Give Back this Earth Day with Members Project

Happy Earth Day! How will you be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day?

The blogosphere is buzzing with a variety of ways to celebrate, including everything from making your own compost heap to leaving the car at home for the day and walking or riding your bike instead!

While not everyone has the space (or inclination) to have a compost heap or plant their own garden or it may not necessarily work for you to give up the car (especially when you’ve got a few little ones to tote around with you), there are ways for you to make a difference on this Earth Day! American Express has joined with to bring you even more opportunities to make a difference in ways that are tailored toward your passions!


Members Project® makes it very simple for everyone to get involved this Earth Day. Simply visit to sign-up (it’s free!) and begin exploring the different options available:

volunteerVolunteer – Find a charity in your area that American Express supports and volunteer your time! Simply search through the list of events happening in your area and find one that interests you or your whole family! This is not only a great way to help others and to do something as a family, but you can also earn Membership Rewards® points for doing so!!!

voteVote – Every three months American Express awards five different charities $200,000 in funding. And you can help decide which charities receive that funding! Charities are broken up into five different categories and, once per week, you can log-on and vote for the charity that you would like to see get that funding! This is a very simple, but very effective, way to reach out this Earth Day and to even learn about different charities!

donateDonate – This is another very simple, but very effective, way to contribute this Earth Day! If you are an American Express cardholder, you can donate money or your Membership Rewards® points to one of the 50 organizations included in the Members Project® or to one of the 1,000,000 public charities listed!

shareShare – Now that you’ve picked which way you want to help this Earth Day, it’s time to spread the news about Members Project® with your friends, family, co-workers, strangers…everyone! This is an amazing way to help your involvement stretch even further — by inspiring and encouraging others to participate!

So, if you have a not-so-green thumb, like me, but still want to play your part this Earth Day, I would encourage you to check-out Members Project®!!! A Small Step CAN Make A Big Difference!

*This information about Members Project® is being brought to you American Express.

*5 Minutes for Mom was NOT compensated to write this post.

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