We Don’t Work for Free, But We Aren’t For Sale…

When money begins to change hands, can bloggers really be trusted?

money-bloggingBlogging has grown up. While at one time earning a living from your personal blog was considered to be “selling out,” nowadays most bloggers and readers accept the fact that mom bloggers deserve to earn an income off the product they produce.

But, when advertisers and mom bloggers partner together for campaigns, events, spokesperson work, etc., do the bloggers lose some of their credibility? Do their readers lose some of their respect and trust in the blogger and her opinions?

The questions are out there. They hang over blog posts, casting shadows. But should they?

Our Most Valuable Asset

As a blogger, I believe the most valuable asset we have is our INTEGRITY – the trust we have built with our readers.

Protecting that relationship is at the forefront of my mind at all times. Before I commit to any partnership, I use that filter. If a project or campaign would risk damaging my integrity or would cause me to be less than honest with my readers, then I must turn it down. Period.

I know a lot of mom bloggers. I mean I really do know a lot of bloggers! And I know many of those bloggers very well.

And so I know that I am not alone in how I approach working with companies. Sure there may be some bloggers out there who will put cash before their integrity, but that is not my experience.

Good bloggers understand the importance of trust. A GOOD blogger will NEVER risk damaging her integrity…


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