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So I failed my initial glucose screening…

So this Tuesday, instead of tackling all the tons of things I need to do, I will be sitting in a lab “tackling” my 3 hour gestational diabetes fasting glucose test. It is bad enough that I may have gestational diabetes – but I have to sit in a lab for THREE hours too!

We are in the beginning process of converting our office space into Jackson’s bedroom so that the new baby can have Jackson’s room – and I have a ton of sorting and organizing to do. As well, I have my usual ton of emails and work to do. So, sitting in the lab for three hours is a tad frustrating.

Most of all though – I just really hope I don’t have gestational diabetes! I really, really, really like sugar! I try to not eat too much of it of course – but I can’t imagine living without orange juice and fresh fruit!

I was totally shocked that I failed the screening. I didn’t have any problems with Jackson and I am not in any of the risk categories (except that I am over 25.)

What about you moms out there – did any of you have gestational diabetes? Tell me the truth – how horrible is the diet? Can I really not drink orange juice?!? What about fruit? I NEED fresh fruit…

I sure hope I pass this test – I promise if I do, I won’t complain at all that I had to sit in a lab for three hours!

I hope your tackles are going well – link up and let us know.

UPDATE: Thanks so much for all your supportive, informative comments!!! I made it through the test – but only because they had a little room with a wonderful, soft reclining chair. I was so nauseated and dizzy that sitting up was getting really hard by the end of the first hour. I hadn’t realized that the chair reclined, so when I mentioned I wasn’t feeling well, the lab tech told me the chair reclined. Wow – was I relieved! I even dozed a bit. I was feeling really rough. I hope that isn’t a sign that I may have GD… I will write a post letting you all know my results when I get them. Thanks again for all your encouragement!!!


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  1. says

    Yep, had it, sat in the office and knitted for three hours, almost threw up the sugar water, and then failed the test. It wasn’t fun. Best tip I got…choose the cola flavored stuff, it’s the best tasting. And try to make sure that it’s chilled. Bring something engaging to do while you wait, try to get outside, even if you just take a chair and sit there. Sitting in the waiting room with people coming and going, perfume, body odor and the like on an empty stomach was just too much for me.

    So, about the diet. I had a nutritionist who was great. And for the record, it’s not about how much sugar you eat now or ate before. My doc said the only thing I did to get gestational diabetes was to get pregnant. I didn’t have it for my first either so I was surprised.

    You do get used to the diet. I was fortunate to be able to regulate it through diet and testing my blood sugar. No insulin so I was thankful for that.

    Hopefully it’ll turn out okay and you won’t even have to worry about it. That’ll be my prayer tonight. If it’s any different, send me a note and I’ll send you what my nutritionist gave me. It’s doable and I have a beautiful healthy boy to show for it!

  2. says

    Janice, I’ll pray you pass this next glucose test. Please let us know how it turns out. Bring a book or something to help pass the time 😉

    On a side note, I had to go sugar free recently. It is hard at first, but gets easier with time. I do pray you don’t have GD, though.

    Those pregnancy cravings would probably make it even harder to stick with a sugar free diet!

  3. says

    When my first daughter I failed the short tests and had to take the 3 hours. I failed one of those, so I didn’t have full blown gestational diabetes, but I did try to limit my sugar intake and watch what I ate. I didn’t have any problems and had a full term healthy baby! The test itself is not bad, if you like drinking Orange Crush on an empty stomach. I pray all goes well.
    Georgia Mom

  4. says

    I had GD all three pregnancies – the main thing you have to watch for are carbs – white flour gives you bad carbs, whole wheats give you good carbs. It’s easy, once you start (or continue) reading labels, and PORTIONING your foods :)

    I was able to control mine with diet alone, so no shots for me, although my last pregnancy was a tough one to do that with.

    Good luck!

  5. says

    I failed it with my first son. I didn’t get to drink juice, but I could have fruit starting at lunch time. I’ll be honest, at the end of my pregnancy, I was crying because I wanted sundae…seems silly, but I was having a pity party!! When my son turned a year old, I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and had to take oral meds to control it.. Now that is hard! I was able to control it during pregnancy with diet and exercise. With my second son, I had to take shots 4 times a day since I was no longer gestational…but a full blown diabetic. I had to go to the doctor ALL the time, too. I actually still take insulin so that I can nurse my son. There just isn’t enough research for me to take the oral meds that I was taking while nursing him.

    I hope you pass the test!!

  6. says

    I failed my first test with my first test too. They didn’t tell me to watch what I ate before the test. I passed the second test with flying colors. So maybe it was just something you ate before your first test. We will pray for that! Good luck on your test! Take a good book and I’ll pray for other moms for you to talk to … I had 3 other moms there with me for my 3 hours and they went by fast!

  7. says

    Janice–I have heard that if you fail the screening that you should request to take it AGAIN (if you fail, you can research it). The reason is that gest. diabetes is often over-diagnosed. There’s no problem with not eating sugar (I mean, it’s not easy, but it’s not the end of the world), BUT if you are diagnosed with GD then you are automatically put into a high risk category, which can limit your choices as far as delivery. Here’s hoping that you pass it with no problems. I think that most people do.

  8. says

    I failed my initial test when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I took a bunch of bills and busy-work for the three-hour screen, and it wasn’t so bad. For a month I was put on a restricted 1200 calorie diet. I won’t lie ~ it was AWFUL!! I was starving all the time. However, it sure beat the alternative of having gestational diabetes, and I was able to get everything under control. So ironic, because I had hyperemesis and I lost so much weight in my first trimester. And then there they were trying to limit what I was eating. LOL! What a roller coaster ride. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping that everything turns out okay. :-)

  9. says

    I passed the tests with my oldest with flying colors. Three years later, tests showed I was borderline. I was sent to a nutritionist, given glucose monitoring tools and followed a low carb / low sugar / high fiber / high protein diet for most of my pregnancy. Yes – I had a few cheats, but honestly, I felt SO SO SO much better when I was following the diet. And – after my body became acclimated, it became second nature. I still follow a lot of the guidelines today. The fruit part took a little getting used to – but figuring out the correct time and combo to eat them, I was able to enjoy them. As far as juice – I avoided them like the plague – when you see the reaction of your body and blood sugar, it’s not a problem! :) lol

    I hope your tests go well. However, if you find that this time around you are challenged with GD, don’t fret, you can do it! And thank goodness they are able to find out and help pg mommies maintain it most without complications during their pregnancies!


  10. says

    Yuck! I hated the Glucouse test! I failed the first one with my first child-I wasn’t planning on going into town & made a trip in anyway & thought I would swing by & have the test done. Well, my numbers were high-I guess it’s because I had eaten a box of twinkies that morning! I passed the 2nd test! With the remaining three pregancies, I didn’t eat ANYTHING before having the test done. I didn’t want to have to have the 3 hour one repeated ever again!

    Good luck!

  11. says

    (I don’t think my first comment went through — I got some kind of window about Hashcash??? Trying again…)

    I had GD with the 2nd of three pregnancies — I don’t know why that one was so different from the other two. The test itself wasn’t too bad — my “drink” was like a thick, really sweet Orange Crush. I brought a book alone but got really sleepy and dozed some. I think I brought some stationery to write letters, too.

    I believe you can eat fruit even with GD — not sure about juice — a lot depends on how bad it is. We had a little neighbor who was six and had juvenile diabetes and could even eat ice cream on occasion, but it had to be counted in with his total carbs. Then again, he did take insulin, so if one is trying to control it just through diet, that kind of sugar probably wouldn’t be allowed.

    Hope it all goes well and you don’t have GD!

  12. says

    Sorry I left my mess on your Mr. Linky – yes, I’m responsible for the “Kar” on #14. I’d clean it up if I knew how, but I’m ignorant on this apparently. Perhaps I froze my brain in the freezer last week :)

  13. says

    I’ve never had GD, but I did fail the first test with all three of my pregnancies. Then I passed the second. I think a first test failure is actually fairly common.
    I was thrilled I didn’t ever have GD, not just because of the diet but because I bare huge children anyway. My second was 9 lbs. 15 oz. and my last one was 10 pounds 2 ounces! With GD, I never would have been able to have them vaginally and they would have been much larger!

  14. says

    Oh, I certainly hope your test goes well, and you don’t have GD! The loss of fruit was definitely the hardest part for me (only 2 small servings per day…and at specific times, of course). But aside from very sore fingers on my part, I think it was a lot harder on my husband. Since I was also on bedrest for preeclampsia, he was the one who had to follow the “directions” to prepare my 6 “mini-meals” each day. Hope none of it will end up being an issue for you!

  15. says

    It isn’t a big deal – I had it with the twins. The diet was interesting and I never had to use insulin. It is HIGH protien low carb really. There wer also rules about time of day – getting up and having a yogurt and a banana was not a good idea. Getting up and having an egg and some bacon was right on. You’ll be ok. the three hour test is the pits though!

  16. says


    You are in my thoughts and prayers today. I hated drinking the stuff at the 1 hour test so I couldn’t even imagine what goes on at the 3 hour test.

    Hang in there and big (((HUGS))) from us. Maybe take something to occupy the time so the wait is not as long.

  17. says

    I’ve known lots of people who failed the first test but still passed the second.

    I had GD my first pregnancy (but not the second) and I had no problem keeping it under control with the diet. I found it easy to follow and not that restrictive (except for I was on it during my birthday – no cake!). It was really more about balancing carbs and sugars than eliminating them.

  18. says

    I got my tackle it up :) I failed my first test like that with my second pregnancy. It really freaked me out. Luckily I passed the second one. That test is so not fun when you are pregnant. Good luck!!

  19. says

    I hope that you’re able to get a good book read at least while you wait! And of course more importantly that you pass with flying colors.

  20. says

    That initial screening doesn’t mean nearly as much as they make it out to be. It’s kind of a test to see if you should take another test thing. Most of the time, its results are inaccurate.

    In this case, if they were right, then we have reason to be thankful! At least you will know that you have g. diabetes, and can learn the best ways to make sure you take care of yourself and Baby Girl.

    Be thankful in all things, sweetie. Even in this, there is a reason. There is always a reason.

    Grace, Peace, and Hugs to you!

  21. says

    Hopefully your 3-hour test will come back negative. I had GD with my second son, and while it was definitely an adjustment, it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me in that I began eating a lot better and was able to lose the pregnancy weight very quickly after I delivered. I used to be a juice-guzzler and a Coke-a-holic, and I had to give those up…fresh fruit I could do but at certain times in the day and in smaller portions. Basically, you get an assigned number of carbs for each meal and snack, so you can choose what you want to eat, it just has to be in smaller portions. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with it, but if you do, it will be okay.

  22. says

    Had GD 2 out of 3 pregnancies (the last one I passed the test to everyone’s surprise). I was able to do diet control with the 1st one. The diet was really just a healthy diet – watch your portions and eat healthy. The 2nd time around they (the nutritionist) said the diet wasn’t working b/c I still had a high fasting level with my first test every morning. The rest of the day I was fine with diet control. And I had to go through the emotional battle of learning to give myself insulin shots in the belly (at night only). After the first shot and early reading the next day that showed no difference, I called my dr. The nutritionist at the hospital hadn’t even let him know what they were doing. And my reading was only 4-5 points higher than what they wanted. He took me off the insulin. So, just be sure to talk to your dr. about any decision anyone makes! Hang in there!

  23. says

    I failed the short test with every child and passed the three hour. Nasty stuff-especially since I was already VERY sick with each. I know many women who failed the short and passed the long–so many that by the third time I wasn’t worried.

  24. says

    I just failed my intital glucose test and am off for the 3 hour test at the end of this week. Glad to hear you made it out fine, I am dreading it! I just started coming over to your blog, so I’m behind…when is you baby due?

  25. says

    Wow! That’s some thing huge to tackle! Oh the dreaded gestational diabetes test! I was sure I was going to fail mine because I love, love sugar…I hope you get good results back this time around and that everything is fine!

  26. says

    Ick! Sounds like you were really uncomfortable. I can appreciate what you said too, as I’m being worked up for the cause of chronic dizziness. Blech!

    No matter how the testing turns out, remember that God is already ahead of you in each and every detail and He will see you through to the birth of your precious child.

  27. says

    Yes, I had it. It really wasn’t all that bad, just a little more work. The way the diet was set up, I had to eat more often than I wanted to, so I didn’t have to worry about getting hungry, and I felt very healthy. My son is tremendously healthy, too, and I think it had A LOT to do with that diet. So far, he seems to be my most athletic…

  28. says

    I’ve had diabetes since I was 11 years old & am on 4 injections daily. I don’t understand where you got the idea that diabetics don’t eat any sugar or fruit because nothing could be further from the truth. Everything has sugar in it even tomato ketchup has sugar, and I eat fruit every day bananas, strawberries, oranges I eat them all plus I have a glass of orange juice every breakfast.
    Diabetics are meant to eat a certain amount of sugar & not go over or under that level, it isn’t difficult or limiting & doesn’t affect or limit my lifestyle that much.

  29. says

    I haven’t read all of the comments … but I should have known I had GD because I was so thirsty that I actually enjoyed that orange drink. Gulped it down. Once I started the diet, which wasn’t bad at all, in fact it was a ton of food, my major thirst subsided. I just remember drinking and drinking and drinking … fyi.

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