Victoria P. Zurcher Designs:
Hip, Fresh, Stylish, Original

vpzcircleonly2.jpgIf you spend much time talking with children, especially those in the three to eight-year-old range, as they are getting to know you and trying to figure out who you are, they will inevitably ask you, “What’s your favorite color?” Even if they don’t ever ask you about yours, they will certainly let you know, “Blue is my favorite color.”

My nine-year-old daughter has recently become obsessed with penguins, and she loves having that as a personal theme. My son has a preschool classmate who likes elephants. Anytime we see an elephant, he shouts, “Kenny likes elephants!”

They have it figured out–the colors and symbols that we choose can help to define us, or at least give us an element of unique personal style. We decorate our babies’ nurseries before we know anything about their personalities–why not continue that throughout childhood, letting their tastes or personalities dictate the products that surround them?

Victoria P. Zurcher designs has set out to do just that. Five years ago after her daughter Sydney was born, she ended up creating products for her daughter because she couldn’t find colors and styles that appealed to her. The unique designs appealed to friends and family as well who encouraged her to start a business. Another WAHM is born!

Browse her site, and you will be amazed at all the products she offers:


Would you like to win one of the original VPZ retro lunchboxes? Click over to her site and then leave a comment here telling me which color/pattern you like best. We’ll announce the winner on June 8.


  1. says

    Wow, these are so cute! My top 3 favorites are the pink poodle, pink coco, and preppy girl! My daughter will go from homeschooling to a school next year, so it would be fun to send her with a cool retro lunchbox!

  2. jessica says

    I really like em’ all but I think the preppy girl and the dots n blocks is the cutest. My daughter thought they all were pretty!

  3. kelli says

    Wow, I love so many of these! I think I like the Brown Derby for my son and the Pink Blossoms set for my daughter. Although I also really like the Kiwi Cookies…. too many choices. :)

  4. says

    What an awesome website and Giveaway for that matter!

    All the designs are so awesome but I would have to say my fave would be the Dots and Blocks lunchbox!

  5. says

    I love the Pink Coco lunchbox. It would bring joy, fun, and pep to the otherwise dreary cafeteria hour. :) Super cute. Thanks for the entry.

  6. says

    Because I have a son, I’ll put down my favorie boyish lunchbox :)

    “Flipside” Bucky Lunchbox

    These are all so cute! By the way, I love the stationary sets and the t-shirts too!!

  7. Amanda C says

    So hard to decide, but over all I think the Purple Poodle lunch box is my favorite. I think my daughter would love it :)

  8. Jill L says

    Those are so cute!!! I love the Flipside “Patty” lunchbox. My kids would go crazy to see their names on them.

  9. says

    I’ll read the directions correctly next time! I am totally blaming it on the lack of coffee.
    I love the purple poodle color combo and my daughter saw it before she left for school and let out a squeal of delight! I was left with instructions to rob her piggy bank if necessary to get her one, she knows funds are very tight here. I can’t rob her piggy bank but I can hope to win the lottery here and if not I’ll figure it out when I get to that point.
    I think she likes it because is is going to be a 4th grader next year and this is a bit more grown up and not so babyish.

  10. Jessica says

    I am so impressed. These are darling! I wish _I_ needed a lunchbox. O well. My favorite would probably be the red and blue stripe… or the pink poodle… or dots and blocks. What is wrong with thise picture??

  11. says

    My daughter and I had a blast checking out the VPZ site! She picked the Flipside Patty lunch box as her favorite because she likes the purple bug. =D

    I liked the Purple Poodle… purple is my fav color and I love the retro harlequin pattern!

    Thanks for having another fun contest! ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Jodie Quinn says

    I love the dots and blocks and the preppy girl lunch boxes! They are so adorable and girly, I can definitely see my nieces wanting one, great gift idea!

  13. Tanya Moyer says

    So cute!! I love the Bubble Gum Sticks design! Great giveaway!
    Thanks for offering this!

  14. Julie Smith says

    they are adorable! My favorite would have to depend on who I was shopping for…but if for my son, I would pick the Brown Derby lunchbox.

  15. Angela Brasier says

    I love the “preppy girl”, my daughter’s name is Adriel…that would look so good on it!

  16. dallimomma says

    I really like the dots & blocks pattern. My granddaughter goes to kindergarten next year and she would love it.

  17. Jennifer Barnett says

    The “Dots and Blocks” lunchbox is bright and colorful. It is cute and would be hard to lose!

  18. Carolyn says

    Purple Poodle Lunchbox and keep the letter M for my mom. She takes her lunch to work. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks.

  19. Cindi says

    Happy Thursday! You guys are just full of wonderful giveaway contests. These lunch boxes are the cutestI really like the “Blue Olive Stripe” Lunchbox. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. I know a little person that would enjoy having a new lunch box.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  20. Margaret Smith says

    These are so great. I know that my son would love the Green Camo Lunchbox. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  21. says

    I love the Preppy Girl lunchbox! So cute! So fun! I love all things personalized and cant get enough of this site. Thanks for such a great giveaway!


  22. K. Cleaver says

    She has the coolest items over there. I like the brown derby lunch boxes but my son said he likes the Bucky lunchbox.

  23. Megan B. says

    How great! I love the pink poodle lunchbox, my niece would absolutely die of happiness if I gave it to her. Of course, it would have to have an “M” in the middle, but she would be sooo happy! Thanks for the contest!

  24. Lee Klein says

    I like the multicolored polka dotted design (has Sophie on the front.) It’s so happy looking!

  25. cat says

    I love the Dots & Blocks lunchbox. I’m trying to “go green” so I walk to work everyday. It would be so cool to be walkin’ down the street showing off one of your lunchboxes. What a great giveaway

  26. Chris says

    Oh my girlfriend flips over this stuff! I’ve never really checked it out though. I like the camo design the best. Seems strong when a girl sports camo. Something about it always made me do a double-take. I think she’d love it. Hook her up.

  27. says

    i need one for ME!! how cool. i love the navy block and flipside bucky. i’ve seriously been looking for retro lunchboxes since i graduated from college (I won’t say how many years ago that was!!) I had superman and strawberry shortcake metal lunchboxes when i was a kid….i really miss those!

  28. Gina Stratos says

    My daughter has recently become obsessed with the color pink. She would love Bubble Gum Sticks.

  29. Danielle says

    My daughter would love the pink poodle lunch box. I love that they are metal, so much easier to disenfect!

  30. Terra Heck says

    It was very hard to decide, but I really like the bubble gum sticks lunchbox. It would be so cute for my youngest step-daughter.

  31. Trish says

    My Grand Neice would love the Pink Poodle Lunchbox! She is moving from Texas to NJ this week and her mother plans on getting her into the last 2 weeks of school here. I’m sure it’s a scarry time for an 8 yr. old and a new lunch box might be a little helper to get her over this transition.

  32. Susan C says

    These are so nice! My favorite is the Navy Block Lunchbox, I would give it to my grandson who will be starting school in the fall.

  33. Beth says

    I just love the “preppy girl” lunchbox! Too cute! There are numerous ways to use these, too! Hope I win!

  34. Diane Mason says

    The pink poodle lunchbox is fabulous. My granddaughter has started collecting lunchboxes, trying to catch up to my 100+. She loves pink and black and an “L” for Lauren would be so great.

  35. Ruth Bousquet says

    I like the camo, have two sons currently serving in the military so it’s close to me. Love the retro style, too cute.

  36. Bonnie Capuano says

    The Pink Petal Pop Lunchbox Stationery is so Cool! I’d love to win that!! Thanks for the chance!

  37. Kirsten says

    Flipside” Patty Lunchbox is my favorite lunchbox but there are so many to choose from and they are all great.

  38. Nikki Barger says

    I am in love with the pink and orange circles with the name of “SOPHIE” on the side! TOOOOO CUTE!

  39. Deanne S says

    I like the brown derby print the best. The girl prints are so cute though….too bad I have 2 boys. I never get to buy the pretty pink ones! Bummer.

  40. Reiza says

    I like the bubblegum sticks design the best, but the Brown Derby is a close second. Those monster designs are cute too.

  41. Kari A. says

    The Brown Derby is adorable. I will have to seem like I am copying Deanne S. because I too have 2 boys & wish I could choose one of the girls designs. They are just too cute! Maybe this pregnancy will let me break into the pink world?

  42. says

    If it was for me I would pick the Purple Poodle, but since I don’t need a lunch box I would pick the Brown Derby for one of my kids.

  43. Sharla says

    My favorite is the Flipside Bucky Lunchbox. And my son’s name is the same as shown!! Too cool!

  44. Brenda says

    The Preppy Girl lunchbox with the pink dots looks retro and current at the same time. My granddaughter would love it.

  45. Jenn Johnson says

    I love the Preppy Girl lunchbox, even though I’m far from preppy, and my little girl is anything but! She’s love it though!

  46. Molly Capel says

    I was tempted to put down one for me, but I will go with the flipside bucky lunchbox for one of my sons.

  47. Kathleen says

    Oh man, I want to get my daughter about a half dozen of these! I called her over and her favorite is the Trixie. I think mine is the Dots & Blocks… but this would be for her, this would be for her…

  48. Jodene Gildea says

    I would love a pink poodle lunch box for my “baby” that’s starting kindergarten next year – with a J for her name – she would love it!

  49. Candie L says

    I loved the camoflauged one. Both of the boys would love these and would beg to bring their lunch every day

  50. Shelly says

    Love the Dots and Blocks! My daughter’s favorite color just went from yellow to black….she is 3

  51. Jill Myrick says

    The Flipside Patty lunchbox is too cute and Definitely my favorite !!
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  52. Paula Harmon says

    My son will be a 1st grader in fall and he is so excited about eating lunch at school. I have been trying to find lunchboxes like these, the kind I had when I was a kid!!! I need camo for him. These are just fantastic.

  53. Angie says

    I love the purple poodle lunchbox. It is soooo cute. Our school color is purple and white. And there is just something that makes this lunchbox look so sophisticated yet adorable.

  54. Susan White says

    I love the Bubble Gum Sticks lunchbox and the Black & White Dot Drawer Knob. So many cute things though.
    Thanks so much!

  55. Casey H says

    My daughter would love the bubble gum sticks pattern! If I won I’d have to save it for her birthday next month!

  56. Heather Curtis says

    So difficult to choose… I really love the “Flipside” series. My favorite is the “Flipside” Spike Lunchbox!

  57. Emmy T says

    I collect lunch boxes, and even use them for work, and the Purple Poodle Lunchbox with an E on it would be sooooo cool!

  58. Tanya Clapshaw says

    What great lunchboxes! I love the Camo one–we have a lot of military personnel in the family, and it would be a fun way to show our support.

    Thanks for the great contest!

  59. Suanne Giddings says

    I like the Green Camo lunch box or the Bubble Gum Sticks Lunchbox. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this fun giveaway!


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