Home Office Women

There are lots of us out there and the numbers keep growing – women who trade in traditional work environments to work from home. Whether we have online or off line businesses having an office at home works for us.

Doris, who runs her company Synergy Entire along with her business partner husband, loves the freedom she has found in her home office so much that she has started a fabulous blog called Home Office Women. (H.O.W.)

H.O.W. interviewed us about our home office life working as a Mom and (twin) daughter team. (For those of you who might not know – Susan and I don’t just work as twin team. Our Mom Joan is our business partner as well, running our online stores www.pedalcarsandretro.com and www.a-rocking-horse-to-love.com.)

If you want to read our interview and learn more about how the three of us started working together, head on over to Home Office Women.

Thanks Doris for creating this great site that helps and inspires WAHMs.


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    Oh what fun. I run a business from home and I really enjoy the freedom and flexibility it offers. I can put my kids first, but still earn an income and enjoy being creative.

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    what a goldmine to find these ideas – and know others are out there juggling too. I used LaborFair to help me with errand when I got to overwhelm – and did it without guilt because I knew I was helping other women

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