Land’s End Back to School Contest

Getting ready for school with Land’s End…

It’s time for back-to-school shopping! And I must admit with Jackson heading off to kindergarten, I am probably even more excited and nervous than he is. I am savoring all the anticipation and preparation, while still somewhat in shock that my baby is heading off to school already.

What about you and your kids – is your house buzzing with first-day-of-school excitement? What purchases are your kids most interested in?

According to a recent survey, 97 percent of kids 6 – 12 report that they “love wearing a new outfit to school on the first day of class.” When pressed for what they thought was the most important, must-have item, girls chose jeans (27 percent), while boys chose backpacks (34 percent).

This past week we hit the store to buy Jackson’s school supplies and today Jackson tried out his new Land’s End Backpack.


rev-lands-end-back-2jpg.jpgThe Ergo Backpack features:

  • A back panel that adjusts for the best fit
  • Extra comfy memory foam shoulder straps
  • 360° reflective trim to improve visibility
  • Hip belt to help stabilize the load
  • For music addicted kids – a MP3/CD player pocket and cord port that keeps them connected to their music
  • Two sizes – the Ergo – 17″Hx14″Wx7 1/2″D and the Ergo Jr. – 14 1/2″Hx14″Wx7 1/2″D

This backpack is perfect for keeping your kids comfortable while packing all their stuff back and forth to school. You can check out Land’s End various backpack styles to find the right pack for your student.

And as usual, Land’s End has a ton of totally cool clothes for the new year too. From adorable Mary Jane shoes to great jeans to colorful tees and polos – I could go crazy shopping for it all!

If you have some items still to buy on your back to school list, don’t forget to check out Land’s End.

And if you want to have a free shopping spree – leave your comment to be entered in our Land’s End contest. Thanks to Land’s End, we are giving one of you a $100 gift certificate to get your student(s) suited up in style! Just leave a comment and you will be entered in the draw. We will announce the winner in one week. (This contest is only open to US shipping addresses.)

Good luck and have a great school year! :)


  1. rebecca says

    What a great giveaway. I volunteer at a school with lots of underprivileged kids. Wouldn’t one of them love to have this?? Thanks for the invitation to play along, and for your generosity.

    Rebecca (

  2. says

    Land’s End has amazing things. My son is starting school in a week (open house for PreK/K children tonight). We sure could use some nice new clothing for him. Thanks for the great contests. Best wishes to Jackson on his first day (and Mommy too).

  3. says

    We’re heading off to school for the first time after homeschooling for 3 years. I never knew how much preparation there was!!! School uniforms have our “what to wear the first day” worries covered, and Land’s End has perfect pieces that fit the school’s uniform requirements! Count me in.

  4. says

    What a great contest. I bought my oldest a book bag at Wal-Mart and he has only carried it 5 days and the strap is braking. AHHH!!! SO this would be nice to win.

  5. Lisa says

    Lands’ End is one of our favorite retailers AND we’re due for new backpacks, so I’d love to win. Thanks for making it possible.

  6. says

    We love Land’s End and purchase almost all of our clothing through there. I just bought my daughter the ergo backpack along with the matching lunchbox. She was so excited when they finally came in the mail

  7. says

    Oh, please count me in! What a fun prize! (I told the kids they didn’t need new clothes for school this year…at least not yet. But wouldn’t it be fun to surprise them with a few new things.)

  8. says

    I love the backpack too. My oldest has had it since Kindergarten (he is now in first grade). I think my favorite thing about Lands End is the quality that lasts!

    Boy would I love to win this!!!

  9. says

    Lands End is my favorite place to get clothes for my 4 children. We sure could use the gift certificate to get some things for the fall.

  10. says

    Lands End clothes are great quality, which is perfect for us since with 3 girls everything needs to get handed down… Thanks! :)

  11. says

    Wow! I just love stopping by here. It’s like a yummy cup of coffee all the time.

    What a great contest. I love LANDS END, but can’t afford it all the time. So count me in on this one. I could get definitely find $100 worth of stuff in no time!

    Thanks a bunch!

  12. JessicaB says

    This would be great. My little one just went through a super big growth spurt and we are still recovering her wardrobe from it.

  13. says

    I LOVE Lands End. When we visit hubby’s Grandma who lives near the HQ, we hit the bargain nooks which have slightly defective or overstocked items. We’ve found some great deals that way.

    Hannah-Bear is not in school yet but she is growing like a weed. Can we still enter?

  14. says

    Sign me up. I LOVE Lands End. We’ve worn their clothes and shoes. Almost hated for my babies to grow and give up my Lands End diaper bag and hooded baby blanket!

  15. says

    My oldest has started back to school in the first grade! She is loving it! Yes, she had to have a new outfit for her first day. We looked at the Land’s End backpacks but we haven’t decided on one yet. Love Land’s End, especially their shoes for kiddos!

  16. says

    What? You mean to say the hand me down backpack that I sent with dear daughter to K this year isn’t going to last all year? I think we will need a new one in a month with all the papers she keeps bringing home. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Land’s End also makes the BEST diaper bags and I am expecting #3 in November. Please PICK ME!

  17. Kim says

    I really need this! I am tired of making my daughter wear stuff from our second hand store but who can keep up with kids as fast as they grow.

  18. says

    We have a little one starting preschool 2 days a week very soon. She is excited. She would love to have her own backpack. She has been asking for one since Christmas.

  19. techchick says

    My daughter used Land’s end all through Junior high and high school…they have a fantastic guarantee of their workmanship and it is the number 1 backpack for girls in her school! My son would really like to use one of these now, too! Thanks for such a great contest.

  20. Tricia Bostrom says

    Life happens so fast! I can’t believe my baby is a junior in high school this year. School shopping sure puts a dent in the wallet so this shopping spree would be a blessing!

  21. says

    perfect timing! Both of my kids need new clothes–boys are so hard on their clothes. My oldest does not have a pair of jeans without a hole in the knee!! I could spend that $100 at Lands End in about 5 minutes!

  22. tammy b says

    oh, that $100 would be soooo helpful in decking out my 1st grade daughter and preschool twins (also girls…pity me in about 4 years)!

  23. Lynde Foy says

    Wow! Thanks for the great contest! Love Lands End clothes~never thought about buying bookbags from them, but will now~especailly since my boys go through about 3 per school year!!!

  24. says

    Wowzers – what a generous gift! It would be used to get the girls nice fall/winter jackets at our house! Love Lands End! Thanks for a super contest!

  25. Grace Papaseraphim says

    I love Lands’ End! Have been shopping with them for many years. Thanks for a very generous contest!

  26. Julie Robinson says

    I was just asking where to find a great backpack for the smaller kind. The Jr. would be perfect. Great giveaway!! Count me in!

  27. Cindy McCloakey says

    This would be great – I love their backpacks. WIth four girls, we always seem to be replacing them!!!

  28. says

    We are huge Lands’ End fans around here. Living out in the country where the nearest town is 45 minutes away and it’s biggest store is Super WalMart we love shopping through the internet and Lands’ End is one of the top stores we shop.

  29. Lorna Renee says

    My son has a form of Autism called ASPERGER’s Syndrome. His AS sometimes makes him feel awkward around others. Lands end clothes and backpacks help him begin the new year with CONFIDENCE and STYLE. THANK YOU LANDS END!!

  30. Angela says

    Land’s End has the best warranty, it’s unbelievable! Check out their website and read if you don’t know about it. Hope I win the gift card!

  31. Jenn in AZ says

    THANKS for this giveaway! Wow, you guys are really busy and have some generous sponsors!

    I LOVE Land’s End! We buy their swimming suits every summer…and their fall clothing is phenomenal. Thanks so much!

    Have a great day!

  32. says

    I just poked around the Land’s End website and was very impressed. They sell super-stylish, yet practical, clothes – perfect for moms! Please enter me in the drawing!

  33. Jen says

    I love Land’s End especially for their girl clothes – still on the conservative side of stylish! Please enter me in the drawing!

  34. says

    I love lands end and so do the children. Their clothes are comfy, practical and go with anything. Not to mention my 8 and 2 year old look great and feel great!!

    It’s back to school and cheers to the winner!!

  35. Jill Bretsen says

    We love Land’s End and shop at an outlet in Chicago whenever we are in the windy city. We have three lands end backpacks, winter coats and shoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE Land’s End. For my 7 year old daughter its perfect; cute, modest and fun.

    Jill from Omaha

  36. sheryl allen says

    I love Land’s End. I really hope I win this…. I have 3 little ones, I need all the help I can get!
    Thanks for the chance. God Bless.

  37. says

    I luv luv LUV Lands End! As a matter of fact, I ordered backpacks and lunchboxes for the boys last month, winter boots last week and was just shopping their super sale today at the Lands End store in my local Sears! That gift certificate sure wouldn’t last long in my hot little hands!!!!

  38. says

    I love Lands’ End! My kids have had several of their backpacks. The only reason I say several is because you know how kids are–they don’t want to use the same one two years in a row. They certainly hold up well though!

  39. adina weinstein says

    Clothes from Lands End would kick the new school year off with a bang. How proud my kids would be to wear these clothes and brag to everybody where they got it. So Cool!

  40. Kellie Ingram says

    I’ve been shopping at Land’s End for years! Love the quality of their merchandise! Their boys clothing has been a great investment for my kids!

  41. Jessica says

    We love land’s end…I even have their card, you get free shipping and monogramming that way and reward coupons. thanks for the chance to win

  42. Jennifer Callahan says

    Hey! Land’s End is great! I have three students.. a college student, and middle school student and and elementry student! With Land’s End.. I think everyone could be covered!

  43. Katie says

    Summer’s at its end have no fear Land’s End is here!! I love Lands End!! Great quality with great customer service!

  44. says

    Our school year started last week, but with three kids in school this year I’m sure I can find something to use a gift certificate on. Especially since they have some great skorts for girls!

  45. tk says

    what a great giveaway! my daughter will be starting preschool and would love all the exciting new stuff to go along with it! thanks! :)

  46. says

    We’ve already been in school 4 weeks down here in the South, but I KNOW my little girls would LOVE some new school clothes. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  47. Renee Stoker says

    Just divoriced and having a hard time with finances and buying school clothes for my 3 childern…………….

  48. Tim says

    My wife is Japanese and they don’t do the back-to-school shopping thing. Since our daughter is headed to kindergarten, I had to explain the whole concept and take everyone shopping!

  49. says

    WHOA – I LOVE LAND’s END – AND I just bought my son a backpack last week from there – figured it would last longer than his other “cheapy” one from the “T” Store. Plus – he wanted his name monogrammed on it – looks awesome.

    Great contest. Sign me up.

  50. Catharine McElwain says

    Christmas is almost here and once again I have no idea what to get the grandkids (both boys), but this would be so perfect, and something I know wouldn’t go to waste.

  51. Erin says

    My daughter is entering middle school. I would love to win her a back-to-school shopping spree. Land’s End is a quality brand she would be proud to wear.

  52. says

    Oh WOW! I would love to win this! We homeschool, but the boys sure could use some new jeans as well as the girls could use some new things too.

  53. Kari says

    This is my first time ever visiting your website – I came across it looking at a book review. What a great site ladies and an awesome contest. Land’s End has WONDERFUL products. A fun opportunity to participate – thanks!!

  54. Jennifer Shelepet says

    Land’s End is great. My backpack from my freshman year in college (a decade ago), is still going strong.

  55. Debbie Childers says

    I work with diaable and handicap children and adults they would really enjoy getting one so count me in, thanks

  56. Marilyn says

    My daughter will be going back to school in the Fall and so will I!! We could both benefit from this win.
    Thanks for the contest.

  57. Angie says

    We are very busy with 6 kids getting ready for school. We hope to when this because we still have needs left to get and any Land’s End item would be a fabulous way to say have a great day at school to our kids!

  58. Kathy Swenson says

    I’d love to win this. My granddaughter starts her 3rd year of pre-school in under 2 weeks. I’d love to treat her to some classy and durable “Land’s End” outfits! Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  59. says

    I would love to win! It is costing me a fortune buying school supplies for 5 out of 7 kids! And to buy something of quality? That is really hard to do.

  60. SANDY says

    WOW lands end is awesome- and back to school is always exciting- fresh crayons, pens, and its nice when those can donate and share a give a child that special feeling for the first day of school cause that day is only once a year

  61. Tari Lawson says

    With two boys in school (one starting Kindergarten this year and one in Jr. High), these backpacks would be great. Lands End has such good quality.

  62. Susie says

    The whole family has been wearing Land’s End for years! Products have timeless style and high quality – would love to go shopping for some more Land’s End items!

  63. Patrice Pruitte says

    Land’s End has a lot of great products. It would be fun to go shopping with the gift certificate.

  64. Pamela Warren says

    Great contest. Great value for your money at Land’s End. My grandchildren would love to shop for school at Land’s End.

  65. Kimberly Ripley says

    Lands End has always been a great place to shop. Everything I ever bought there for kids lasted to become hand-me-downs for the next child in line.

  66. Sheila says

    Thanks for offering such a fun contest !

    With 4 children I can use all the help I can get with purchasing back to school clothing and accessories.

  67. Carolyn says

    I would love to give this to my nephew who is in Florida and is going to start his first day @ school. He is a rough kid with a wonderful personality. Hunter loves to draw, read and have someone to read to him, loves to get involved in all type of school activities @ his daycare he goes to. Hunter is the apple of his mother’s eye. I hope we win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Land’s End products are versatile and you know they last forever and a day.

  68. Lisa Weidknecht says

    Land’s End has great quality clothes and are so fashionable that even my teenage daughter will wear them!

  69. Cindy Jording says

    My two teens love Lands End, which in today’s fashion world is such a blessing! Good luck to all in this great contest and thanks for hosting a great site!


    Can always use clothing–even though my youngest is 18 now–clothes are more expensive than ever and he likes stylish things like Lands End!

  71. donna pavcik says

    I drive a school bus and every year it becomes more of a challenge. Between halloween, Christmas,
    Easter and all the other holidays you can come up a little short in rewards for the kids, so any help is great in picking up rewards and treats for all my 150+kids! thank you

  72. says

    WOW! You know, I have the kids’ back to school shopping done, but Mommy needs some new back to school clothes! Open Houses, Parent Teacher Conferences, PTO Meetings, etc… Mom needs to look good too!! Sign me up for this contest! :)

  73. lisa paloucci says

    we just love lands end. my daughter loves the dresses while i l.ove the sweaters for my boys. their quality is amazing.

  74. Sharon Seneker says

    This is a super sweepstakes!
    I’d love to win! A win would
    make back to school more
    bearable! Thanks!

  75. Debbie Criss says

    My 15year old won a backpack at church filled with school supplies. He gave me the bag because it had purple on it. I would love to win this one for him.

  76. Distybug says

    Have you tried the guaranteed “Indestructable Knee” jeans for boys? Lands’ End is awesome. You can’t beat their guarantee!

  77. says

    Oh they grow so fast! My daughter started first grade this year, and was so excited! It’s very bittersweet to watch her skip off without so much as a hug or “bye Mom!” But I’m sure the day will come when she won’t loving going to school every day. That backpack looks great! It looks like it fits him really well, which can be hard to find for the little ones! I’ll have to check out Land’s End!!

  78. Sandra Jensen says

    Lands End means quality. Pure and simple. I have a pair of your mocs that I have worn for 5 years now – during the winter months. They have no skid bottoms, are comfortable and LAST forever! Hum, how do you stay in business when your stuff just doesn’t wear out?

    Thanks for a great contest! Keep the quality up!!!

  79. Rebecca Furlong says

    My daughter is in the First Grade this year, and is rough on her clothes (little tomboy); many of her clothes are Lands End. But I wouldn’t mond winning more!

  80. Iris says

    As a retired school teacher I can concur–kids love the first day of school clothes and Land’s End have great ones!

  81. Deborah says

    Great! Hope I win!
    I remember what I wore on my first day of High School..I remember how excited I would get when I was able to get a new backpack and new clothes for school! I think all kids are excited about new stuff, right? :)
    We have never had a Land’s End backpack, but it looks really nice!

  82. norm says

    I have Land’s End stuff going back to when they made sailing duffles, never wears out. Granted some things are nearing the end of their lifespan but, ~30 years is pretty darn good!! The newer things will outlast me. Quality beats planned obsolescence any day.

  83. Susan Ledet says

    Thank you for continuing to make such fantastic clothes. All are high quality and wear very well. Would love to win this contest.

  84. Josephine Pasquarelli says

    When belly shirts and lowrise jeans were all you could find in my daughter’s size, she counted on Land’s End to give her a selection of clothes that was stylish and not sleazy. She still grabs the Land’s End catalogue before I gert a chance to look at it. The fit is always good and teh fabrics are comfortable for her busy teen lifestyle.

  85. Jennifer Mariner says

    I would love a Land’s End gift certificate. That backpack looks great- I need one for going to college after being away from school for 15 years!

  86. Heather says

    I would love to win this giveaway, as a single mother I could put this gift card to use, and not to mention Lands End makes good quality clothing. (Crossing fingers, pick me!)

  87. says

    I love Land’s End. I am a missionary in Europe where the style is too modern for me. I can always count on Land’s End to provide me with the classic and conservative clothes. No matter how old they are, my outfits are never out of style. I still wear dresses from there that I bought over a decade ago. Now, my girls can enjoy Land’s End too.

  88. Michele McHenry says

    It is so different now that this is my last child, in his last year of school.

    I cried every year on the first day of school until they started high school. For some reason, I was terrified for them. Probably because I always started a different school every year and did not know anyone and I was always scared to meet new people.

    But, now..I am not allowed to help them get ready. I am not allowed to shop for them because “you won’t know what I want” Even if I have a list…they tell me I won’t get it right! So, all I am allowed to do is hand over the debit card and cry cause I can’t be in control any more.

    Now I have to wait for the grandkids so I can pretend I am a mom in control again. I am way to young to have an empty nest.

  89. says

    I can’t recall if I left a comment before, but I’d love to be entered in this drawing. My son didn’t inform me the backpack he was trying to use had straps that were about to come loose.

  90. Lisa Aubin says

    I always try to get my kids winter stuff from Lands End because they actually stay warm that way! I love to hit the overstocks and got a great deal on the backpack this year!

  91. Stacey Maniaci says

    I’d love to win. Thanks for the chance, I have four kids who love Lands’ End items. This would ease my budget greatly.

  92. Joanna Smith says

    Lands End clothing and other products as well are so well made, and classic for all types of lifestyles. You just can’t go wrong with anything you purchase from Lands End because they have set the bar for having clothing and a wide array of products for the entire family that will stand the test of time.

  93. R Ballew says

    We’ve been back in school for a month and my son’s Lands End shorts look great! Lands End is the best. Thanks for the contest.

  94. P. Harmon says

    I usually don’t even buy backpacks until after the kids start school because then they are on sale. Luckily, it doesn’t bother them.

  95. Jennefer Sweitzer says

    This looks like a very well made bag, My daughter is pretty hard on bags and I thing she may actually have this one longer than one semester!

  96. Cynthia Marie Smith says

    I have a Child that I consider My Miracle Baby as She arrived in this World at 1 Pound 13 Ounces and is a thriving 4 Year old who will be attending a speciel needs school this month and I am sure Lands End can offer Her all Her school needs. Thank You.

  97. Lucie says

    I love Lands End for myself and my 3 yeard old daughter. Quality clothes that are totally functional are essential for my 3 year old and for a busy SAHM like me!

  98. Joan Schmidt says

    Love your clothes; just wish you had not discontinued the Drifter in Women’s sizes. Also, your mastectomy bathing suits do not come in Women’s sizes. But I would love to take one of my 3 granddaughters on a back to school shopping trip; the middle one has just started middle school and could use a nice confidence booster!

  99. Tamara says

    I would love this for my 11 year old daughter, she is just discovering her own “style” and Land’s End is one we could both be happy with!

  100. says

    I just looked at this backpack today. It seems that I am constantly replacing one of my 4 kids’ packs. I have heard this one holds up really well. I would love the gift certificate to buy one or more for my kids.

  101. Liz Bellini says

    Thanks to Lands End & 5 Minutes for a great sweepstakes offering!
    Going back to school can be exciting but also nerve wracking. Best of Luck to all the new & returning students in 2007!!