BISSELL Steam & Sweep for Your Holiday Cleaning

I am in love! I recently received a Bissell Steam & Sweep to review and I have to tell you, it is now one of my favorite things. One of my most dreaded chores has always been cleaning my kitchen floor. I hate sweeping and mopping. I think it’s mainly due to the fact that as a mom of young ones, it rarely stays clean for very long.

When my BISSELL Steam & Sweep arrived, I was ready to put it to the test. It had been a good two days since I had cleaned my kitchen floors. I know, I know, but it had been a busy week. So, my floors were in need of a good cleaning.

We had eaten pizza for dinner the evening before and I noticed some dried up pizza sauce under our kitchen table. I was happy that it would make for a good test for the BISSELL Steam & Sweep.


The Steam & Sweep required a little bit of assembly, but it was very quick and easy. In no time at all, it was ready to start tackling my kitchen floor. Since my floor was messy, I ran just the sweeper setting first. I was delighted with how well it worked.

My favorite part by far is the swivel head, which moves with ease. I was able to easily navigate under the cabinets and the areas around my dishwasher and refrigerator.

When it was time for the steamer setting, I noticed that it did take a bit more work on my part to push it around, but it was nice to feel the difference between the two settings and to actually feel it working. And that dried up pizza sauce, it came right up!

The mop pads are machine washable, which is wonderful. You should have seen what the pad looked like once I was all done sweeping and steaming. My floors were obviously much dirtier than I thought.

The BISSELL Steam & Sweep leaves floors fresh and dry without the fumes or residue of harsh chemicals, and is safe and effective on virtually all hard floor surfaces, including marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, laminate, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors.

In addition to being powerful and 100 percent chemical-free, the eco-friendly Steam & Sweep offers the following features and benefits:

  • Dual functioning cleaning foot that boasts both sweeping and steaming capabilities
  • Switches that allow the unit to be used as a steam mop, sweeper, or both at once
  • Easy-to-maintain foot with an easy empty dust bin and high quality, washable microfiber mop pads
  • Steam on Demand trigger, which delivers the ideal amount of steam when and where you need it
  • Maneuverable swivel head, making those hard to reach places a cleaning breeze
  • Easy-to-fill, high capacity, removable water tank that can be filled right from the tap โ€“ no need for cups and funnels
  • Water purification system that leaves floors spotless and extends the life of the machine
  • Fast-acting water heater โ€“ ready to use in 30 seconds


If you are like me, you have quite a bit of cleaning to do this holiday season. As friends and family come and go during the holidays, the BISSELL Steam & Sweep will make for a much quicker clean-up. Just think, you can spend the extra time enjoying the company of your loved ones.

We have one BISSELL Steam & Sweep, retail value $129.00, to give away to one of YOU. To enter, just leave a comment below.

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The BISSELL Steam & Sweep is available at Sears, Target, Lowes, Shopko and Meijer stores for $129.99. To learn more about BISSELL cleaning products and the companyโ€™s commitment to effective, yet eco-friendly practices, visit

Thank you BISSELL for providing a Steam & Sweep for review purposes and as prizing in this giveaway.


  1. Erica Mueller says

    You can send this to me, ok? I have two rooms (bedrooms) of carpet in my whole house. The rest is tile. Sweeping and mopping the whole thing takes FOREVER and wears me out!!

  2. says

    I want one BAD! My entire house is tile. Other than my master bedroom, all other 9 rooms are done in tile. Great with kids, not so great to have to sweep and mop!!!

  3. nicole j says

    We need this because, well I dread cleaning my floors because of Erica’s stated reasons. :) Sounds great for ALL of our wood laminate!

  4. Jenn says

    Oh my this would be wonderful this holiday season. Being 7 months pregnant I’m finding it very difficult to keep my floor clean, especially under the table!

  5. Pam P says

    Oh I would love to win one of these!! We just bought a new house and it has hard wood floors plus carpet. I hate mopping. This would be great to own!! Thanks for doing these giveaways…I always enter but never win anything….I enjoy it!! :)

  6. Tabitha K says

    Would LOVE to win this for my grandmother! She frets about her flooring constantly annd this would take some pressure off her 73 year old back!

  7. Moma Darling says

    NO CHEMICALS! Fantastic, I really need this for my crawling baby and health problems. Well done review. Thanks!

  8. says

    If I truly had a chance to sit on Santa’s knee and ask for anything I want for Christmas … I do believe this would be it. The one chore that I hate more than anything is cleaning the floors. I also have a degenerative bone disease in my lower back that causes severe lower back pain when I sweep and then mop. This would make my most hated chore so much easier to just accept and do.

  9. Alice says

    I have 3 dogs at home and I live in a 3600 square foot house with mostly hardwood floors. I soooooo need one of these!

  10. Sonia Koehler says

    Oh to have one of these would be wonderful it is on my xmas wish list as I have been since we moved to our new house a month ago doin the entire house on my hands and knees takes a good 2 hours or more so please choose me

  11. says

    In our dining room we put in the floor after we bought the house because all it had was a concrete floor. My husbands co-worker was very generous and gave us a bunch of granite tile she had left over from a project. Unfortunately we were short and had to supplement with another tile. We were BROKE at the time and went with a cheap ceramic tile to make a square with in the granite to finish the room. The ceramic is horrible and it always looks dirty. After I mop with my regular mop the tiles have a nasty film on them and I have to hand buff them. I would love to try a steam cleaner to see if it would make the tiles look good without hand buffing. Thanks!

  12. Lois says

    This looks awesome! Any cleaning supply that does the work of multiple task is awesome in my book! I would love to win this!

  13. Anne McKay says

    This would be great! Having a young child thats always playing on the floor I’d rather not have to use any chemicals.

  14. says

    I have been drooling over this system. We have no carpet in our 2000 square feet home and that is a lot of time on my knees scrubbing floors. My knees could use a BREAK! Going to go find out how to earn more entries :)

  15. says

    Oh my word, steam mops have been a hot topic for me lately! I have been asking everyone I know if they have one and if they like the one they have. More than one have told me that they have a Bissel and LOVE it. I want one so badly!

  16. Amy Brewer says

    I love that it is easy to navigate like your post said. I too have people coming for Holidays and this would be perfect for me.

  17. says

    I would absolutely love to have this. We recently moved into a home with a lot of tile floor and it’s white and getting out the mops several times a week is quite the chore.

  18. says

    I would love one of these! My downstairs was all built with white floor tile before we purchased it and keeping them clean is a huge challenge..

  19. anna says

    i have an older model bissell and was my main cleaning tool for my hardwood floors & tiles. unfortunately, it broke during a recent move, i need to get it replaced desperately!

  20. says

    I DEFINITELY need something like this! Do you know what a pain it is to drag out that Kerby I was sucked into buying years ago???

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  21. MARQUITA says


  22. says

    I love that this machine has a brush on it……looks great! I am a follower, facebook fan, twitter follower and part of your blog frog community!

  23. racergirl1313 says

    I love my Bissel steam mop, but being able to vac and mop with one device would save time and hopefully get me mopping my kitchen floor more!

  24. says

    This looks great! sweeping and mopping at the same time. think of the things I could do with all that extra time… the possibilities are endless. :) Thanks for the chance to win.

  25. Amanda says

    This would be a god-send. My daughter just started crawling…you never realize how dirty your floors really are until you pick your kid up and their knees are black.

  26. Debby Morgan says

    This is what I would love to have. I have hardwood floors and dogs inside my house and I need it terribly. My friend has one and they work great. How nice would it be to know that my grandkids could be on my floor and I would not have to worry about dog hair, or dirt. Please Santa, this is what I want really, really badly.

  27. Debby Morgan says

    I am always asked what do you what for Christmas? This is what I want!!! I have wanted it since the very first time I saw it. They only problem is the costs, not many family members could spend that much money for my present. The ony way I will ever get this great gift is if I were so lucky as to win it. Let’s hope I do. Thanks Ladies, I love this site!!

  28. Rachel Dilling says

    Wow! My husband, three kids and two dogs track anything and everything through the kitchen and dining room. This would really help me keep it clean. I hate my mop =(
    I like on facebook =)


    I’m a retired guy with a tiled sun room that requires a lot of elbow grease, time and energy to keep looking good. The Bissel Steam & Sweep would be a great 2010 Christmas present!
    Thanks 5 Minutes for for making the chance to win!

  30. says

    These are amazing and I watch the commercials for these all the time, hoping to get one someday. lol

    Added your giveaways button to my giveaways page!
    Subscribed to your feed!
    Signed up for your newsletter!

  31. Karen says

    I have been looking at this not only for myself, but for my daughter-in-law as a gift since she has 2 toddlers, 2 dogs and is a working lady! She would appreciate the help.

  32. says

    I have been wanting one of these for a while now. I would be so pumped to win. (crossing my fingers and toes here)
    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter and feed, and I “like” you on facebook

  33. Christine says

    I need all the floor help I can get. Most of my floors are carpeted, but I’d love to sanitize the bathrooms without bleach and my kitchen? Let’s not even go there.
    Thanks for the chance!

  34. shel says

    Mopping floors is my least favorite chore. Many times I do it on my hands and knees with a sponge. This would make it so much easier.

  35. says

    I just noticed that my first comment didn’t go through. I’d love to win this. It would be perfect for cleaning my kitchen floor as well as the other floors in my home. Thanks!

  36. Angie says

    It would be so cool to get something that would make caring for the floors a little bit easier – after 3 kids, 1 dog and 2 cats they can get pretty disgusting.

  37. Jaimie K says

    I would LOVE this! I absolutely hate mopping my floors and I don’t do it near as often as I should. This would help to make things a bit easier.

  38. Sammie says

    i’ve read reviews saying that it leaves some floors dull and streaky…is the bissell steam and sweep safe to use with a floor cleaner like Fabuloso?

  39. Debra Morgan says

    I want this so badly that I had a dream that I won it. You should have seen my floors, they looked brand new and my house is 55 years old! I could only dream that I would ever own something this nice. Thanks for everything you ladies do for us!

  40. Christina says

    I don’t know if anyone other than my husband and I would know – but since we’re the ones that clean the floors (by hand), we’d love something with washable mop heads that really works!

  41. Debby Morgan says

    I am not to ashamed to beg for this one!! HA HA, I know that does nothing to help win but I really do want this and I will never be able to afford it. Thanks for allowing me to enter and just dream about such a great product!

  42. Ali Fiessinger says

    Seriously? This would be a God Send. My daughter has asthma and we have tried to remove the carpet but not all rooms are done yet. This would be the answer to my prayers. I would know for sure that the floors are clean and my children can actually play on the floor!

  43. Debby M says

    I am glad you don’t limit the times you can enter. I want to win this so I am sending as many as possible. I have seen this work and it is awesome. I could know for sure my grandkids can be on my floors because they would actually be clean if I had this machine.

  44. says

    My daughter just had a baby girl – new baby in my house now – GOT to have CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN floors (not that I didn’t keep them or want them clean before) ๐Ÿ˜‰ BUT – you know what I mean… This would be so amazing in helping me do just that. :)

  45. says

    This would be the perfect gift for my sister seeing as she is a clean freak. Or even my MIL. Unfortunatly i do not have tile anywhere in my house but i would love it if i did.

  46. says

    Oh wow I really need one of these! Keeping fingers crossed. However the price is in my price range so this might have to be a gift to myself if I don’t win…LOL!

  47. dominique vinzant says

    I love this product and need one so bad with two kids running around a mop is such a headache it would be nothing more than a blessing to win your product.

  48. seki tyree says

    I recently found out my son has medullablastoma which is a form of brain cance.A bissel cleaner definitely be wonderful and a big help to keep everything extra clean…

  49. says

    I’m on the same page as you – that maneuverable swivel head is the highlight for me. Anything that eliminate the need to bend of hunch over really helps me — so that’s the most important feature for me. Thanks for hosting!

  50. Michele Miller says

    After becoming disabled with a “Special Thanks” to a drunk driver (whom may I add – the bartender sent to get cigarettes for the bar to resale as they ran out – too boot in the bartenders car) Wish I could get him to come help me while I try to clean which doesn’t last very long as I can’t stand, bend, sqwat, for very long periods of time – let alone walk on my own very well – I think this would make a perfect addiotion to my home :o) I would love one under my Christas Tree (well maybe a Charlie Brown Tree this year – at least it is a tree)

  51. MaryB says

    This would be, PERFECT!!! We recently bout our house atthe end of May 2010 and our son was born 2 weeks later. Our house is completely hard wood, with tile in the bathroom & kitchen. I’ve tried several different mops, brooms, & dusters & have been unsatisfied with all the results. I would really like to win this & it under my tree for Christams ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. 1333bx says

    This would be great, I could get the floor really worry free clean so when the little ones crqwl I know its really safe.

  53. Kristin says

    Ohhh I’ve been drooling over this since it came out. I need one for my kitchen since my little one is starting to crawl.

  54. lena chambers says

    I would love to have this I have 2 boys 3 if you count my other half:) and I have rheumotoid arthritis. This would take a lot of strain out of my day thanks so much for the chance to get one!!!

  55. says

    I have an older bissell steam mop that Iโ€™ve LOVED. It finally died on me and Iโ€™ve got to get another one because it made it so easy to clean my floors.

  56. says

    I’m a new mommy and I haven’t quite adjusted to sleepless floors have been pretty neglected lately. Would love something that’s safe for my baby and also saves me lots of time. My sister in law and one of my good friends is also pregnant. I will be sure to recommend the bissell steam and sweep once I get a chance to have it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  57. jennifer zorger says

    I’d love this itd make a lot of things a lot easier and when it comes to a mommy anything that makes life run smoother an easier is an A +

  58. julie l says

    I would love to have a bissel clean and sweep. Mopping and vacuuming is my least favorite chores, this seems as though it would make cleaning so much easier

  59. Zukppr says

    I just shared this on FB :) Would love this!!! My robots are both broken so I have to vacuum and wash all by myself. This would save time :)

  60. Lindsey says

    Wow, I LOVE this! And wouldn’t it be perfect for someone with wood floors? I don’t have them now but hope to someday. :) I love that this steam cleans and especially the swivel head – nice!

  61. says

    I have a “thing” with needing clean floors. My house can be somewhat cluttery, but as long as my floors are vacuumed and mopped, I’m a happy girl! ;o)

    I also have the button on my blog!