Why is it that when my son gets a cold…

…he barely seems to feel it? He has a bit of a runny nose, but he is still his wild self, tearing around, bouncing off the walls and generally enjoying life. Then when I get it, I feel like my limbs are about to fall off and the clock must stop ticking cause I need to go to bed for four days!

Yes it is only the beginning of the cold – I just have the raging fire sore throat (good thing I spend most of my day typing not talking) and a bit of a stuffed up nose – but I feel so weak and exhausted!

It is not surprising that I got it though. This last week I have been staying up till ridiculously late hours working and not getting nearly the amount of sleep my body needs. I try to make up for it with a nap in the day, but if you add up the hours, it is not totaling a sufficient amount for me. (I need a ton of sleep unfortunately. I am not one of those lucky folks who can live on five or six or even seven hours of sleep. I need me LOTS of sleep! – And I am just not getting it!)

So I am not getting the amount of tackling done today that I hoped. The laundry is not done. The house looks almost as bad as I feel. And hundreds of emails are still staring at me untended to every time I open Susan’s email. But I had to give up and go have a marathon nap. (Jackson goes to daycare two days a week so that I can work and he can play. Well today he went to daycare and Mommy went to bed!)

“An inch by inch it is a cinch,” right? (My mom used to always say that – it still makes me laugh.)

But what else can you do? I will crawl through the next few days, do the least amount of housework possible and try to get as much work done as I can. But I will also have to give in and rest too. A body can only shout so loud before you need to listen to it and slow down.

What about you? Am I the only adult that gets this sick and weak from a cold? My hubby barely gets sick. He is made of a much tougher stock than I am. Please tell me that I am not the only weakling out there…


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    You are definitely not the only one, Janice. When I get sick, I get S.I.C.K. as a dog. I have always been that way but even moreso since the kids. I totally chalk it up to the lack of rest that we get. Even when we sleep, we sleep with one eye open so we’re rarely in DEEP sleep. *Sigh*

    Just try to get as much rest as you can and try to do some “downtime” things like vegging in front of the tv and taking catnaps when you can. I’m sure the emails can wait. 😉

    Sending you get well soon hugs,

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    Why your son barely feels it compared to you? My first thought is because he is not pregnant. 😉

    Seriously, though, some colds really do get me down and the best I can do is sleep. And pray.

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    Oh, dear–I hope that you will feel better soon. I have to say that I hardly get sick…don’t even remember the last time I was sick…and I survive on 4 1/2 hours each week-night–weekends I sleep 6 hours…

    Praying for you…

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    Oh, I’m completely the same way! I’m also not one of those people that can survive on 5-6 hours of sleep. I’m a zombie with anything less than 8 (which is pretty much 98% of the last 3 years! LOL). I hope you get over the cold quick and get some rest.

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    Kinda makes me think about me and Joshua right now. He’s got something. Don’t know if it’s a cold or just plain allergies. He runs around here climbing, exploring, etc. Normally, if I catch a cold, I end up taking a sick day from work and go to bed. The last time I was sick was a few weeks ago. Found out I had strep throat and was in bed for several days. Then I found out something ELSE a couple of weeks later. ;o) Happens everytime…….

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    I understand completely. I’ve had this cold for over a week now. Staying up late isn’t helping either. It seems that moms don’t get sick as often as the family but when we do it seems to hit us hard… and nobody does what we do so we see everything stop while we are down as well. It brings our spirit to an all time low as well. Feel better! Hang in there. Each day it gets a little bit better.

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    Oh, do NOT take away my sleep. When I get a cold (which is rare) I feel horrid, but usually don’t have the luxury of stopping. But when I do drop it is every man and child for himself.

    Hope you feel better soon. Rest.

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    I NEED my sleep. I am a crab apple if I don’t get it and as far as sickness. I’m normally ok but pregnant I get sick way more easily and for much longer. I’ve had three colds since January…yuck!!!!

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    I just always tell myself that it’s God telling me I need to take a break and since I wasn’t sensible enough to do it on my own, He found a way to make me!

    Hope you’re feeling better :-)

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    I get that sick just not when I am pregnant. heightened immune system for me means a quicker recovery. However when I am not pregnant life is awful. I think a lot of it has to do with the body size of kids. From what some doctors have told us. Kids have the same amount of energy as adults do, just a smaller body size and so it takes a lot more to exert the same amount of energy. I ‘m not sold. My son tornado, has a million kilowatts of energy and I propose that the doctors who shared that info with us take him and anyother kid and compare the difference. We call him tornado because that is what looks like happened to the house after he’s been in it for twenty minutes.

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    C’mon now, Janice. Who do you think you are,……..me?
    I too have a raging sore throat and major lack of sleep (my own fault on the sleep; foolish, foolish, foolish). And two of my kids are sick. My 5yo ds is like yours, bouncing around as if it’s just another day (bungee snot hanging constantly from his nose, ewwwww). My 4yo otoh goes down for the count when she’s sick. She’s practically catatonic (I’d say I felt a blog entry coming on but I just blogged about it a day or two ago as I saw the germs coming on).

    Too bad we’re not close enough for a “misery loves company” playdate. The boys could play wildly together while you and I groaned through some mommy conversation, eau de throat lozenges filling the room.
    Get well soon.
    (who gargles with cayenne pepper for good relief; check it out online)

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    I’m right there with you Janice! I too currently have a cold and three of the kiddos with respiratory junk going on! They continue on with life as usual and I feel like I need to just crawl under the covers until it is gone. It is funny though that I too blogged about the adventures of taking them all to the doctor and being sick myself yesterday.

    You’re NOT the only baby out there – apparently I’m one too!

  13. gina says

    I am sicker than a dog now. I have been for over a week , started to get better got socked with something else and ended up in the hospital. Today is my sons 4th birthday and I am so sad . It almost seems like I am missing out because I am so sick and I cant’ give myself the time to get better. I feel guilty for him and sad for me.

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