1. says

    Here’s the comment I left on their site:

    “Thanks for all the great links to check out! I’ll be busy all day!

    However, I am really surprised that Mommy Life ( is not on your list! Barbara Curtis is a mother of 12. Four of her sons have Down Syndrome, and three of those are adopted. (She had a son with DS and decided she wanted more!) She’s also a published author of books on parenting, politics, and Montessori techniques (written to regular moms), and has over 900 published articles in newspapers and magazines all over the country. Best of all, she’s very down-to-earth, not at all preachy. Just reading her blog feels like talking to your best friend — your very smart, experienced, well-spoken best friend!

    You should REALLY check out Mommy Life (”

    (Note that I have no affiliation with Mommy Life except that I LOVE her blog!)

  2. Sharon says

    Hi and Congratulations,

    I love reading your posts. What an honor considering how many blogs there are!

    I have just started blogging too recently, it’s fun and great to meet other moms online.

    My blog on PAMPERING moms called MOMS INDULGENCE

    My NETWORKING WAHM a blog site on how to network for your business.


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