Praying for Heather…


edited to add:

At 1:30pm Eastern, Heather had just gone back into surgery to remove the tumor. The procedure will take about four hours from what I understand from Laura’s update. For continual updates form Laura and Heather’s family, see Heather’s blog. There are hundreds of us over there, just hitting refresh over and over all day today!

In just a matter of hours, surgeons will be cutting into Heather’s brain, trying to remove a large tumor. I feel so helpless as I walk through my daily activities knowing my friend’s life is in such peril. What can I do? Well… I can pray. And so I am. Along with so many of you.

If you want to join the prayer chain for Heather, head on over to Kelli’s blog. What a beautiful idea Kelli!

I am sure there won’t be many waking moments in the next 24 hours when I will not be thinking and praying for Heather. And in honor of Heather, the women who made so many prayer buttons for others, here is my little prayer button for her.

We love you Heather!

“You will call, and the Lord will answer;
you will cry for help, and he will say: Here am I.” Isaiah 58:9

PS – If you want the code for Heather’s prayer button, click on read more. I have included code for this 220 pixel wide button and a smaller 120 pixel wide button in case you want a small one for your sidebar. (Of course, feel free to copy and save the button and resize it to whatever you want. I just included the code to make it easier for people.) The code will link to Heather’s homepage. Laura and Heather’s husband, Mark, will be continuing to post updates there.

Banner Codes:


To include this wider banner (220 pixels wide) copy and paste this code:


To include this smaller banner (120 pixels wide) copy and paste this code:


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    I’m praying, of course.

    Thanks for the buttons. I have the large one going up in a post and the smaller on my sidebar.

    I cannot imagine Heather’s emotions right now. She is amazing.

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    Thanks for the code! It’s on my new blog. I’m not at To Reflect His Glory anymore. I decided I needed a more anonymous place to write. :)
    Great idea!

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    My sisters and I lost a high school friend to a brain tumor. It was inoperable. She was only 27 at the time. She left behind two young children. More prayers coming Heather.

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    Thanks for making htis prayer button. I’m not officially on Kelli’s prayer vigil but I pray for Heather and family whenever they come to mind.

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    I was so shocked to see this entry, as my friend’s little boy (10-years-old) is having surgery on a brain tumor himself tommorrow morning. My children and I are about to pray for him now. I will add Heather to our prayers.

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