More Time to Enter in Our Christmas Giveaway Event

Time is going just a little too quickly for me. I am still in shock that tomorrow, November will be over.

Our Christmas Giveaway was supposed to end today, meaning today was going to be the last day that you could enter to win one of the amazing prizes we are giving away.

BUT, we want to try to slow time down for you in any way that we can. So, we are granting you all a bit of extra time to enter our Christmas Giveaway. You now have until December 4th to enter. Don’t forget you can enter into each individual giveaway, and there are ways in which you can earn additional entries as well. So look over the list pf prizes and make sure that you are entered to win!

We even have one more giveaway post that is going up later today, so stay tuned!


  1. Margaret Johnson says

    Im a 27yr old single mother with 4 children. Im residing in a emergency homeless shelter in Waukegan. Im new to Lake County yet not to Illinois. Im really looking for a helping hand this hoilday mainly for the kids. And would be delighted to see them get some of the things that they may have wanted for xmas. The kids are really good children to be the age they are. And they understand that mommy dont have much and cant make any promises. But to just to surprise them with something is my goal.

  2. says

    i don’t know if it is too late or not but i need help for christmas i have 6 kids i have 2 girls and 4 boys destiny the oldest wears a 10 emily wears a 12 and chance wears a 10 bryce wears a 6s and andrew wears a 6s and anthony wears a 5 thank you so much marie

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