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    So cute!!!! Makes me wish mine were little again…but then I’d have to go through puberty with them again…no thank you! LOL!

    You have to click Play Song on my blog to hear the music 😉 Thanks for dropping by!

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    Too cute. My daughter has those same sunglasses. I have tried many different styles, but these work the best. She has an eye condition that makes her eyes very sensitive to light, so I need good sunglasses that won’t fall off!

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    OH WOW, what a beautiful cute little girl you have there!!!! AWWW what more is there to say! I sure wish my son would leave on sun glasses like that, I think it really helps to protect the eyes…and that hat, Adorable, she looks like she could be a racer yet! :) Look out momma!!!

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    oh My god, Oh My god!!!!! soooo cuteeeeeeeee, she’s sooo serious and that makes her more cuteeeee…..hahahaha really adorable!!!

    Happy Wednesday!

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    He is such a cutie! That looks like the Jeep Stroller. I have one of those for my grandbabies, when I take them for a walk.

    Thank you for stopping by my WW. I put the legend up of that flower.

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    Very adorable. :)

    Thanks for the comment on my site. If I was as honest and bold as you, you would have seen we had very similar days. I was right at the point of a panic attack, and my head was swimming with foul language (I’ve never heard the F word so often in my life, and it was in my own head!!). So we had similar days. My heart goes out to you, Sister, because the Lord loves you so. I have found that if I make a solid prayer in praise — not trying to put together a single sentence of my own but repeating all of the names of God I know and the praises of God I know from scriptures — I just ask the Holy Spirit to offer them up to Him with me and it seems to quiet my mind. My prayer for you, today, Janice, is that you experience peace, too. “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” Proverbs 23:7

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