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On Sunday, I leave for the Dominican Republic for the Compassion Bloggers trip (check out the cool countdown to the trip widget! It links to the DR bloggers’ page where you will be able to see posts from all the bloggers next week).

I’ve been nervous. As I posted on my blog, I’ve had cold feet. But even as I was writing that post, God answered every single doubt or fear I had.

This week I’ve been telling more people about the trip — a mom at preschool, a friend at Bible study — and finally instead of feeling nervous, I’m feeling excited (oh, and don’t get me wrong — still nervous).

I think talking about it reminded me that it’s not all about me. It’s not really about me at all. Previously that was my focus: What will I say? What will I do? How will I feel?

I know that God is going to work. Taking the focus off of me has also calmed my nerves.

People have encouraged me — others going on the trip, others who took the trip to Uganda in February, friends and family, Janice. And since it came at just the right time, I know that the encouragement was from God through the mouth of men.

And that’s my goal. I’m willing, but it’s God’s work. These are God’s children, and If just one life is changed, God’s work has been done. If one person decides to sponsor a child, that child’s life will be changed. If the sponsor does more than just send a check each month, that sponsor’s life will be changed. That’s enough.

I’m sure that many of you have heard the story of the boy on the beach and the starfish. He was throwing starfish that had washed ashore back to the ocean so that they could live. A skeptic questioned him saying, “Do you really think that you are making a difference?” As he threw another starfish back to the sea, he answered, “I’m making a difference to this one.”

I have a little playlist of songs on my ipod that I will bring along to encourage me when I need it — to remind me of the things that my head knows. You can read a some more about how the music is reminding me of what God is doing and has done on my Snapshot blog. You can also look at myCompassion and Service iMixicon on itunes. Tell me if there are any other songs that you’d recommend to encourage me.


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    Jennifer we are so thrilled that you are representing 5 Minutes for Mom on this incredible trip.

    God is going to do great things through your experiences and the other bloggers’ experiences. For those of us who can’t get there, your stories will change us!

    Thank you so much for going and for being open to God’s call.

    We will be thinking about you and definitely praying for all of you!!! :)

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    Lots of prayers going your way!! What a wonderful thing you all are doing. Blogging/Bloggers can and do make a difference – as I am just learnining now.

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    My Dad does a mission trip every year to Honduras. The first year, he was so nervous. Knew the reason he was going, the good that it would bring but still every day for a month before, he would stir about it.

    That was 5 years ago. He loves going now. The mission has grown by leaps and bounds. It is a great thing you are doing. I commend you =) Have fun, it’s an experience you will never forget.

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