rendon says

    I didn’t realize you get extra entries for feeds and newsletter…so here is my extra entry.


    <a href=”

  147. Perri Rendon says

    I didn’t realize you get extra entries for feeds and newsletter…so here is my extra entry.

    Here is the one for feeds


    <a href=”

  148. shari fifield says

    I really like all of the choices. If I have to pick only one, I guess I would choose the Daring Duchess, they would be perfect for the office. I already have several pairs of crocs and they are the most comfortable shoes that I own. I can only imagine how comfortable high heeled crocs would be.


  149. says

    Funny thing is I hate regular Crocs, but I have a pair of their gladiator sandals that are the most comfortable thing in the world. I would love the Daring Duchess in Chili Pantone 1.

  150. Paige says

    I LOVE the sophisticated Mama and would love to try them out on the NYC sidewalks. I’ve been looking forever for a pair of comfy black real leather boots that I can afford to wear with dresses!

  151. Kasey P says

    Wow….I didn’t even know that Croc made anything other than the clogs. I love the Gimet suede ankle boot. They would be perfect to wear with pants to work.

  152. Donna Hatcher says

    I would love to win a pair with a twist in black I have been looking for a pair of boots and these are perfect

  153. Susan Ledet says

    They have a huge selection of great looking boots and shoes. I would love to own a pair of the cool looking Racy Rocker boots.
    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

  154. Sandy Y says

    Finally! Crocs that my feet wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen in! I love the black Highball Lambswool boots

  155. noelle says

    I just received 2 pairs in the mail today (free shipping direct from the Crocs website). I ordered the Gimlet and Lambswool Highball because I am a boot freak, but can’t wear my DJP’s and carry my daughter in her stroller down the subway stairs. These boots are super comfortable and many styles are on sale RIGHT NOW (I paid $117 for both pairs). As a former teacher I have fired many of my shoes for failing the 6-hour standing required, these boots would pass with flying colors. They also have some really cute candy colored flats on sale, for those planning their spring shoe wardrobe. I would love the Daring Duchess! The key to the great deals is to buy last season’s styles. Oh – one last note, the bulk of the deeply discounted shoes are only avaliable in wide sizes. I don’t wear wides (if anything my foot is pretty narrow), but I decided to order the boots and hope for the best. The boots don’t feel wide at all, the Highball’s are a little loose on the calf, but with tights or under jeans it will not matter.

  156. Terry C says

    I like the Shaken not Stirred boots. I like some of the other styles too but they have too much heel for me. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  157. brooke says

    Hey I love those Sidecar Patent Leather Boots!!!
    They are adorable:)They would look great with every outfit I own!
    Blessings to you:)

  158. Lisa Pembleton says

    Oh No They DIDN’T! Those “Shaken Not Stirred” are awesome looking and to be Crocs to boot! LOL! If I don’t win I think I’ll have to save up to buy a pair or two or three!

  159. Jennifer Jozwiak says

    I love the highland lambswool in chocolate. I’ve been searching for wedge boots and these are surprisingly affordable!

  160. CHARLOTTE V. COBB says


  161. Kathleen Lewis says

    racy rocker—if these are anywhere near as comfy as the original crocs…my bf says he’ll buy the fishnets and we’ll rock around the Xmas tree this year! (and I might even be able to walk in them!)

  162. Isabel S says

    These are totally FAB!!! I love them all but I would choose the “Daring Duchess” pumps. They seem confortable and are very classy!!

  163. Joanna Smith says

    I am just as impressed as you were by the incredible New Styles of the You by Crocs Footware! Not only do the shoes in that line look uptown stylish, but you can also tell they were designed with comfort in mind too! My favorite pair, that I dream to have, are the Impossible Girl Boots in the Color Black. They are fantastic! I love the style, and they are so versatile in that I can wear them outdoors and indoors and casually or dressed up! I also love the Twisted Tart shoes in the color grey. They are ultra cool in design and again look comfortable. I love the wide strap at the top of the ankle, it makes the design! Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter.

  164. AnnK says

    fabulous fashionista
    YOU by crocs™ fabulous fashionista- the fabulous fashionista loves being the center of attention. she lives her life in the spotlight, standing tall and comfortable…

    Okay I just copied that from the Croc website because WOW it just described ME! This giveaway would be as named…FABULOUS!!!

    Thank you for the chance and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  165. Tammy says

    I so would want the Night Cap in Black — I love Crocs I live in them, but have not yet checked out the You line, since we live in Podunk and have not actual “crocs” store, and none of our department stores sell this line.

  166. allison says

    what a great give-away! i am on my feet lots and am heading out of the country for some years of non-profit work so anything this cute and comfortable would be a welcome addition. cute shoes with heels can be comfortable? who know? thanks for posting! :)

  167. Erika says

    What a great idea for Crocs to reinvent their image. I would love a pair of the impossible girl boots.

  168. Sue Farrell says

    The Shaken Not Stirred Boots are just perfect for our cold Minnesota winters. I simply must either win them or find a local store that sells them.

  169. says

    I would have never believed that Crocs even made shoes other than the plastic type clog. I hope I win my friends and family will not believe that these are made by Crocs! I’d just be glad to have won so any pair would be fine but the Daring Duchess pumps are my favorites, but Mischeivious Minx are a very close second.

  170. Valeen says

    Hard to choose, but I’d have to go with the nightcap! I love the shoe, but more importantly it’s not my daugter’s style so I would actually get a chance to wear it!

  171. Cheryl Rodriguez says

    I MUST HAVE the Daring Duchess!
    Those would be so fine with my jeans or my little hot dress!

  172. Jennifer J says

    I love, love, love the Impossible Girl Boots in Black. Super Cute!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  173. Alissa says

    How to choose? I think the “womens santa cruz” shoes look really comfortable!

    lilacflowers180 AT yahoo DOT com

  174. Brandy says

    Now this is a hard decision! I’m torn between Shaken Not Stirred and Impossible Girl…I guess I’ll go with Impossible Girl. Thanks for the chance!

  175. Casey says

    I like the Daring Duchess Pumps. I’m not a big boot person, so I’d love to see more non-boot choices.

  176. Marilyn Campbell says

    My daughter would absolutely love the Red Daring Duchess pumps. They would make a lovely Christmas gift.

    Thank you.

  177. Kristen Hendricks says

    I would like to win Shaken Not Stirred Crocs. They are so nice and totally my style. Not to mention they look so warm and comfortable and I could really use a warm and comfortable pair of shoes especially since it is so cold already where I live and it is not even winter yet. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.