Night Terror in Uganda

Tucking my son into bed tonight, I have little to fear. I will put on our house alarm and we will most likely all sleep in safety.

But for families in Uganda, the night terrors are all too real. LRA soldiers routinely burst into homes, kidnapping children to force them into their ranks and make concubines of the girls.

To protect themselves, each night thousands of children in Northern Uganda leave their homes to escape these rebel kidnappers.

As I was doing my filing tonight, organizing my kitchen table for Tackle It Tuesday, I came across a World Vision magazine I had put aside to read. An article telling these children’s story called, “Exodus By Night” caught my eye and I took a few moments to read it. I was stunned.

As mothers, I am sure we all feel the same horror as we try to imagine what these families are going through. I tried to dig up the article on their website to share it with you. Unfoturnately they do not have the complete article listed, but they do have a summarized version. You can read it here.

Uganda Night Commuters“Every evening, the children of Northern Uganda face the same choice: leave their homes to sleep in urban shelters or risk being abducted by rebels.” – Exodus By Night, by Nicolette Beharie and Nigel MArsh, Photograph by Jon Warren

(This article was from the World Vision Canada website, click here for the World Vision USA website. )


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    Also, . It’s a group called Invisible Children and it’s an amazing story of these 2 American guys (maybe 18) who just decided to go to Africa and make a documentary on whatever they found…and what they found were these kids in Uganda.

    Now these guys have made a video and they have started Invisible Children. They came to my oldest daughter’s school and traveled all over the United States to spread awareness about this terrible tragedy.

    I was stunned too…I mean, really, no words can explain the terror these families endure.

    Thanks for helping in raising the awareness on this subject…I’m sad that it’s so overlooked. My husband talked to a missionary from Uganda who has seen these things first hand and Praise The Lord he said the number of the rebels are dwindling and hopefully this terror will soon be over….


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    I think it is just disgusting what some people will do to their fellow countrymen. God Bless those men who started “Invisible Children” and the missionaries who help, too. They are beacons of light in an otherwise dark existence for those poor people. I’m glad to hear that missionary say those rebels are decreasing in number. It is when no one helps at all that they gain power. So once again… BRAVO to those good people who stand against such horror.

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    One more comment–how dare these monsters call themselves “The Lord’s Resistance Army”? To me, that’s nothing short of blasphemy.

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    I heard about this at a Third Day concert we went to a few months ago! It was horrifying to watch the short documentary they had. The bass guitarist went there and actually walked with some of the kids to a night center!

    We forget here in America, just HOW much evil is really in this world! Thanks for the reminder Janice! :)

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    I admit — I wish I had more time to devote to reading world news, especially from a Christian perspective to identify evil where there is definitely evil (vs. “struggle). I did attend a prayer dinner where we watched how prayer has affected this country already, although there is much to go. I pray that the Spririt opens my heart to world prayer and I remember to go beyond my zip code (and Iraq) so much more often…

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    We are so lucky to live in a free country where for the most part our children are safe. I tremble when I think of fate, and how easily it would have been for us to be born in another place or time…

  7. amber says

    how can everyone just sit there and say poor children… do something! sitting and saying.. oh man that is awfull isnt going to change the fact that its happening… doing something will

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