Puppy Plays the Classics


I’ll admit it. My almost-four-year-old son watches a lot of TV. To be honest, I don’t worry about it too much. It usually reinforces what I try to teach him at home–letters, sounds, numbers and more. Although he likes to have it on, he doesn’t stare at it like a zombie. He is busy playing, but often likes to have his little TV friends around for company

Puppy Plays the Classics DVD is perfect for this kind of viewing. It’s basically a video of very cute puppies with a soundtrack of classical music. It originally aired on HBO Family. You can see and hear a clip on the Puppy Plays site.

I think that these would be great entertainment for children even younger, and the good news is that since it’s classical music, there’s nothing to annoy Mom if it’s the kind of show that they want to watch over and over again.

Would you like to win one of five copies (which can ship to the U.S. or Canada)? Leave a comment and we’ll draw the winners on May 6.


  1. says

    Oh my kids would love this. We have two little dogs that they think are the funniest things ever. They love it when dogs come on t.v. too. Great contest, count me in!!

  2. says

    Oh that sound super cute!!! My son is the same way, with wanting the t.v. on but not watching it. He doesn’t even notice 90% of the time until you shut it off LOL.

  3. says

    my kids would love this. My 2 year old would fall in love with the puppy which would make the DVD a number 1 in his eyes.

  4. Deanne S says

    I think my 3 year old and my 6 month old would like this. Sounds adorable….OK even I want to see it!

  5. Cindi says

    Hello! What an adorable DVD. I don’t know how people come up with all of these great ideas! Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  6. Audrey b says

    It sounds really cute, my son is also almost four and sorta likes the tv as background when he’s playing as well.

  7. Aimee says

    I love it! I’ve never heard about this, or really, anything like it. I can completely see my five year old adoring it for both the music and puppies, and my little baby for the great music. I admit to a lot of tv too. I grew up with it on in the background all the time as did my husband. We try to be careful with our kids — but I love that this is just that kind of show that allows the “company” while still keeping their playfulness, imagination and all the great kid things about them thriving! Thanks so much for the contest/giveaway — and for informing me about the product!

  8. Ann says

    How cute can it get!! I would love to win this for my kids and myself I have to admit. I looooove puppies!
    Thank you so much for the great giveaway!

  9. Claire says

    My daughter loves puppies. In fact, we just had a doggy birthday party for her! This video would have been perfect at the party. Hope we win!

  10. Linda Price says

    My grandchildren would sure enjoy this dvd. They
    love animals, especially dogs. Being a big animal
    lover myself, I know I will also love it!

  11. Barbara Fox says

    I am trying hard to instill a love of animals in my grandaughter – this would be great for her to watch!

  12. Mary says

    My youngest will be two in a few days and he just adores “ruff-Ruff’s” In fact his birthday them is puppies… I love the chance to win this for him.

  13. says

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  14. Amber says

    What an awesome DVD!! My 14 month old son loves dogs and seems to be able to find them everywhere we go. Count me in for the contest, we’d love to win!!

  15. Marz says

    My 2-year old would this video! She loves music and anytime I can introduce or interest her in tunes other than the standard children’s music is great. I love the puppy character.

  16. Laura says

    This looks so adorable. My daughter will love it. It’s a perfect thing to pass along to friends children after she is done with it.

  17. Becca says

    My daughter adores “doddies” so I think she’d really enjoy this DVD. Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Marilyn Hill says

    This is a wonderful prize and as very good way to expose children to classical music (which I love).

  19. Elizabeth M. says

    This sounds so different than the average DVD’s out there and we love puppies and dogs! I love to expose the kids to all types of music so I love that it has classical music on there. The association of having that music with the puppies is bound to instill an appreciation for it. It sounds like a winner all the way around!

  20. Ilissa H. says

    This is a really cute idea. Sounds like the type of DVD that could be turned on basically for background music. Looks interesting. Thank you for the chance. I’d love to have to opportunity to view this one.

  21. Mary Jenkins says

    my baby, like most, loves animals. and i am trying to get her familiar with classical music. any kid would love this!

  22. Linda B says

    This was a very good idea. Gives kids some classical music, which I love by the way. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  23. Mariann Hudson says

    I have never seen this before -this would be a great opportunity to show my youngest 2 children something new – especially my almost 2 year old – she loves animals!!!

  24. Rosanne Morrison says

    I raised 4 sons. I teacher once asked me how I got such smart kids. I said “they watch a lot of TV.” This is what they did with their lives. The oldest graduated from the worlds finest language shcool fluent in Mandarin Chinese. The 2nd was valedictorian of his high school class and graduated magna cum laude from an Ivy League University, He became a partner the thrid year out of college. The third had such a high ACT score he got a scholarhip to a top 50 state university and is now working on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago after leading his advertising club to the finals, The last is a sophomore in high school getting straight A’s in all honors classes and had the highest PSAT test score in his private school and being chosen one of 10 of his high schools Mock Trial team for future attorneys. They also played sports, attended church, worked, had friends and girlfriends. So much for the theories on TV harming children.

  25. kathleen Yohanna says

    I read some of the comments and everyone seems to think this is a great movie. I hope I win.

  26. says

    I have a 3 1/2 year old who just loves those two dog commercials–the White Cloud one and the Advantix one (he sings along with that one–“there ain’t no bugs one ME!”). He would just love this DVD!

  27. says

    Thanks for all the enthusiasm and kindness. We are glad you participated in the giveaway and love to hear your comments. You can email me with any questions or comments at cy@puppyplays. If you did not win a copy, they can be purchased at http://www.PuppyPlays.com


    Puppy Plays LLC


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