Internet Rock Star – Dooce

There is a reason has over 10,000 incoming links – Heather can make her readers laugh out loud and, for some of us, pee our pants on occasion. (But after giving birth, we really can’t be blamed for that, can we?)

Known as an internet rock star, every blogger knows about dooce. It is basically required reading. So if you are new and you haven’t found her yet, you need to go. And if you are also a regular to her site, have you read these posts I linked to? Dangerously funny.

We promise you the best of blogging and to send you to all the best places, well is definitely the hot spot in town.

With her incredible gift for storytelling, Heather Armstrong will undoubtedly get you laughing out loud. She is in a higher art form when discussing matters of the colon – yes I mean pooping. I swear I nearly died laughing on this post

This one is so funny it hurts, but you simply have to read it

Her latest post on her daughter Leta’s problem bowels got me crying too – check it out:

Note: As every rock star is not popular with everyone, I will let you know she occasionally curses and talks candidly about some subjects. If you are sensitive about such things, you may want to skip dooce.


  1. says

    Thanks for pointing us to this site… dooce seems like it provides mothers with some much needed comic relief… we need it, after all the babies do put mothers through alot (smile).



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