KooKoo CaChoo Baby Blanket Contest

KooKoo CaChoo couldn’t be cuter…


Super soft, fun and adorable – this blanket is simply perfect!

Not only do I get to prepare for a new little baby – but I get to prepare in PINK! After having a boy, all this girl stuff is a new treat. And the blanket Karma from KooKoo CaChoo sent me for my new little one is so fabulous! I am totally in love with it.

review-kookoo-jackson.jpg(Even Jackson thinks it is so soft and sweet – can’t you just picture him snuggling his new baby sister in it?) :)

Karma Christensen, mom of two little girls, started out making blankets for her daughters but soon found her blankets in high demand. So she started her own business, KooKoo CaChoo Baby Blankets and now we all get a chance to cuddle up with one of her gorgeous creations!

Karma makes her blankets with luxurious, high quality Minkee (a soft fuzzy fabric that is essentially an imitation mink) and beautiful satin. She offers funky, beautiful colors and combinations – and you can even custom design your blanket, choosing your favorite color and fabric combinations. With all kinds of colors, (including tons of great designs for boys too) your only problem will be choosing!

If you want to indulge your little girl or boy in one of KooKoo CaChoo’s blankets, leave a comment here at this post. The winner gets to choose a blanket of their choice.

We will announce the winner in two weeks. (Edited to add: This contest is open to both Canadian and US shipping addresses.)

Update: The winner is #157 Cole’s Mama


  1. says

    How pretty!! I’d love to win this to use as a baby gift (or keep if for my little guy either one).

    Please enter me into the drawing. Thank you!

  2. Noralee says

    Our newest grand baby, due to make a scene in November, will love snuggling under one of these. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  3. says

    I have 2 baby showers coming up, one mommy to be knows she’s having a boy and the other mommy wants to be surprised – how nice would it be to give one of these mommies such a cute and cuddly blankie??

  4. says

    I seriously think I’m more excited by this contest than the Dyson Vacuum one! Please enter my name. My sweet little Abraham would love a special soft blanket that’s not a hand-me-down from his older siblings.

  5. says

    YEAH! I would LOVE to win this! I have two girls and a BOY on the way…and it is tough to find cute and/or funky boy stuff…this should do it! Thanks for the contest!

  6. says

    I’d love this, my daughters would love it and honestly even though they wouldn’t say I know my boys would lay on it. It looks so soft. :) Enter me please.

  7. says

    Oooh, how nice! My son loves that combination of fabrics, and I need a blanket for the new one on the way. I’ll probably end up buying one if I don’t win!

  8. MommyK says

    Okay… I LOVE THIS BLANKET! I checked out the website and I want one in white and green polka dot with brown and white polka dot satin backing. I am expecting in Oct. I don’t know the sex of the baby but I know it would love a great, stylish blankie!!! Please pick me!! :)

  9. says

    My “little” guy turns 11 tomorrow and he still carries his blanket around the house…the one from his crib when he was a baby. And he sleeps with it. But I didn’t just tell you that, lol. He would DIE if anyone knew.

    Anyway, the thing is in tatters, and I’m hoping I can get him to replace it with one of these adorable blankies. They look so cuddly!

  10. says

    These blankets look fabulous, and as a mother of 6 I should know. :0) Its funny though after you have more then 2 or 3 children, family think you don’t need anything anymore. So DD #6 didn’t have a handmade blank from her Great Grandma or anything like that. (wink, wink) We hope we win one………

  11. Tiffany Toronto says

    Ohhh… I love her blankets! I ordered two for my sweet little boy a few months back and they are still so soft

  12. says

    Wow….that looks so soft!! Does she make them in larger sizes…I’d love one for myself :-)!! Okay…so I guess I could use it for my boys!

  13. says

    How beautiful are those blankets!? We are currently waiting for a referral from China for a little girl and how I would LOVE to bring a blanket like that with us for her to cuddle in as we deal with the transitions from orphanage to family! I’ve been searching for the perfect “lovey” for her.


  14. says

    Oh, so beautiful! I have a little babe, but my sister in law just told us she is expecting a baby in March, so maybe a gift would be in order…..

  15. Marla says

    Just found out I am expecting a new addition in April – would love to have something to cuddle him or her in!

  16. says

    I don’t want to be entered in the contest because I already have one of her blankets and want to give someone else a chance. I just want to say that these blankets are THE BEST. Karma takes great care at making each one of these. You really can’t be dissapointed! My daughter absolutely LOVES her “soft.”

    I was also wondering if we need to post a link back to this contest on our own blogs if we have one?

  17. says

    awww… how adorable! such talent! i think all the patterns are awesome. i would love to get one of these soft….precious….cuddly blankets!


  18. lisa says

    i’d love to win this blanky for my friend who is expecting. if i don’t win, i may have tobuy her one of these cool cute blankets.

  19. Krista Lemmon says

    I couldn’t imagine anything better than the perfect blanket that will be remembered forever by your little ones. I’m in!

  20. rebecca says

    This would make a great gift for my new niece, due in October. What a wonderful site — and what a generous giveaway!

  21. LaTina says

    These blankets are so beautiful. I wish I had the money to purchaseone right now. My daughter Trinity loves cuddly soft things to go to sllep with. Please enter me in the contest. i know my daughter would live one of these blankets. You have a great talent. Keep up the good work. I will pass your website along to family and friends.

  22. Chelsey says

    What a great blanket. Even as an adult something so soft and cuddly sounds good to me. But I know that my baby would love it as much or even more than me.

  23. says

    Ok, I am a friend of Crystal who is the cousin of Karma. I actually met her at Crystal’s 4th of July get together and fell in love with her blankets! They are fabulous!!! I would love, love, love to buy one but at this point in our lives I cannot afford one :( (hubby is in school full time and working and I stay at home with our 3 kids). So since our budget won’t allow me one at this time…I would love to win one!!! Worth a try right?!


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