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    Thank Janice for your kind reply. With all of your experience working with these troubled souls–do you have any advise? Repeatedly, when I seek advise I hear, “you must let them hit rock bottom.” Has that been your experience? Have you been involved with interventions? Does drug rehab work if parents manipulate their adult children into therapy?

    I know there is no single right answer–everyone’s journey is different–I just so appreciate the opportunity to talk with someone who understands, with a compassionate heart, the bumpy road we are on.

    THANKS! Diane

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    Thanks Diane!

    As you can see Janice has done most (I guess all) of the posts so far. She keeps me busy working on all the technical stuff. Sigh.

    And no… 5 minutes isn’t really ever enough. LOL

    Talk soon,

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    Yes, I do love the seasons in the Pacific Coast. We’re up near Seattle, Washington, so we get more than our share of rain here, but everything stays nice and mild.

    Janice took that photo of Jackson last spring. (He was three.)

    As well as doing most of the writing, Janice also takes most of our photos. She also does the scrapbooking for the both of us. I’m just not as creative. (And again, I’m too busy building websites and running Internet stores :) LOL.)

    We really do work as a team in too many areas of our life. She also does most of Julia’s clothes shopping… she makes up for not getting to buy baby girl clothes for her own, goes crazy buying clothes for my baby and then hands me the bill!!! Which conveniently sometimes I delay paying until she forgets. LOL

    Talk more later,

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