Works For Me Wednesday – Tree Sap Removal

by Janice

works for me wednesday

Sticky sap gone in seconds…

This weekend at our cabin in the country, my son was helping my hubby gather firewood (see Wordless Wednesday pictures for this week) and my son did not have work gloves on.

After carrying fresh cut firewood, his hands – and his shorts – were covered in sticky sap. I scrubbed his hands to no avail with dishwashing liquid soap.

Then I got smart and pulled out my Melaleuca Oil (also called Tea Tree Oil) from my toiletry bag and poured it straight on. It did the trick in seconds. Total success! Today washing his clothes – I used a Melaleuca Oil based cleaner and cleaned the sap off them as well.

Melaleuca oil is actually a natural solvent – so if you ever have a sticky mess like sap, grab some Melaleuca Oil (or Tea Tree Oil) and use it straight or diluted. It works for me!

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