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    How cool that you were able to snap it right at thr exact time!! Neat.

    Our WW is up.

    Thanks for visiting my site yesterday and letting me know the other 2 pics weren’t showing…had to delete those, but oh well. BTW~ the thought of homeschooling stresses me out, too. LOL! 😉

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    Looks they have the same expression! Must have been a fun day for all. My kids have never had the opportunity to get really close to a horse! Only on the petting zoo ride! My WW is up!

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    What a great picture! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse laugh before!

    BTW, what if every so often your wordless picture needs an intro. I know, I know……I’m always the problem child. hee,hee

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    First thought….Mr. Ed found a new friend. Can’t believe there’s only 1 other reference to Mr. Ed in the comments! I’ll go back to my cave drawings now…

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    OH WOW, does he ride??? It’s been a DREAM of mine to just take ONE ride…now I am almost 30 and have yet to do it…He’s such a lucky little guy, and that’s a great picture!

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