This Weekend in the Blogosphere

If you manage to steal a few moments away from weekend activities and to make it to your computer, there’s some great stuff going on.

I know many bloggers are screen free this weekend, but if you can’t make it a whole long weekend without a hit from the blogosphere, make sure you check out the winners of The Perfect Post Awards. I am thoroughly enjoying these brilliant writers.

My favorite is by Antique Mommy. Toddled Dredge and Owlhaven awarded Antique Mommy for this hysterical post. You simply must not miss it.

A couple other mentions:

I am sure most of you have heard by now about the September 11 tribute, 2996. If you haven’t signed up yet, read more here.

Want to get motivated?

One of our readers, Candyce Mackbee, sent me an email to let us know about an exciting project she is involved with this July 4. If you have some time on Tuesday, check it out and hear some great motivational speakers. She speaks at 2:30pm (PST).

This year make the 4th more than just a day off…make it a day that puts you on the path to reaching your goals, aspirations, higher levels of success and purpose! Sign up at

I hope your holiday weekend is sunny, blessed and beautiful.



  1. She’s Got a Blogged Brain…

    I always find interesting things while on blog about. Probably because I have the propensity to only visit blogs I find interesting. Actually, the following are interesting things I found of interest THROUGH the interesting blogs I visit. Keeps me…

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