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Is shopping a tackle???

First, I have to confess that I don’t have my “after” photos ready from last week’s tackle in progress. I still haven’t finished tackling the filing and organizing mess that is covering my kitchen table!

I just can’t seem to get to it! The days disappear and I don’t have enough energy to tackle all that overwhelming organizing. So, I still need to get it done this week… ugh…

What did I do this week? Well, in between doctors appointments, regular ultrasounds (my baby is small and now apparently I am low on amniotic fluid and the cord flow is poor, so I have a very frequently photographed baby,) driving Jackson around to all his activities, answering emails, writing posts, etc, I have been working on getting Jackson’s clothes and toys sorted so we can move them into his new room.

Cause guess what??? The painter finished today and my husband, Phil, is in process of assembling Jackson’s new furniture! By next week, Jackson should be all moved into his new room! (Yes, I will post photos of the final product.)

And I finally went shopping! I mean what is more tempting to do – tackle a huge organizing and filing disaster or go shopping for baby supplies?!? And in my defense, I really needed to go shopping for this baby! The baby could handle a messy table, but I really think having some clothes and supplies for her when she arrives – not to mention a car seat for her to drive home in – is a high priority. So yesterday and today I spent my time and money getting some of those essential items. The sad part is that I still have stuff to buy! Good grief – having babies is too expensive! (With Susan and I having babies the same age, it is like shopping for twins! We can’t share items since we both need them at the same time, so we are buying two of everything!)

Before these babies arrive, I need to do at least a few more trips to different stores – but at least we have car seats and some clothes now!

As much as I want this baby out and safe in my arms, she better not arrive this week. I need at least this full week to get both her room and Jackson’s room in order, get back to the stores (yes – I am shopping online too of course!) and get this table tackled. It is a tall order – I have no idea how I am going to get it all done…

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    Yee Haw, Here we go again! You Girls sure know how to inspire and encourage. This motivation over the last few weeks has been invaluable to me. Thank you with all “I do” but better “all I am” :)


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