On the Birthday

Stephanie is musing about the birthday over at 5 Minutes for Parenting. Not only THE birthday (since her baby is due any minute), but birthdays in general and how what we want and what we get changes as we get older.

Click on over and read her words, but more than that, find out about someone we know (or two someones we know–hint, hint) who are celebrating their birthday today.


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    Thank you all so much!!!

    You’re all so sweet…

    So far I’ve been having a wonderful birthday. It did start out too early as I had to get up at 5:30 AM to take Sophia into the city for a brain ultrasound.

    But the good news is that the tech doing the test was so kind as to let me know that she did not see any extra fluid. (I told her it was my birthday, and I didn’t want to have to stress waiting for the results from the doctor.)

    So, as we had hoped, Sophia is okay and just has a large head full of lots of brains and no extra fluid. She may not be crawling around like her cousin Olivia, but she’ll get there one day.

    (Janice’s babies always seem to be in a hurry to grow up and beat the race to milestones, but my girls both like to savor each stage and hit their milestones on their own schedule.)

    Now I’m off to have a relaxing massage at the spa and then have our family birthday dinner and cake at Janice’s house.

    A very good 35 indeed.

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    Happy Birthday! I hope you at least get some time off to do something fun! You know, ‘cuz everyone’s busy entering all the bloggy giveaways anyways! 😉

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    THANKS ladies!!! You all are so great.

    Christine – yes that is Susan that doesn’t like to be mistaken for younger. I LOVE it! But that is also cause I don’t look as young. Strange but true…

    But I don’t mind being mistaken for Susan. It goes with the twin territory. :)

    As for my big birthday celebrations, I am sitting at my computer working away as usual. I will break later though for an informal pizza party with family and a few friends.

    I am so grateful though to be 35 and have my two beautiful, healthy children. Life is GREAT with those sweet monkeys in it!!!

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    I just posted over to you gals at 5 minutes for parenting but wanted to just say another HAPPY HAPPY Birthday to you all here. Have fun at the pizza party :) Take lots of picts to share with us!

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    Happy Birthday ladies…I hope you had an awesome day, and so glad to hear that the brain ultrasound went well..GOD IS GOOD :)

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