Tackle it Tuesday — Bye Bye Baby Clothes…

Tackle it Tuesday

Bye Bye Baby Clothes…

I am determined to reduce the amount of “stuff” in my house by 30%.

I may not qualify for “Hoarders” but I do have tons of clothes, toys, etc. that need to move on to another home. I even have most of it boxed and bagged up ready to go. But still I procrastinate.


Well, when it comes to my kids clothes, I am pretty sentimental. And most of them are in such good condition that I know they can be a real blessing to a family.

And I really love giving them to friends so I can see their little ones growing up in the clothes my kids did. Such sweet reminders of those days that went by too fast.

So, since Olivia and Sophia were born and I knew that Susan and I would not be needing boy clothes, I have begun to get rid of Jackson’s clothes. Last year, I sold a ton of old baby toys and some of Jackson’s clothes and we used the money for Jackson’s sponsored child through Compassion International.

tackle-it-tuesday-jacobAnd as I told you in a tackle this winter, I gave a bunch of Jackson’s older clothes to a fellow student in Jackson’s class whose house burned down just days before Christmas.

As well, I have had other friends go through the smaller sized clothes a few times and take what they wanted.

Somehow though, I still have BOXES of clothes left.

So, when my friend Rayanne and her sweet little Jacob came over, we tackled all the clothes and she hauled away three garbage bags of clothes!

I still have some of Jackson’s clothes and most of Olivia’s baby clothes to donate, so I will have more tackles to come. But I am moving forward!

And doesn’t little Jacob look so sweet in his outfit from Jackson? (Jackson never even wore that one! It still had the tags on it. LOL)

Thanks Rayanne for sending me this picture too!

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  1. says

    Oh I know what you mean with the baby clothes! I got rid of some of ours in a garage sale a few weeks ago, but still have bins of them left. Definitely something still to tackle in the future. :)

    My tackle this week isn’t housework related, but still a tackle nonetheless.

  2. says

    This week I am tackling my entire house what’s in it and myself. I don’t like where anything is. I have a mission to reorganize, throw out what I don’t need and purchase to very much needed pieces of furniture. They are a bookcase and some more cupboard space. My husband and I moved to Athens just before we got married at the end of 2006. Then shortly afterward, I got pregnant and we never did anything with out home. Now its time. Its time to start living again, I fee like I have been asleep for two years. Today I packed up clothes that I have had since I was 15 years old! There were a couple shirts and dresses that never wanted to part with. I realised I have been holding on to a younger version of myself, my childhood. Today I let it go. I also let go of my college years, by giving away a few dresses from those long, late nights with friends. Another part of my life that I enjoyed so much and feared to let go of. Today I am new, I am free and I ready to embrace the new me.

  3. says

    How nice of you to give away your baby clothes to a friend! I’m a huge fan of hand-me-downs and always feel so grateful when someone offers them. :)

  4. says

    It’s so hard parting with those precious memories but like I tell my mom (who is a bonified hoarder) that you have to give away the old to make room for new things in your life:-)

  5. says

    What a blessing to share all those clothes with a friend! :)

    I have been so blessed by people sharing their hand-me-downs with me that it is important to pass it on to other families too!

  6. says

    So nice of you to give away clothes! I am so not a hoarder, I am a throw awayer. Not sure that is any better because I often get discouraged and just throw everything away–even stuff I may need later!

  7. says

    To my surprise, my husband decided it was time to go through the toys. We have three kids under four and needless to say, there are a TON of toys all over our house. Our youngest’s birthday is right around the corner and we knew there would be more toys coming in so it was time. It took about four hours, lots of debating over how much they actually play with this toy and that – and finally me just letting go of the sentimental value and putting it in the give away pile. Three black trash bags later, our living room is our own again and the kids think they got all new toys which were really old ones forgotten about at the bottom of their toy boxes!

  8. says

    So glad to see this post today–it was good to see someone else is going through this, too! It’s like the clothes multiply in the closet! Good luck to all who are tackling something today!

  9. says

    I just did this about a month ago. We had a fundraiser for a local charity through our MOMS club and any baby clothes that a friend couldn’t use I donated to the sale. It cleared up so much room in the attic! However, there are still some clothes lingering so I just e-mail my mom friends with younger boys so those can get out the door too!


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