Flickr 101 – Where to Begin

How many of you have posted your entry for Day 3 of 5 Days of Giveaways with Huggies? If you haven’t, read through this intro to Flickr to see just how easy your entry can be!

Flickr is one of my favorite places on the web to share photos with family and friends and to find inspiration for my photos. Adding your photo to the 5 Minutes for Mom Flickr group will be a great introduction to Flickr for those of you who are new to it, and maybe a way to win great prizes as well.

  1. Start by going to Flickr and creating an account with your Yahoo! ID. Don’t have a Yahoo! ID? Don’t worry, Yahoo! and Flickr make it really quick and easy to register for Yahoo! and Flickr and the same time.create
  2. You’ll choose a Flickr screen name. It has to be unique, so you might need to be creative.
  3. Next, you’ll arrive at at Getting Started screen that looks something like this:getting startedYou can personalize your profile, connect with friends who are on Flickr already, or upload your first photos. Let’s do that first.
  4. Click on Upload Photos, and then click on Choose Photos and Videos. Use the next window to navigate to the location on your computer where you have saved the photo or photos (yes, you can upload more than one at a time). Adjust privacy settings on this page, and note than even if you mark a picture as “Private” and then add it to the 5 Minutes for Moms group, all members of that group will be able to see your photo.upload image
  5. Click on Add a Description to add a Title, Description and Tags for your images. You can use the description to tell the story of a particular image. Tags are terms that people looking for a picture like yours might use to search on.leaf
  6. Now that you’ve uploaded your first pictures, look up at the menu bar. Next time you want to upload pictures, click on the arrow next to the word “You”. And to find the 5 Minutes for Moms Flickr group, click on, you guessed it, “Groups.”menu bar
  7. Look for the Find A Group box and type in 5m4mPhotography.find group
  8. Click on the link for the 5M4M group, and then click on “Join this Group.” Once you get there, look for the discussion topic by me, Texas Chicks Erin. Say Hi and let us know you made it OK.
  9. Ok, we’re almost finished. Click on the arrow next to “You” up in the menu bar. Select “Your Photostream” and click on the picture you want to add to the 5M4M group. Do you see the tiny button above the picture that says “Send to Group?” Click there and select 5M4M. You’ve entered the contest! Good luck!add to group


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    I just joined flicker and LOVE it! Good to know you started a group – I’ll join today. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


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