The Cost of Going Green

I admit, I would love to purchase all green products for my home, but I am sometimes turned off by products that seem to be absurdly expensive. I think it is important to use all natural products, especially for my children, but it can be discouraging when I discover the dent it makes to my checkbook.

On 5 Minutes for Going Green, Teensy Greeny interviewed Debby DeOliveira, the founder and creator of the oopsy daisy! line, to try to get to the bottom of the $18.00 price tag for her small bottle of leave in detangler and conditioner.

Hopefully it will help to shed some light on the competitive eco-green market, as you also try to decide how much is too much green for green?


  1. says

    I to like to go organic or green but there always a budget to stay with in.
    Hopeful as green movement becomes more popular it will go down in price.
    I been using shaklee basic H cleaner and it non toxic and super consentrate you use less and eighth of teaspoon for 16 ounce of water.

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