Tackle It Tuesday – Starting the Fire

Tackle it Tuesday

Hi everyone. It’s Erica here. I am the trusty assistant here at 5 Minutes for Mom and happy to take over for today’s Tackle It Tuesday.

Last fall I tackled a Kaper Chart that I had created for my Girl Scout troop. I was a brand new leader with a brand new Daisy troop. Well, my girls and I had a fantastic Girl Scout year and a couple of weekends ago, we ended the year with a troop camping trip.

Now as their leader and planner of the trip, I was a bit worried. See, I had NEVER been camping before and had NEVER started a campfire before. I had a bit of anxiety leading up to the trip. I just knew that I wouldn’t be able to start the fire and would have to ask some of the moms on the trip to help. Oh, but what if the other moms didn’t know how to start a fire?

To help calm my fears, I talked to a few friends who go camping regularly, and they told me I was worrying for nothing. They assured me that starting a fire was a piece of cake.

So the day of the camping trip arrived. My Daises and I enjoyed some hiking and made some crafts. Then it was time for the campfire. There were songs to be sung and S’mores to be made.

When we hiked earlier in the day, we collected sticks and brush. I also brought along some homemade firestarters, made with empty egg cartons, dryer lint and melted wax. I put my trusty firestarter down, made my teepee of sticks and lit the match. And behold, there was fire!!!

I admit, I was really excited and relieved. I let it burn for a bit, added the logs and we had a beautiful fire (and scrumptious S’mores).

Here is a little video from the evening. It is dark and a bit hard to see, but the girls are just too cute, I couldn’t resist posting it.

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    Congratulations Erica on your first camping trip. It sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’m planning to be a Daisy troop leader for the first time this year. Luckily I have a friend with leader experience who will be doing it with me. I’m intrigued by your homemade firestarters. I’ll have to investigate that.


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