Ultreo™ – The Ultrasound Toothbrush

review-ultreo.jpgActivated by ultrasound…

Both Susan and I have receding gum lines.

Susan even had to have gum surgery and said it ranked in her Top 5 Horrible Experiences! She never wants to go through that torture again — and neither do I.

Understandably, we are both always trying to look after our teeth and gums as well as we can.

So when we heard about Ultreo™, we both wanted to try it out. (But Susan graciously let me review it. What a nice sister!)

Now I know I am in danger of sounding like an infomercial right now – but after just one brushing, my teeth were so smooth and clean I literally laughed out loud! I couldn’t believe it. They felt even cleaner than after a polishing at the dentist.

I phoned Susan and told her that she simply had to get one too. This is a seriously exciting toothbrush!

Ultreo represents the first major innovation in the power toothbrush category in 15 years. It is the first power toothbrush to combine the forces of ultrasound waveguide technology with precisely tuned sonic bristle action.

How Ultreo Works:

  1. Precisely tuned sonic bristle action creates bubbles and cleans upon contact
  2. Ultrasound is channeled into the bubbles through a proprietary ultrasound waveguide
  3. The bubbles are activated by the ultrasound and transformed into pulsating bubbles for an incredible, long-lasting feeling of clean.

Clinical studies prove Ultreo™ removes up to 95 percent of hard-to-reach plaque in the first minute of brushing, reduces gingivitis and naturally removes stains for whiter teeth. Also, in a recent study 95% of respondents said their teeth felt clean and smooth after brushing and 75% said they preferred Ultreo™ to the power toothbrush they were using before the study.

Inspired by bubbles…

Dr. Pierre Mourad, a physicist and research associate professor in the University of Washington Department of Neurological Surgery, works to find medical applications for ultrasound and its ability to transform bubbles into miniature sources of mechanical energy.

Inspired by bubbles while giving his two children a bubble bath, cleaning his car and doing the dishes, one day Dr. Mourad had an idea, “What would happen if you applied ultrasound technology to a power toothbrush?”

With this revolutionary idea, in 2003, Dr. Mourad partnered with Jack Gallagher, founder of Ultreo, Inc. and former president of Optiva Corporation (developers of Sonicare®) to create this extraordinary toothbrush that uses ultrasound to transform ordinary bubbles into pulsating bubbles that remove plaque bacteria and produce a deep, long-lasting feeling of clean.

I think it is one fabulous idea and I love using it.

Because Ultreo is a new product, it is not available yet at most major drugstores. But you can buy it online at:

If you want a chance to win one – just leave a comment here at this post.
We will announce the winner March 7th. (This contest is only open to US shipping addresses.)


  1. says

    Wow, I’m first? I’d love to win one of these! I’m pretty anal about my teeth but don’t have the $$ to spend on a fancy toothbrush like this. Thanks!

  2. says


    Just surfed in today and what a neat site you have! I’ll have to come back and read through previous entries later tonight! Don’t ask me how I arrived – I have no idea! LOL! But this toothbrush sounds AMAZING! I read the whole page at Amazon.com after reading your entry here.

    Gum disease (and surgery for it – yuck) runs in my family and my own gums are just beginning to show signs of it. If this would head off trouble at the pass, it would be wonderful. Being a stay home mom of five, it’s not in my budget at this time, but hopefully it will come down before too long and I can afford one.

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll be back and am bookmarking your site as a regular read!

    Bless ya’ll!

  3. says

    Oh, wow. I am going to get braces taken off my teeth for the 2nd time in my life in just a couple of months. This would be a great present to celebrate the occasion! ( meg dot wilson at gmail dot com )

  4. says

    I would love to win The Ultrasound Toothbrush. Sounds like it is better
    then the other brands out there.
    Please enter my name, hope I do win
    that would make my day

  5. Londa says

    Just like somebody else mentioned… I would love to have one of these, but could never afford one. My teeth used to be in better shape, until I hit my 30’s… WOULD LOVE to be entered in your contest. Thanks for the opportunity!

    ljbs3 (at) juno (dot) com

  6. Lana B says

    Wow, several thousand dollars of dental work last year and still a few thousand more to go this year, it’s amazing that any of my teeth are MY teeth! If this could help keep me out of the dentists office, SIGN ME UP!!!
    Thanks so much
    ~Lana B~

  7. Cindi Hoppes says

    My dentist would love if I won this toothbrush! Sounds pretty fancy. Please enter me in your drawing.
    I appreciate it…..Cindi

  8. geekbearinggifts says

    Man, we really need this. DH inherited horrible teeth and gums, and I want mine to stay nice… Thanks for the offer!

  9. Margaret Smith says

    I never heard of this toothbrush, but it sounds so interesting. I was just looking into buying an electronic toothbrush and was wondering if they really work that well. This one sounds really great. Thanks for the great and very useful giveaway.

  10. Erica C says

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity to actually have this toothbrush! I’m always worried about problems with my mouth, and this would put some of those worries at rest!

  11. Cathy Wilcox says

    I have peridontal disease and have gone through the gum surgery too – all four quadrants. I am slowly losing my teeth. I am using the electric toothbrush recommended by my dentist, but this one sounds amazing. I would love to win one, but I might buy it even if I don’t win it.

  12. Mary Boldin says

    I’ve had gum & dental issues all my life and my dentist is telling me even my current brand of electric toothbrush still isn’t good enough…I could sure use a win like this

  13. Kelly says

    Winning this would be a god sent! I have extremely sensitive gums (always have) I buy soft brushes but its not enough… I can only brush for a short time without irritating my gums. This seems like an awesome product!!! Thanks for the opportunity!


  14. Theresa Shafer says

    WOW, What a great “info” commercial. This is the type of reference that means a lot to me. I hate brushing my teeth. I have always disliked the taste of toothpaste. So ….bubbles…Great.
    Please send me this one.
    Thank you for the review and for the chance to own one.

  15. says

    Oh, what a prize to win. As a teenager, I lost my knocked out 2 front teeth and damage that adjacent 2. all my life I have had teeth problems. When finally the bridge tooth gave out, I had not teeth left in front and no more gums to hang a bridge from. I had to have oral surgery **cringe** and bone grafts,all to just prepare to get implants. More oral surgerery *groan* and 4 implants added…then 2 implants failed when I went in to get new teeth!
    Had to start the whole process over. For four years I was not in any pictures…or I was the floating head in the back. Did not smile, at all! Now 4 *knock wood* succesful implants later and I am a teeth freak.
    This toothbrush was made for me! I hope we can see some karma in action here!

    Good luck everyone!

  16. Heather says

    There are only a few things health wise that I so dearly believe in keeping healthy, and one of them is TEETH & GUMS. To properly take care of our teeth and gums and to do it as best as possible in between dentist visits should help us keep our teeth way into our golden years. So many health problems can be caused by bad habits and by our old standard toothbrushes not doing the best job possible. I WOULD LOVE to have this toothbrush… it’s so 21st century! Thank you for having this sweepstakes~

  17. Terri B says

    A few months after my son was born, I had to have my gums scaled. Seems I developed a mild case of peridonitis, which the dentist said isn’t uncommon in pregnancy. Anyway, don’t want to go through that again. Please, hook me up with a great toothbrush.

  18. swsweeps says

    Rush, rush, rush. This would make my brushing time not feel rushed. I know my teeth will be clean in a short amount of time.

  19. Liz says

    Count me in! Anything to make the dentist visits less painful and irritating! And I would love for my teeth to feel that clean all the time.

  20. says

    That toothbrush sounds great. I have receding gums too (looks like there’s a big club of us here) and while I’ve had electronic toothbrushes in the past, this one sounds really great! Thanks always for great contests. :)

  21. says

    Wow, this sounds awesome. This post is funny to me because I actually just posted about my experience at the dentist a couple days ago without getting local anesthesia, and how I discovered that the drilling is nowhere near as bad as the gum pinching that occurs.

  22. michelle lopez says

    would love this, since i am scarred to death of the dentist and the thought of gum surgery makes me weak in the knees.

  23. Melanie Lee says

    I can definitely relate to Susan! I recently had Gum Flap surgery and it was horrible.It was done in four surgeries, one for each quarter of my mouth.I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. My dentist suggested getting an ultrasonic toothbrush. However, since I just spent thousands of dollars on the surgery, I really can’t afford one right now. Thanks for giving me a chance to win one.

  24. Brooke says

    Oh my…. teeth that actually feel clean!!! I swear I brush and then a couple of minutes later I’m wanting to brush again… This would be wonderful.. Thanks

  25. Kimberly says

    With 2 pregnancies one with braces and an obsession with coffee on my belt, I could really use this for my aged teeth.

  26. Ruth Payne says

    I have a receding gum lime, too, which has only been excacerbated by pregnancy. I have been craving one of these toothbrushes (and my dentist has been nagging), but boy are they expensive!

  27. lovedandamazed says

    I have receding gumlines as well! I have been looking for a toothbrush to help me with this problem but haven’t found one that I really liked. It would be great to give this one a try!! Thanks.

  28. says

    I always try to do the best possible things to keep my teeth looking and feeling realy good, so I would really like to have this Ultrasound Toothbrush, I’m sure it would do a great job to keep my teeth healthy!

  29. Cricket says

    This would be a wonderful brush to have. I was eyeing it at Sharper Image but just can’t afford it at the moment. Maybe this is my window to happier teeth!

  30. Deborah Rosen says

    I’d heard about this brush but didn’t think I’d ever have the chance to own one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Marya says

    Wow! I have had so many problems with my teeth due to having babies and family history of bad teeth. this would be awesome!

  32. Kim Allmon says

    I would love to win this great toothbrush! I want to be healthier in 2008 and studies have linked many diseases, esp. cardiovascular type, with the care of one’s teeth.

  33. says

    I would love to be entered.

    My Dad had gum surgery about 20 years ago. A few years ago he started taking an herbal calcium supplement (supposedly easier to assimilate than other types) and has had vast improvements.

    Might be worth looking into. I have read that receding gums are due to calcium issues. :-)

  34. Melissa Stinchcomb says

    I have receding gums. My dentist tells me that I have the braces that I had on my teeth 20 years ago to thank. I have been using a sonicare but still have recession but not quite as bad. I would dearly love that toothbrush. It would give me great peace of mind not to have to worry about future gum surgery!

  35. Jennifer St.Laurent says

    My gums a receding in a few places so nice to see there is a toothbrush out that can help prevent this sort of thing!

  36. says

    I would so love to win one! Dental offices are the bane of my existance! I would love to get my teeth cleaner and have less horrid experiences at the dentist.

  37. Natalie says

    This is a GREAT giveaway. Thanks! Gums are my problem area and my dentist says mine are receding. This would be a great solution and such a big help.

  38. Amber says

    So, I’m guessing since you love it that it is easy on your gums? I would love that! I hate feeling like my sonicare is tilling up my gums like a garden.

  39. Maggie Mannwieler says

    WOW! This sounds like just the toothbrush I need…I, too am starting to get receding gums, ouch! I brush my teeth too hard according to my dental hygenist-if I win this I won’t have to!

  40. Crystal says

    I would love a new electric toothbrush. Ours broke and I still haven’t replaced it, but miss that ultra-clean feel.

  41. says

    I would love to be entered to win one of these. I have undergone the same procedure that it sounds like Susan had, and I’m with her…it isn’t the kind of thing that you ever want to go through again if you can help it.

  42. DeeAnn says

    I have extra sensitive teeth and gums – so anything that will help get them clean without the constant brushing would be a great help. Bubbles sound like the perfect solution! Pick me please! 😉

  43. Stacey Diaz says

    I am constantly brushing my teeth all day long because I love clean teeth! This looks like it would be a product just for me

  44. Sharon M says

    I would love to have a good toothbrush that really did clean your teeth and gums. All the electrics I’ve tried didn’t clean any better than my regular manual toothbruth.
    Thank you for offering such a nice prize.

  45. Denise Stephens says

    I need an electrical toothbrush and this would be great to have! It looks like a lot of people would like to have one too!

  46. Suzanne says

    Very nice! I got an electric one… but am having my daughter keep it in her bathroom to encourage her to brush with it… it would be SO nice to have ‘my own’!

  47. Coleen says

    I just got up to let the dogs out (1:41a.m.) – do we ever get to sleep! but as an added bonus – I just might win – Lets keep our fingers crossed!

  48. Carolyn T says

    I’d love to have one of these. I htink you can buy extra heads and that way the whole family could use the brush, too! Awesome giveaway!

  49. Carrie says

    hey put my name in the drawing to, I would love to have one of those. With four boys and only my husband working there is no way I could aford that.

  50. says

    My mother helped me pay over $12,000 for dental work the last few months and this would be perfect to help keep my teeth looking great! I hope to win this!!

  51. henrietta phillips says

    this is exactly the model that my dentist recommends. thanks for the chance to win this super-dooper toothbrush.

  52. says

    wow…that is a lot of comments. If I had that many comments one my page I think I would have a cow… but hey maybe I could win a REALLY cool tooth brush. Count me in!

  53. Deborah says

    Oh yes – I want to get that clean teeth feeling. Count me in! If I win, you can contact me at dmj53(at)hotmail.com

  54. says

    I would really love to win this toothbrush! I have the same “mouth” problems that my mom had and I would love to really feel like I was getting my teeth clean.

  55. says

    I would love to try this Ultrasound toothbrush. I’m a heart patient and take coumadin so I must be very careful that I don’t make my gums start bleeding when I clean my teeth. HOpe to try it soon. Thanks. GS

  56. says

    Alright, try three. I would love to enter your contest, because I honestly have terrible dental hygiene, despite being blessed with a fabulous set of teeth. As my son grows, I don’t want to model bad behavior for him, so perhaps a fancy new toothbrush will help me be more diligent about brushing.

  57. Sharon Cramer says

    my granddaughter just had her braces off.
    This would really come in handy to keep her teeth the best they can be.

  58. says

    This is a great giveaway. The best way for my little ones to learn how to take care of their teeth, is for them to see me taking care of mine. Learning by example is such a great teacher, this toothbrush would be a great learning tool, and wonderful for my teeth, my smile and my health.

    Every child loves their mothers smile!

  59. Meghan says

    hmm i would love to win this toothbrush my gums are pretty much in bad shape … lol my gums would love it if i won this toothbrush i would take really good care of it and im defienlty adding this website to my favorites =]

  60. Katie M says

    I’dlove to give this toothbrush a whirl! I’ve tried a few of the cheap toothbrushes like this, and I wasn’t terribly impressed. However, this one sounds great!