We do not have any air conditioning in our house. During these hot summer days, the temperature in our house can reach 89 degrees. Yes, it gets hot, so we try to beat the heat with popsicles and scrumptious fruit smoothies.

Libby’s recently wrote us and asked us to share with you their recipe for a Tutti-Frutti smoothie. Since we would like to help you beat the summer heat, we decided to share it with all of you and also give you a chance to win a Breville Stainless-Steel Blender, retail value $129.99, and an assortment of Libby’s Fruit.

Tuttie Smoothie.FINAL[1]

Tutti-Frutti Smoothie

Yield: 2 (16-ounce) servings

  • 1 (15-ounce) can Libby’s Chunky Fruit Mix
  • 1/2 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 6 ice cubes

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Pour into 2 (2-cup) glasses.

Doesn’t that look refreshing?!?!

Libby’s Fruit can be found in the following cities; Charlotte, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Raleigh-Durham, El Paso and Albuquerque.

If you would like a chance to win a Breville Stainless-Steel Blender, just leave us a comment sharing your favorite way to beat the summer heat. This giveaway will close on Friday, July 23rd. We will announce our TWO winners on Saturday, July 24th. Yes we have TWO blenders and assortment of Libby’s Fruit to give away.

This giveaway is open to US residents and is void where prohibited. Please be sure to see our site’s terms and conditions of use for more information.

We were not compensated for running this giveaway. Thank you Libby’s for providing a total of two prizes for our winners of this giveaway.


  1. Geneva says

    My favorite way to beat the summer heat is to cool off with homemade coconut ice cream! I love the stuff & so do the kids.

  2. mary b says

    We like to make frozen smoothie popsicles in the summer, so maybe this recipe would be a good one to test out!

  3. Angel S. says

    I love to hit the backyard pool with the kids. Hey – actually I like to lounge back there by myself too!

  4. barb says

    Wow great company! My favorite way is to freeze fruit chunks and make me a fruit cocktail cup with frozen fruit. It taste delicious and it cools you off quickly. Sometimes I add a bit of coconut and pecans and it’s liked by everyone. I love this giveaway because I love fruits! http://diabeticsnacker.blogspot.com/ directorylanesuperstoreATgmail.com

  5. says

    Cool gel packs is how I beat the heat… For back of neck, wrists and feet. Hydration is also key. In the office I also keep a set of gel/freezer packs. Sit back at lunch and ice/cool down key pressure points :)

  6. lola malone says

    I know it’s kind of cheating, but I stay inside till the late evening. I am not a heat person, so I just hang out indoors. :) I do love smoothies though, made with orange juice, bananas, adn ice. :9

  7. Samantha R says

    Like some of the other commenters, we love to make homemade ice cream or have a nice cold popsicle on the porch. We just bought a new house and are working on landscaping – once that’s done we will be breaking out the kiddie pool too!

  8. says

    I like to used canned fruit, such as Libby, strain it out thoroughly, and then put the fruit all on a glass pie plate and put in freezer for several hours. The kids love it . . . it’s nice and cold & healthy. I also make homemade popsicles using the fruit & syrup, blending it all up, anding about a 1/4 cup of water (or additional fruit juice) and then put into popsicle container. It’s yummy and healthy! :)

  9. Amy says

    I like to sit on the deck with my feet in the little plastic kiddie pool under the umbrella with a popsicle.

  10. Jaimie K says

    We love jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath. I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow it. :)

  11. Sarah Pacilio says

    I love to beat this Texas heat with a fun water fight or a dip in the pool. On rainy hot days or just to refresh in the morning me and my daughter will make fun smoothies too! Thanks for the opportunity to win a nice new blender :)

  12. Linda Kish says

    I like to stay inside with the AC on and play on computer or read books. After 4 or 5 it’s nice to slip into the pool.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  13. Brigette says

    We try and keep cool with lots of icy drinks and visits to the library or a little window shopping.

  14. mistie hair says

    we beat the heat in the shade with a wading pool and a cool smoothy of lemonaid blended with strawberries and blueberries

  15. silkypup says

    Close the blinds to keep out the sun, turn off the lights, get a large cool drink and watch movies. It was 105 here yesterday!!! No way I’m going out if I have to 😉

  16. KSeidel says

    My girls and I love to set the little pool up in the backyard and stay cool that way. And have popsicles. And the sprinkler. And the slip-n-slide. OK. So it’s hard to choose. :)

  17. says

    Stay in the AC :) if we are out camping then it’s hiking in the woods where there is lots of shade from the trees and of course the pool with lots of frozen drinks!

  18. Brandy Asleson Cockrell says

    My favorite is swimming with the kids and nice cold lemonade and homemade popcycles! :)

  19. Cloi says

    I get spray bottles, fill them with cold water (our tap water is 50 degrees!), and then the kids and I go outside and have a water fight! This activity has the added benefit of burning off some of my boys’ energy! :)

  20. barbara miller says

    Since we were blessed to have a pool (which is more of a necessity here in hot, hot Texas) the best wayto beat the heat is to float around the pool with my son and the dogs – the dogs all have their own boogie boards to float around on, but one thinks she’s a pirate and constantly capsizes the other dogs! Too funny!

  21. dawn says

    We set up the kiddie pool in the grass and a water table, give the kids a homemade popsicle and let them go at it.

  22. Bonnie Sue says

    I have my grandchildren ALOT…LOL we enjoy making different flavors of homemade ice cream. Some with the fruit in the ice cream. Some we add the fruit as a topping. I don’t think you can ever make a bad batch of ice cream.

  23. Vickie says

    I love the heat…not…we go to the pool or use a home made slip and slide with lots of soap on our bodies to slip the heat away.

  24. Laura D says

    Water water everywhere, the pool, the hose, spray fans, you name it. It’s the best way to beat the heat.

  25. says

    I love to go to the beach or in the mountains to swim at the river. If we don’t have the gas money, then we play in the hose and bbq.

  26. cover2all says

    Sounds delicious and I intend to see if it is. So far heat wise, here in Texas, we are running lower then last year at this time and thank God more rain then last year. Really feel sorry for everyone back East.

  27. Joel Werner says

    I like to relax in the pool with a cold drink in hand. Something that comes out of a blender would be that much better, but I don’t have one…yet.

  28. Nancy Cox says

    A good way to beat the heat in our town is to head either east to the ocean or west to the river. Either has lots of ways to cool off whether in or out of the water.

  29. Sarah B says

    We love making our own homemade McFlurry or Blizzards and playing in the pool. A new blender would be great!

  30. Rosemary Martens says

    I am beating the heat with Ice cream treats mixed in great fruit juices, like a strawberry float

  31. Sandy Moore says

    My kids are grown n gone. But grandma to the rescue! I take my grandkids to a local park and let them splash in the fountains.

  32. Jill Dupre says

    Since I am allergic to the sun I spend a lot of my time indoors in the air conditioning. I like to take frozen fruit and throw it in the blender with vanilla ice cream or vanilla frozen yogurt.

  33. Debbie says

    Beat the summer heat by staying inside! LOL Actually start the day with swimmercize, so the exercising is done in the cool of the morning, in the water.

  34. Mia says

    When the temperature goes up, I still drink a cup of hot tea. The hot liquid makes the outside temperature seem not so bad.

  35. Becky says

    We got a window unit to hunker down and stay cool, when we go out we pull out the kiddie pool and sprinkler – and trips to the lake are always a good heat buster as well.

  36. mitzi dawkins says

    I like to sit by the goldfish pond under the trees with a cold drink and watch my grandkids play in the sprinkler or a ride to the mountains to play in the water is always nice

  37. YOY says

    feet in the kiddie pool, cool bev in hand, under that big ol’ shady tree – thanks for the chance to win a great item !

  38. Nikki says

    Due to severe allergies to milk/soy my son has NEVER been allowed to eat ice cream. Thankfully he out grew all his allergies and has had ice cream for the first time ever this summer! It’s been awesome since it is my husband’s favorite food!
    So this summer has been full of swimming, swing set, and ice cream!

  39. Rusty *Sarah* Gootkin-Holmgren says

    We love making ice cream with fresh fruit and sitting out on the front porch enjoying it.

  40. Laura B says

    The kids cool down in the kiddie pool or sprinkler. For us adults we break out the water balloons and super soakers!

  41. Deborah Blowers says

    My favorite way to cool down and relax in the summer is to make a smoothie with Fresh Strawberries, blueberries, 1/2 of a banana, 2 small baby carrots, 2-3 ice cubes and about 3/4 cup sugarfree raspberry ice drink! I love it!

  42. SANDY says

    the windows open and fans on help but keeping busy makes you get up and forget- its hot here too and no air

  43. Sarah says

    Our favorite way of beating the summer heat is get in our pool, float in our rafts and drink cold beverages from the cupholder! Another favorite is cooling off with freezer pops, yum.

  44. cham says

    We eat lot of watery fruits like melons, papaya and make smoothies and always eat ice cream by gallons 😉

  45. Nicole says

    I watch my twin nieces and nephew during the week and we are always planning stuff like geocaching and zoo trips. Portland Oregon has many parks with water features that they can play in and we have picnics. It’s the BEST!

  46. says

    We go to a cheap restaurant and order ice-cream cones – then soak in the air-conditioning. As you might guess, we do not have air-conditioning in our home. :(

  47. Lindsay LaHote says

    Sitting in the house with the shades drawn and a fan pointed at me with a big ‘ol drink in my hand!

  48. Michelle Smith says

    I get the pool ready for the girls,and I make sure that they have plenty of water and also a smoothie, sometimes with libbys canned fruit.(fruit cocktail or peaches ).

  49. Amanda Slinker says

    On hot, humid days I make smoothies for the kids using OJ, milk, banana, strawberries, handful of blueberries and blackberries, a couple tablespoons of sugar, and icecubes. I would love to have the stainless steel blender you are giving away. It would be awesome.

  50. Jenny Deramo says

    I love to float in the pool, run through the sprinklers, take my kids to the splash park or go to White Water Bay!

  51. Jamie Cramer says

    We beat the heat by playing in our kiddie pool :) then when we are done, we look for different healthy recipes online!

  52. vickie says

    To beat the heat, we love to take a trip to the beach, stick our feet in the cool ocean water, and pitch an umbrella in the sand for shade. It’s so relaxing with the warm summer breeze and the sounds of the sea! A dip in the pool from time to time and a cold frozen drink make this a recipe for keeping cool. :-) We love it!!!

  53. Linze! says

    Art’s and Crafts are a great way to beat the heat and it keeps the kids busy and entertained at the same time. It’s just Perfect!

  54. Kristen Moniz says

    We beat the heat by swimming, making refreshing drinks and just relaxing! Other times we go to Sea World and play a the water park <3

  55. diane jones says

    To stay cool we make frozen, fruity drinks. Hehehe…occassionally we even add tequila! The stainless steel blender would be a great addition to my kitchen.

  56. Carla Lantz says

    We love to swim and go to the local spray park. Or just stay inside and watch movies and have cool drinks.

  57. Susan West says

    Frozen ice pops either under the shade tree or on the front porch swing in the late afternoon!

  58. thomas blevins says

    I toss any fresh, canned or frozen fruit available into the blender along with ice cubes and low fat yogurt. Frozen Delight!

  59. Karen Brunner says

    I love putting my feet in the kiddie pool while my daughter plays and then sharing an icecream or frozen fruit treat on our shady front porch.

  60. says

    To stay cool, I crank up the AC, close all blinds and try to minimize unnecessary heat generation through activities such as moving. I’ll also make a pitcher of some ice cold strawberry lemonade!

  61. Jeanette G. says

    We love to make smoothies with fresh fruit or eat yummy popsicles (even the grownups). We also love to set up our Dora sprinkler and run around the yard. My daughter says to heck with the running, she will jump in her jeep and drive through the spray! Almost makes you enjoy the 100 degree weather here. :)

  62. Rachel D. says

    This is our first house without a/c so to beat the heat, we play in the kiddie pool, sit outside on our porch, eat lots of popsicles and fresh cold cut up fruit and drink lots of ice water.

  63. LaShelle says

    Staying cool is always a struggle, people think that Kansas doesn’t have much humidity, but we do! We make smoothies, as well as icee’s. Fruit, yogurt, and ice will cool us off as well as curb the hunger till dinner time for the kids!

  64. Robin Randall says

    I make icees, smoothies, and frozen fruit pops. Drink lots of iced tea and spend a lot of time in the pool! Would LOVE to win this!

  65. says

    The kids and I love going outside to play in the waterhose, either the sprinkler or just the hose. Everyone loves getting wet and running around the back yard.

  66. Eric says

    We tend to hide indoors with the air on and curtains blocking all the heat out! But when we do venture out (or the kids drag us outside), we love popsicles and fruit smoothies. We turn on the Dora sprinkler and watch the kids run around cooling off (or our daughters running their jeep through the spray!)

  67. Wendy Atkin says

    Libby’s fruit can also be found in Springfield Ohio. I feel for anyone not having air conditioning this week. It has been 100 degrees in the shade. To cool of you need to drink plenty of fluids(smoothies included) .Use a swimming pool where available.

  68. dutchrvv says

    I am lucky enough to have a small river at the front of my yard- at least once or twice on these hot days that’s where you’ll find me! ( and my little dog too! )

  69. says

    During the hot summer months my favorite way to cool off is running in the sprinklers with the kids or going to the pool. We buy tons of ice pops to share with all the kids and their friends.

  70. Rhonda says

    Our ac has been broke, we haven’t done to good at beating the heat. We have been spending time visiting family and stores. A smoothie would be great right now!

  71. Amanda says

    Since I am pregnant indoors is how we are beating the heat! The girls love the pool with fruit smoothies and popsicles.

  72. Heidi says

    I love to put mini popcicle sticks in the little cups of kids yogurt and freeze them. They are very good and good for you. Then we jump in the pool to wash it all off!

  73. says

    It’s been 90 + for a few days here in the Berkshire Mountains of MA and that’s not very common. To beat the heat we have been jumping in the nearest lake and reading lots of stories by the nearest fan or A/C. I wait all winter for weather like this and I am loving every minute of it!

  74. Shonda says

    We love to take the kayaks out! A few waters in the cooler, peanut butter sandwiches and chips, makes for a great lunch ON the water! :)

  75. Sue Heins says

    We live near a lake so a picnic near the water is always a great way to cool off. A fruit salad, some pumpkin bread and vegies with dill dip is a great hot day menu. If a cool breeze is part of the deal all the better! Smoothies sound like they would go well with this too.

  76. Kathy Hurley says

    To beat the 90+ temps, I enjoy relaxing with the ceiling fan roaring and enjoying an icey frozen fruit drink mixed with green tea!! YUMMMMM!!!!

  77. kim says

    Jumping in the pool is always the first way. But anything ice cold, from smoothies to ice cream. Love frozen lemonade, pink and strawberry are good too.

  78. amy janzen says

    to beat the summer heat we like to have water balloon/water gun fights . then make slushies with choice of juice and shaved ice :)

  79. Pinkerbelle says

    A bandana (or a ‘cowboy scarf’)
    rolled up, then soaked in water,
    rung out, then tied loosely around my neck
    keeps me from getting hotter!

  80. Kathi says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to ‘win’ the Blender and Libby’s products… The way that we beat the heat in Central Florida – at our house – is to eat Salads, frozen dessert treats, sit out under the shade trees and watch traffic drive by… Very relaxing… not to mention cooling…

  81. Audrey says

    I try to stay home where I have an A/C plus a few fans. Get lots of reading and sewing done that way!

  82. Jennifer Stogner says

    One way we beat the heat, and decrease electric bills, is to use the crock pot. And, what better use than to cook up a crock pot cobbler using canned fruit!! We’re partial to peach around here!

  83. Sara says

    We like to beat the heat with popsicles and fresh fruit. I have never had a blender so making smoothies would be new for us!

  84. andrea cseh says

    I open the freezer & stand in front of it! We don’t have a/c in our vehicle & we live in Florida…..windowns OPEN all the time!

  85. Ashley R says

    My favorite way to beat the heat is to go to a movie…….in a nice, air-conditioned theater!
    reynoldsmommy at gmail dot com

  86. Jasmine Hall says

    We love to beat the heat by going to the apartment pool and then coming back and having smoothies!! However, our blender just broke! We would LOVE to win this giveaway!!

  87. teri hester says

    I like to whip up a blender full of cool strawberry and banana smoothies, fill up the bobber cooler with ice and smoothie refills and cool veggies with dip, toss it in the pool, lay back in my reclining float and float around basking in the sun rays (wearing SPF70 of course). Don’t wanna get sunburned.

  88. margaret yarborough says

    well i work outside and sometimes its so hot you can fry an egg on my head ,to beat the heat me and my son we wet towels and put them around our neck and lay in front of the fan and sip on cool drinks,it really helps stay cool everyone ;-0

  89. Tracy Petitjean says

    Lots of ice water and ice cream. Would love to win the blender so I can try something new and make smoothies.

  90. Nancy S. says

    Oh my goodness that looks yummy! We like spending those really hot days, we get a few of them here in MN, at the lake. Thankfully the closest lake with a beach has a large area with lots of big oak trees to provide shade too!

  91. says

    We like to beat the heat by not turning on alot of appliances during the day. I use my crockpot for so many delicious meals. Smoothies sound so delicious, yum.

  92. Christine Egwuonwu says

    We love smoothies at our house year-round, and we also love to jump in the little wading pool for the kids. We put the sprinkler head in it and let them play while it fills up, then they swim and play in the pool some more in the afternoon when the water gets warm. :-)

  93. Lori Williams says

    We cool off by enjoying a nice cold glass of iced tea with iced tea fruit filled cubes!! MMMmmm…so refreshing when we sit on the front porch at night. We take our minds off of the heat by listing all the things God has blessed us with…..so much more than we deserve, how can we dare complain about the heat (which by the way He controls). Thanks for running this giveway!!

  94. Anne Mostella says

    My favorite way to beat thhe heat, is either stay inside w/ air conditioning, or get outstide in the pool! It also helps to keep drinking ice cold water :)

  95. Carmen Brusehaber says

    We love to beat the heat with using my OLD blender alot… poor thing is so old… its still the Avacado Green one…..lol… But I do mix up fruit juices to freeze for juice pops for the kids, and smoothies every day for us older folks, along with Shakes in the evening to end the day!

  96. Libby Hill says

    *~*~*~*~*~MY favorite way to cool down when the summer heat is killing me here is AZ is make my self a Tutti-Frutti Smoothie from Libby’s canned fruit!! AND the most ironic part of this whole thing is that my name is LIBBY so it is entirely fitting!!!*~*~*~*~*~*

  97. Amy N. says

    I love making Orange Pekoe or Mandarin Orange herbal tea and serving it over ice with a orange slice. It is crisp and refreshing to sip while swinging on the porch swing!

  98. Jennifer says

    Put some bottles of scented body spray or even just a spray bottle of water in the fridge, keep them there and spritz yourself every so often (don’t forget the kids)!

  99. Rebecca O. says

    My daughter and I like to cool off in the pool, have ice pops handy, and always ice cold drinks! Especially these past few days in the Northeast where it has been over 100!

  100. Missy R says

    Definitely a/c and smoothies. Love peanut butter, banana and yogurt smoothies (freeze the banana first and you don’t need ice) comes out like a thick milkshake. Yummy, not to mention any fruit version – canned, fresh or frozen.

  101. Rebecca says

    I love to go to the water front when it’s hot – seeing the boats in the water cools me off!

  102. Ria says

    We beat the heat by taking the kids to the river for some trout fishing, crawfishing and swimming…they love it, we love it and we all leave refreshed!

  103. Heather says

    We usually go to the pool or go to the beach for a ride on the boat to stay cool. We also, enjoy staying in the air conditioning, playing games, and eating fresh fruit and homemade ice cream. Love the summer.

  104. marci says

    i beat the summer heat by going to the mall and watching a movie. We have had alot of “heat waves” lately and staying cool and drinking alot of fluids is a must. :)

  105. Sheryl says

    We stay inside a lot or to our little pool in the backyard. We usually don’t head to the park or other outdoor activity until 6 or 7pm when its slightly cooler.

  106. Ardella C says

    The way I stay cool in the summer is to spend time with my grandchildren, making them homemade smoothies, popsickles, and playing with them in their kiddie pool.

  107. Jayme Benabides says

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…….. Smoothies! That is a great way to beat the heat! We have lots of kiddos and play outside is essential, so we usually have water balloon fights to keep cool. Smothes sound like just the ticket to a healthy and memorable summer! Now all I need is a blender! 😉

  108. Barbara in Chicago says

    Ceiling fans on 24/7 , chicken , turkey , or fish burgers & franks on the outdoor grill w/chilled fruit and pletny of water!

  109. Tracey W says

    I like to stay inside with the central air on,drink anything and everything thats cold,and serf the different freebie sites.

  110. says

    We beat the heat with lots of fresh cold fruit, and smoothies. Today’s was a frozen banana, chocolate almond milk, a hand full of cold berries and a pinch of raw coconut. Yum!

  111. Heather Daniels says

    I love to take the kids out for frozen cokes and then over to the park for a picnic! They love the little field trip and the cokes taste delicious!

  112. Sandy Nevels says

    The ways we beat the heat is to go swimming, eating ice cream and chilled fruits – especially watermelon! We too dont have a/c and it gets hot indoors, most of the time its cooler outside. So we will go outside and have water gun fights or we just sit under a big tree and enjoy some popsicles / smoothies / frozen yogurts. Going to the park is fun too, especially the one nearby – they have a lake!

  113. Brenda says

    We love a cold glass of homemade iced tea.
    It hasn’t been very hot here at all but when it does we head downstairs to our livingroom that’s below ground level. It’s so cool down there!

  114. says

    We keep cool with light dinners, lots of salads, and yummy fruit smoothie drinks. Add a little protein powder to your fruit smoothie, and it is a refreshing meal replacement too!

  115. Kim H says

    We stay cool by staying in the pool – drinking lots of cool drinks and eating plenty of chilled fruit. I love the summer :)

  116. Kim Linson says

    Ummm….waterballoons for a good bit a fun for the kids. Then crush some ice and add some flavored syrup for a snow cone treat. YUMMO!!

  117. Janice says

    We try to stay indoors where it is cool, but we love to go swimming! Would love to have the blender and fruit to make smoothies!!

  118. Rachel Halvreson says

    My favorite way to beat the heat is to make sun tea…once brewed I chill it in the refrigerator and then drink with tons of ice and lemon…it is refreshing beyond measure!!!

  119. C Litchfield says

    Mixing up a big milkshake and sitting in the air draft of the swamp cooler until we get too cold and crawl under the covers. Now we need to get a new blender…we just threw the old one out because we killed the motor on it making all those milkshakes.

  120. Stacey says

    The best way to beat the heat is to drink lots of great cold drinks, eat ice cream or popcicles, hang out in the a/c and dress nice and comfy!

  121. says

    We spend lots of time in the pool, eat lots of popcicles, and keep meals light and easy… Also try to make it to the beach at least once a week to cool off! :) I love mixing up and freezing mango or berries mixed with vanilla yogurt… :)

  122. Sally Sheets says

    I love a tall cold glass of iced mint tea that I made from picked, cleaned and brewed, then iced and sweetened! Or to have with my hubby, a concocted freshly made Non-alcoholic Pina-colada blender drink! Both drinks…Ummmmm, Ahhhhhh!

  123. Kim J says

    In the Kansas (often humid) heat…it is hard to beat. There have been a few times I’ve wanted to just stick my head in the freezer….but instead I settle for cold ice water with lemon juice…or crush ice with a peppermint in it to cool down. Now about those smoothies…I believe they would do the trick.

  124. Amy says

    When we do get high temps we head for the basement. It was 90 here today and we successfully cleaned the entire basement in 4 hours. We could use a blender to make all these great fruity drinks. My kids would love it!

  125. Jennifer says

    Sit on the deck with the mist of the sprinkler while the kids play and snack on frozen grapes and blueberries. Yum!

  126. Lori says

    Love sitting in the A/C with a big glass of sweet tea or a piece of chilled fruit to send the heat packing!!

  127. Mary-Frances C. says

    Swimming in the pool is how we really love cooling down. We also like making smoothies, yum!

  128. says

    We’ve been hitting the local sprinkler park, hanging out in our 15′ inflatable pool, and treating ourselves to frozen fruit and/or ice cream treats.

  129. Patti says

    We hit the pool at the high school today. $2 a person and we were there for 3 hours. The water was great. We also stopped at our favorite ice cream shop. YUM.

  130. terri peterson says

    We love to make creamy banana pops for those hot days ! In blender, puree 2 medium bananas, 1/2c. milk till smooth. Add one (3 oz.) box instant banana pudding mix and 1/2 t. vanilla. Blend till smooth, pour into popsicle holders and freeze till hard. So Good !!

  131. jenny says

    I love to stock up the freezer with smootie mixes, popicles and fruit chillers for the the family. The best thing to have is something cold!!!! Oh yeah, can’t forget the ICE. A salad for dinner with a whole lotta fixins and somekind of cold desert and a nice walk around the neighbor with the kids and hubby. Everybody has to love summer!!!

  132. Roberta Zehr says

    I froze quarts of blueberries when they were on sale, now I pour the frozen blueberries into a dish. We eat them as finger food and they cool our tummies.

  133. says

    I always keep some grapes and blueberries in the freezer. We crash in the dark house and chomp down on frozen fruit. I also try to get my 12 year old daughter to realize that she is really supposed to fan her momma!

  134. v says

    We beat the summer heat with homemade ice cream! There’s nothing like putting in a hard days work on the farm and then settling down in the shade with the whole family and enjoying a bowl of freshly made ice cream.

  135. Sherri says

    I take the kids to the beach or if its just my husband and me we go for a motorcycle ride. A great smoothie is can of Libby’s pinapple and can of oranges with ice cream, orange surbert or yogurt with a little bit of milk. YUMMY!

    • Cheryl says

      We love to BBQ and have pineapple and strawberry smoothie……Its cool and soothing and healthy…Thats the key…HALTHY……Cool helps in this heat in Texas………

  136. Melissa Treolo says

    Frozen bananas! Just peel and freeze. Oh and frozen grapes are awesome too, they taste like little popsicles!

  137. Marie J. says

    My best friend and i take his mother walking in our mall where it’s nice and cool and we do some people with cute babies watching!

  138. says

    Drinking tons of water and hanging out under the ceiling fan! We don’t have AC in our car, so we’ve been sticking pretty close to home this summer.

  139. Gilda Bullaro says

    Eating a bowl of low-fat frozen yogurt in an air-conditioned room watching one of my favorite TV shows.

  140. Celeste Cook says

    To stay cool, we under the misters and eat refreshing home-made popsicles, shakes, and smoothies! Thanks for the new smoothie receipt!

  141. nan jan says

    frozen grapes to nibble on. then my fruit slushy. mixed fruit then chunks of watermelon annd 4 ice cubes and dont forget no fat vanilla yogurt and a scoop of protein powder for all the minerals a trace minerals you swet out. my poor blender is only from 1980 .TIME FOR A NEW ONE!!

  142. brenda says

    Staying indoors in the afternoon. Keeping hydrated with lots of water, iced tea and frozen lemonade. Breakfast and snacks are fruit smoothies with fresh fruit & yogurt. Cooking dinner on the grill instead of heating up the kitchen.

  143. Kristin Witham says

    A good way to beat the heat is to get out the sprinkler and run through it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE smoothies, it is a great way to sneak in some healthy stuff for the kids and hubby without them having an idea it is so good for them, I like to put a little kale and flax seed in them. YUM

  144. Victoria C. says

    My favorite way to beat the heat is mint ice cream – so refreshing!! If I had one of those blenders, I would make mint milkshakes. Considering how hot it is in the DC area right now, that could be a real life saver!

  145. Anne Marie says

    Hiding in the cool basement is nice in the summer! Also making smoothies with frozen strawberries and cans of fruit :)

  146. says

    Love to grill out dinner and enjoy summer foods like burgers and corn on the cob. After dinner enjoy siiting out on the back porch with a cool beverage and watch the evening roll in.

  147. Brenda Faulkner says

    Our favorite way to beat the heat here in the deep south is chilled watermelon, deseeded, blended and frozen into popcicle treats!

  148. Eugenie says

    I put fresh fruit (peaches, blueberries, mango, whatever I have on hand) and yogurt into a blender and make smoothies. So refreshing!

  149. Jan H. says

    Eat lots of watermelon and cucumbers & onions. Use the grill as much as possible. I try to cook a couple of days’ worth of meat on the grill at a time so I don’t have to cook everyday. We don’t have a/c so we use lots of fans.

  150. LINDA MAZZELLA says


  151. Tamara says

    My favorite way to beat the heat is to play with my 10 month old grandson in his ‘swimmy’ pool and then share a nice cool piece of watermelon with him. His happiness and contentment is wonderful to see!

  152. Renee Schuhmacher says

    My five year old daughter and I climb up on the couch, stick our feet in a pan of cool water, turn on the fan and spend the afternoon reading. If you’re reading you can go to places it’s not so hot. (At least in your mind. :>) )

  153. Leigh C says

    I work in AC so beating the heat is only when I g=have to get in a hot car but by the time I get home I am exhausted from heat. I open the fridge get out some cool fruit, a neck cooler and enjoy.. Though now just cool enough to sit outside and listen to birds.

  154. bunny says

    summer is smoothy time——any combination of summer fruits, yogurt or cottage cheese, fruit juice or milk to thin out mixture, a handful of ice cubes, and blenderize ’til icy, smooth, & pourable


  155. says

    Summer is around the corner meaning SMOOTHIE TIME!!. Combination of any fruit. I love strawberry banana! Deliciouso! Very refreshing:-)

  156. Jolene Ediger says

    I like to make some green tea on ice and add acouple of squirts of raspberry syrup in it for sweetner. Very cool and refreshing.

  157. Joyce R says

    fruit salad! Yummy yummy! Use Libby’s canned fruit of your choice so that you get the lovely juice and add fresh cantaloupe and watermelon (use a melon baller if you like, otherwise cut in small chunks), sliced strawberries are nice too. Add fresh, sliced bananas right before serving so they don’t brown. This is great served with angel food cake – get one from the store to keep the kitchen cool if you like. Enjoy

  158. Tamara B. says

    The best thing for me to beat the horrible humid heat in Florida is a fresh lemonade slushie or an ice cold glass of iced tea.

  159. says

    we just got back from Guatemala, and to beat the heat there we filled up with mango, papaya, banana and strawberry licuados (smoothies) which were delicious!~ Now here on the East Coast, we are in the middle of a heat wave, and I’ve been drinking ice cold lemonade and eating cold Italian sandwiches with plenty of veggies.

  160. nan lara says

    it has been so hot here lately we have been going to a lake to swim almost everyday..that and lots of juice
    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  161. says

    We have a bi-level house and it stays a little cooler downstairs. We keep the curtains closed and use fans to move the cool air up.
    These smoothies look like a nice refreshing treat that both my kids would like.

  162. Steph says

    My favorite way to beat the summer heat is with air conditioning, water fights with the kids and ice cream!

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