A New Network for Women

For those of you involved in the blogging community, you know how wonderful it is to connect with others and read their stories. You may have heard about Capessa, a new network for women. They focus on real women giving other real women advice through personal experience. There are blogs, forums, and chats on topics that are of interest to all women.

Capessa wants to award one of our readers $100 just for checking them out, so read on!

One of the unique features on Capessa are the inspiring videos. Here’s one to which many of us (me!) can relate:

How Clearing the Clutter Helped Me Enjoy My Family Again


They have also teamed up with Pantene to help make women’s wishes come true.
Enter the “Beautiful Wishes” contest for a chance to have your wishes granted! Capessa, a new online female community plays “Genie in a Bottle”, along with hair care company Pantene, by making dreams a reality for women everywhere.Capessa readers are invited to share their experiences and submit their ultimate wish list. Entrants can wish for themselves, their loved ones, even their own communities. For every Wish made, $1 will be donated on behalf of the wish-maker to a Pantene charity. One lucky Georgia woman has already had her wish granted, and in February another Capessa reader capessa.gifwill get her opportunity, as chosen by The Pantene “Beautiful Wishes” panel of judges. Entrants can also take a peek at over 8,000 other wish lists from all across the country.One of our readers will win a $100 American Express Gift Certificate simply for checking out Capessa. Just click on over, and leave a comment here telling which of the content areas look most interesting to you. If you’ve already been exploring Capessa, tell us what you’ve enjoyed about the site.

So, go check it out, then leave a comment. We’ll draw a winner on February 6.


  1. says

    I checked out the Work & Money topics. I was pleased with the variety offered. I think watching & seeing the real person is often more motivating that reading. GREAT site.

  2. says

    I like the health and fitness. thats one area, that i really want to work on this year, so i think it will be very helpful to me. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway and introducing us to a new site.

  3. Liz says

    I have been very fitness driven for a year now but am always looking for new tips and ideas so I enjoyed the health and fitness section best.

  4. brandy w says

    i’ve been on it for a while. i think it’s awesome being able to connect with other moms and share stories. i can find information in the parenting section that i’m looking for

  5. says

    I like the work area. I work from home, and I’m always looking for new ways to market my website and business. I’d love to see about using their site to do so! :)

  6. T.R. M. says

    I really like the health and fitness section. I appreciate that I can watch and listen to real people share their stories. Thanks!

  7. says

    I really enjoyed the health and fitness section, Work and money, parenting. This was a fantastic site and the video above really inspired me to organize my home. I have the same problem she does and I spend way too much time clearing clutter and not enough time with my husband and my daughter. What a wonderful resource…women helping women.

    count me in..thanks!

  8. Jocelyn G. says

    I liked the work/money section. It was nice to see a site for wmen that is not just all about the kids. Don’t get me wrong I love my own 3&4, but sometimes I need to set my mommy hat aside for a few minutes and be a women.

  9. Natasha P says

    What a awesome site!! I really enjoyed the Health and Fitness especially after having babies to get back to the pre baby weight!

  10. Tricia says

    I really enjoyed the organization video and lots of other areas look interesting too. I’ll definitely check them out again!

  11. sara l. says

    I have recently come across Capessa and have found it is quite addicting! LOL! I have really enjoyed both the Pregnancy & Parenting conversations as well as the Work & Money ones! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  12. Megan says

    I like how the blogs are catagorized, you can check on the ones that are about what you are interested at the time. I can’t wait to go back and watch some of the videos, too.

  13. dana says

    Wow! That’s a really great site! I think that may be my new homepage! I really, really enjoyed the Health & Fitness area – in particular, a short video on how a woman became a runner, one block at a time :) Thanks for letting me in on this site!

  14. says

    What a great site! I clicked right on in to the health & fitness section, browsed around then went off to check the parenting section. What a great site, I’ve bookmarked it for a return visit!

  15. says

    I took a look at the 10 pound challenge, and I will probably go back fo more as well as other health topics. The also had some ineresting discussions about hair color.

  16. Betty Barrett says

    I enjoyed each section I clicked on…it’s amazing to me how many women are out there sharing information and helping all of us to grow a little more…the videos are terrific and the subjects covered are varied enough to keep me coming back for a long time.

  17. Teresa says

    Thanks for a great new site to enjoy! I really enjoyed some of the tips and videos on the beauty/style section and the work/business/money section. Thanks for a chance to win a great prize!

  18. says

    Hhhmmm… sounds very interesting but the links won’t seem to work but I typed in http://www.capessa.com and I think I will really enjoy reading the articles, tips, and generalities of being a real woman, wife, and mother… THANKS for a great site & LOVE LOVE LOVE the videos!

    Hope to win! :)

  19. says

    I have surfed around the site and I really like the blogs and the conversations…Thanks for letting us know about the site….I definitely will be returning. Oh yea and that Pantene Wishes site, truly inspiring. I have added my wishes as well….Thanks for chance to win.

  20. Marla says

    I would have to say that the health & fitness section grabbed my attention first. Will definitely go back to explore some more.

  21. casey h says

    I love the pregnancy & parenting section. What stands out the most for me is the blog that I read about “teaching kids to recycle.” Cute and funny. I’ll be checking that site out more often!!

  22. Cindi Hoppes says

    Hi, Another fun contest! My preferences are for the health and fitness along with the gardening information! Thanks very much! Cindi

  23. says

    wow! Capessa is such a wonderful site. Loaded with a lot of meaningful information. I’m adding Capessa to my blog links. =)

    I love the Parenting & Pregnancy, Health & Fitness, Beauty & Style, Home & Garden categories. *winks* Guess I love all categries!

    I’ll be registering myself to participate as well receive their newsletters. =)

    Thank you for informing your readers their site.

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