Go Green with Minusbags

New Habits in the New YearHave you become more aware of the impact of your choices on our environment and our future? Are you always striving to be a bit more responsible with your choices to try to limit that impact? I have made a few changes, and one of the ones that I have been fairly consistent about doing is bringing my own bags to the grocery store.

I was so pleased to receive the peach bag from minusbags. This bag is a sturdy 100% cotton twill. The unstructured design helps it hold larger or bulkier items (unlike the squarish brown paper bag reproductions that I’ve purchased from my grocery store). Another plus from the minusbag is that they are sturdier and prettier, carrying fruit and vegetable designs instead of a store logo. One day I was almost accosted by a store clerk, becaussweetpeas.jpge in addition to the two bags from her store, I was using one bag from a different store. That won’t happen with minusbags.

I also enjoy using my bag for trips to the library. They carry my heavy books much better than a cheap plastic bag. And, as the minusbags site informs: plastic bags are bad news:

According to the EPA, more than 380 billion plastic bags are used in the U.S. annually — and an estimated 100 billion are thrown away each year. Most clog landfills, but many end up snagged on trees and fences as an ugly reminder of our disposable society. And most plastic grocery bags are not biodegradable. They actually break down into smaller and smaller toxic particles that pollute our oceans, rivers, lakes and soil. Every year, thousands of animals, particularly marine mammals, choke to death after mistaking discargrapes_steps.jpgded plastic bags for food.

Try less plastic and more pretty with minusbags. One reader will win three minusbags.  If you’d like to win, please leave a comment on this post, and check out the New Habits in the New Year guidelines at this main post.

Come back on January 9 to see if you have won. Please be sure that the email address that you provide is one that you check regularly, and also check your spam folder when the winners are announced if you see your name.


  1. says

    These bags will be great. Unfortunately all three that I have are already in use. Would love some more. Just started my blog and your button is my first.

  2. ~Lana B.~ says

    O count me in!!! I’ve resolved to help my family live a greener lifestyle. This would be a great example for my kids!!! These bags are ADORABLE!
    Thanks so much!
    ~Lana B.~

  3. says

    That is such a great idea! I always have TONS of grocery bags piling up that I have to bring back to the store for recycling. These bags are super cute and eco-friendly, and I’d LOVE to have some! I’ve never seen anyone at the grocery store with a bag like this. Maybe I’ll start a *green* trend in good ol’ Jersey. :)

  4. says

    I have tons of reusable bags. Being from the library community we were forever receiving them for one thing or another. I also have one from our local library, several from my favorite grocery store and even some from our warehouse store. Great idea. I place them by the door to remind me to leave them in the car after emptying.

  5. says

    Awesome! I’m all for saving the environment and while I do reuse some of my plastic bags, the number I get – and sometimes the double bagging – drives me crazy! Thankfully we do have recycling here, but still!

  6. says

    Oh those are pretty! I’ve been developing the bring-my-own-bag habit as well, but always underestimate how many bags I will need. The more, the merrier–for I shall fill them all!

  7. geekbearinggifts says

    Very cool, and much better looking than the ones I already have. Now, if they would just remind me to get them out of the trunk when I get to the store, they’d be perfect. Thanks for offering them!

  8. Aisling says

    These bags look great! All my reusable bags are from grocery stores, with their logos, and I’d love to have some attractive ones.

  9. says

    I have been using reusable shopping bags for years, even before it was trendy to do so, but after more than 10 years, they are looking shabby, to say the least. I would love to win some nice-looking ones that aren’t a collection of mis-matched bags from trade shows.

  10. Tracey Byram says

    Bringing my own shopping bags when I shop is my New Year’s resolution. Finally, a resolution I can actually keep while helping the environent at the same time.

  11. zukppr says

    I’m using 3 of the squarish ones with the store logo on them. One more would make it very unusual for me to use any more plastic ones than we use for our household food trash.

    Also… Have a stockpile of the store plastic ones? I have a friend who makes them into re-usable ones. I even saw them turned into a rug at a local recycling center.

  12. Stefanie says

    These look awesome! I’ve been using the store brand bags as well, but would love something a bit more flexible.

  13. Maureen McNulty says

    We go thru lots of plastic bags. But, now, seeing these lovely and large reusables, I would like to try to “go green”. Thanks!

  14. Katherine says

    I would love these…we are a earthy family and these would be great. We get lots of funny looks when we ask for paper instead of plastic and these would be a million times better!

  15. says

    I’m currently in the process of living simpler and going greener. It’s been little changes that have added up to bigger ones. Please enter me in – I’d love them!

  16. says

    I’m tryng to go “greener” to set a good example for my children and to make the world a better place for us all. These bags would be a big help. I have some I use, but mine are really worn out, and these would look and feel much better!

  17. Wanda says

    These look great! My son was born on Earth Day and is big into recycling and such. He would be happy that we have these and I would love to not have so many plastic bags around.

  18. Tania Bugnet says

    These look so great. So much better than the dinky little ones that the grocery stores are selling. You could probably get your shopping into one or two of these bags.

  19. says

    I keep seeing these bags all over the internet. I’m starting to think I need to get one! They look ideal for me, since I’m a college student and I always have books to carry.

  20. Carolyn says

    I definitely need this and to stop using plastic.
    😉 Love the look because I also Vegan now. Fruits and Veggies for New Year. Thanks and Happy 2008!!

  21. Aimee B says

    These bags are so great. I love them, and the designs on them. Please enter me — I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  22. says

    I love reusable bags! I have a few, but none seem to be sturdy enough for real grocery shopping. I would love to have some that are big enough and sturdy enough to handle the bigger, heavier items.

  23. Jenn in AZ says

    Love these bags. I need the sturdy ones…we seem to overpack. :) Thanks for the opportunity and have a great day!

  24. Matthew L says

    My wife and I have been working on going green in our house. It would be great to win the minusbags for our grocery shopping.

  25. says

    What a fabulous idea! We have the squarish ones too from our grocery store. But I must admit I forget to bring them far too often. I am trying though. Someday perhaps my “mommy brain” will return to my pre-kids intelligence and ability to remember!

  26. says

    We are avid recyclers in my house-even my 4 year old knows which blue bag is for cans/plastic and which one is for paper! She yells at people when they come over and try to throw a water bottle or soda can in the trash, lol.

  27. donna pavcik says

    you can never have enough totes to carry your stuff, cause everybody got different stuff and you need to keep the stuff separated, in some sort of filing system so you know which stuff is which

  28. Michelle S. says

    These are too cute, and I love that there are finally reusable bags that don’t advertise grocery stores or look ugly. You can be socially responsible and so very chic. Nice! Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Margaret Smith says

    Would love to win this. Our whole family is trying to go green as much as possible. This would be really great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. Sarah M says

    Having more than one bag would really help since I tend to leave the one I have in my car – and could use an extra for when I’m walking to the library, etc.

  31. says

    We use do this when we were younger until the plastic bag phase came in. It would definitely be a great idea to go back to the older days when mom and I would go to the market with our own bags 😀

  32. says

    I haven’t really gone “green” or anything, but the grocery store with the best prices does not supply bags, so I am working on getting some good quality bags for my shopping. With 7 kids, you can imagine the amount of bags I need each trip!

  33. erica says

    These are great! I’d love them. Semi-random side note: did you hear that “Biggest Loser” is going green too? They cut out plastic water bottles completely, instead using Brita filters and Nalgene water bottles. Great idea and a good example!

  34. says

    This is totally up my alley. Something I’m trying to do in 2008 is use all re-usable bags when doing my errands and shopping…and to tell that friendly clerk that no, I don’t need my item in on of your little plastic bags! Wonderful giveaway!

  35. says

    I would love this! We already use some reusable bags, but this one seems like I would get more use out of it – I’m thinking the mall!
    What a great giveaway.

  36. Darlene Wilson says

    My sister has been urging me to try these bags for a while. My New Year’s Resolution is to look for more ways to conserve and I suppose this will be my first!

    Thanks for a great article on the eco dangers of plastic grocery bags.

  37. says

    Hi … just discovered your website! Happy New Year! Great idea! Helping save the planet … sounds like a Sexy thing to do … *smile*

  38. Alexa MeeKwon Whitehead says

    I need some new bags – mine have all been loaned out, and I have nothing in which to put my groceries!

  39. Katie M says

    I have just begun to use re-useable bags when shopping. I would love to win these ones–they look so sturdy!

  40. says

    I currently have enough plastic shopping bags in my house to make a carpet that would cover my city. Or at least it seems that way! I would like to start using less plastic, and these bags would be great!

  41. Jaque Richards says

    I have several canvas shopping bags I use for each shopping trip….but they are nearly as attractive as these classy minusbags!

  42. Amanda says

    I absolutely love these! I’ve become an avid recycler and have quit buying bottled water. Having reuseable grocery bags would also be a great savings to our environment.

  43. P Hafner says

    These would be great to win. The grocery store I use most requires you to bring your own bags or they will charge you if you want to use theirs.

  44. Debby says

    I have beeen using my own bags for years and it is great to see them becoming more accepted and recognized. Many times I almost couldn’t get baggers to understand what they were and what they were for.

  45. says

    What a wonderful idea! I’ve been looking for canvas totes of my own to keep in the car, because I often go to the grocery on small trips. Even when I tell them to put the items in one bag, I often see them bagging as little as ONE ITEM per plastic bag!! Having a tote would fix this, hopefully!

  46. betty says

    great bags and excellent idea. I’ve been using beachbags to carry groceries in. The waterproof ones are great for keeping the cold foods cold on the way home.

  47. Rosanne Morrison says

    Everyone in the country needs one of these so no more plastic bags littering this beautiful country

  48. Tari Lawson says

    I generally don’t make New Years resolutions, however, a few years ago I made one to recycle more. I am happy to say that I have increased my recycling more and more each year. This past year, I began recycling plastic bags and have bought a few cloth bags in an effort to stop using the plastic bags altogether. I only have 3 so far and adding these would enable me to do my grocery shopping without the use of any plastic bags.

  49. says

    One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to recycle more. This bag will help me a lot.

    I, too, have a store bag that I carry when I go to the grocery to carry my cold stuff in.

    I love a good, economical way to use bags!

  50. Lillian DeVone says

    Global warming should be the main issue that all the Presidential hopefuls are talking about. I can’t believe that no-one in the government is taking a serious stance on this issue. We NEED to take action NOW-for our children. These bags are one way of doing our part. Spread the word-Global warming is the one issue that affects all of us, regardless of race, sex, nationality or religion.

  51. laura says

    very cool! this would be great with the double stroller, which doesn’t have a place to store things when we’re shopping. plus it’s so cute!

  52. Heather says

    I was about to purchase some of these types of bags from Publix but these are soooo much cuter. I hope I win! Thanks for entering me!

  53. donna graham says

    I try to recycle the plastic bags but these minusbags would be so much more convenient and good for the environment.

  54. carmen says

    I went to a store the other day and the cashier was triple bagging my groceries! I asked her if anyone ever uses their own canvis bags. She looked at me as if I was crazy. She said “NO. you would be considered strange and frisked for stealing!” —
    Her comment would not intimidate me, I would use them and pretend to enjoy the frisking!So, Enter me please!

  55. holly says

    I would love to try these. I try to get paper bags at the store, but sometimes they are out.
    cookiecutter72 AT hotmail DOT com

  56. says

    I’m just starting to use reusable shopping bags. That would be wonderful. (My local stores don’t seem to bat an eye when I bring other stores’ bags in though.)

  57. Marty Crosson says

    I’ve been trying to use recyclable bags ever since someone sent an article about the huge floating mess of plastic in the ocean (Google “garbage island” if you’re interested.) I’d love to win these.

  58. Jeanne Meyer says

    I’ve been wanting to invest in a reusable grocery bag. I could have built the empire state building with all of the plastic bags I’ve collected over the years.

  59. Helen Raley says

    These bags look great and I would love them. Our daughter has been using similar such bags from grocery stores and highly recommends them.

  60. Lisa Elliott says

    This would be great. One of my things I want to do this year is start using my own bags and teach my daughter to use her own bags. Since these bags are so stylish and pretty it won’t be a tough sell to get my daughter to use them as well and that will hopefully start a trend for her for the rest of her life. A personal change is one thing but I am hoping to influence a new generation as well.

  61. Katharine says

    Those are really nice looking bags, much nicer than my motley lot of bags gathered from here, there, and everywhere (mostly from thrift stores)>

  62. Nora Scott-Platt says

    These bags are so cute and would be so nice to take to stores that require you to bag your own items and not have to worry with the plastic bag ripping and your items falling out onto the ground

  63. Bailey's Leaf says

    I’ve started using resuable bags, get some dirty looks in the stores (as if they are more work than the flimsy plastic ones!), but LOVE THEM! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  64. Kathy says

    I’ve finally seen the light as to what we all can be doing to help the environment! These bags would be a great help to me in doing my part!

  65. says

    These are so cute! One winner with three bags is great–enough for a trip to the grocery store. We take our own bags to the store like a lot of people. I amassed a large mishmash of large store sacks and canvas bags left over from my teaching days. The grocery store workers couldn’t seem to figure out how to bag them–they would either be incredibly heavy or light. That’s ok, but the heavy ones were a little difficult to carry. We graduated to the store brand and things are a little better. We love them, but I’d would adore CUTE bags!

  66. Suanne Giddings says

    One of my New Years resolutions is to Go Green! I have several reusable bags, but they’re never the right sizes (usually too small) or I don’t have enough for my large weekly marketing trips! I go to several stores and buy what is on sale. It is easy if you plan ahead, and where I live I can make a small circle and not waste a lot of gas. Thanks for the great contest!

  67. says

    Great prize. I’m trying to “go greener,” but I haven’t yet started bringing my own bags to the grocery store. This would be a good nudge. 😉

  68. Meghan Woeppel says

    I am very much trying to lead a greener lifestyle for 2008 & cutting back on shopping bags would help tremendously. These bags are so cute as well!

  69. Debbie says

    I could really used these for the big grocery days,I only have a few store bags now,and these are much nicer.Thanks for the contest.

  70. Keri VanNuland says

    Its about time we all try this easy fix. No more ripped plastic bags and things falling all over the ground.

  71. Samantha says

    I love these bags they’re cute and a great idea. Who needs those plastic bags at the grocery story anymore?

  72. Rachel says

    We’ve nearly gotten rid of everything disposable in our home, I’d love some more grocery bags, I always seem to fall short and come home with plastic, ick!

  73. Stephanie says

    It is so important for people to become more aware of the small things that they can do to conserve. Thanks for doing a giveaway that encourages people to make the necessary changes!


  74. Cindy Phillips says

    I had the same thing happen to me, a store cashier was teasing me because I brought in bags from another store. These bags are really pretty and no store logo, gotta love that.

  75. LindaW says

    Hope I’m not too late. These are great bags for shopping, and the extra bonus is that some stores (round here anyways) will give you a rebate of a nickel for each bag you reuse. Hey, every bit helps!

  76. Susan Dase says

    This year my family and I intend to make more of a difference in leading a greener life. This could be a step in that direction. I’d love to win. Either way, a greenier life and we all win.

  77. Maggie Smith says

    The older I get, the more environmentally conscious I become. Either that or the more pregnant I become, more environmentally conscious I am. THANK YOU for this great giveaway!

  78. Nicole Stanley says

    Wow! I thought I was different from everyone else-I hate those plastic bags from Wal-Mart, Dollar Stores, and other places. If I can, I use cloth bags handmade by my grandmother. I was so surprised when I read this article! These minusbags must be great!

  79. Wanita Gilliam says

    I really like these bag and could really use them. My 12 year old is really getting us into more recycling this year. Which means using less of the plastic handle bags for us. These would come in very handy at our house

  80. Elizabeth says

    This is an area that my daughter has really convinced me is an easy and worthwhile way to begin a more environmentally conscious way of life. I love these bags! Happy New Year!

  81. Jill McNamara says

    much cuter that the walgreens bag that I bought. I’d use these. I actually recycle in a city that doesn’t.

  82. Sarah Paiva says

    Oh I found them! I absolutely LOVE your bags!! It’s so environmentally safe…plus you can use them for any activity you want. =D