LittleMissMatched Wants You!

Are you familiar with LittleMissMatched? When my nine-year-old daughter Amanda and I went into New York City last month, she saw a huge display at F.A.O. Schwartz and fell in love with the brightly colored polka dots, stripes and stars on everything from socks and pajamas (miss-matched of course) to notebooks and accessories. This company was started by three friends who wanted to help girls express their individuality and encourage self-confidence through creativity.

You’re Invited on October 19th!

Girls all over the country, and indeed all over the world, are invited to host PJ parties in their homes. By agreeing to host a party, and registering at, girls will learn the secrets to planning the perfect party–the snacks to make, the jammies to wear, and the games to play. Girls will then be able to surf over to the night of Octoberpj.jpg 19th to upload photos and chat with other PJ partiers. By communicating with each other virtually, each girl becomes a guest every party all over the world. If you’d like to find out more how your tween or teen can get involved, sign up for the party today. Ten people who sign up by October 5th will win a Pajama Party Prize Pack containing pillow cases, socks, notebooks and more.

I signed up (and was asked for a parent’s email as well as the child’s email), and a prompt welcome message was sent out to my daughter’s address.

There are some resources that can stand alone or help you prepare if you want your daughter to participate in this pajama party event. The MissMatched Pajama Party in a Box contains a 96 page book containing recipes, games and other tips, as well as invitations (just cute blank notecards), scrapbooking papers and stickers and more.

A stand-alone resource or one that could easily dovetail with a pajama party or any other girl gathering is the MissMatched Marvelous and Fabulous Me Quiz Book. This 128 page book is a lot of fun, containing 50 quizzes, including favorites such as the Mme-quiz.jpgyers-Briggs, Enneagram, and Emotional Intelligence. In spite of the fact that it also talks about zodiac signs and a MissMatched version of Tarot cards, both of which I would have my daughter avoid, I really like this kit. I’m a sucker for personality quizzes, and I think it would be a great way for Amanda and me to connect, as well as a fun way for her to get to know her friends and laugh as they compare similarities and differences.

If you think that your tween or teen (or YOU) would like one of these resources, leave a comment to win. We’ll announce the winner on Monday October 8.


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    Very cool, whether I win or not I am definitely signing up. My daughter will love this! She doesn’t have an email account though. I guess I need to create one…yikes!

    Thanks as always Jennifer!

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    My tween saw both these books at the local bookstore and wanted them sooooo bad. They weren’t in the budget so she had to wait. We would love to win, and will most definetly check out the PJ party. -Mikalan

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    I absolutely LOVE the site! I have been surfing LMM now for an hour looking at all their cool clothing – how adorable! Bookmarked it to buy some Christmas gifts for my nieces :) Count me in on the contest too please! Thanks!

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    This sounds like a great way for me and my 8 1/2 year old step-daughter to connect. What a nice thing to be able to introduce into her life!

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    My little niece is 8 and We loves to dream up unique “Pajama Party” themes
    with fun & wonder Filled things to do.
    What a great idea! I think I will look through my Rubber stamps and make several invites.
    The kit & book look + sound as if they will really add that special touch. Creativity and imagination. Love quizzes and games that help girls learn about themselves + connect!!
    I would love to be able to have a Pajama Party with a few grown up friends.

    Looking for Free or really easy to follow Pillowcase pattern on the internet.
    I have some lovely whimsical, romantic, ethereal to elegant quilting fabrics.
    Wish my sewing was good enough to make those adorable Pajama I see in so many fancy catalogues & boutiques.
    May all you Mothers, Big Sisters, Aunts have much laughter with your little ones at your next pajama party!!!!


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