AblePlay – Helping you find the Right Toys for your Special Needs Child

Recently emailed us to ask if we would help get the word out about their new toy rating system and web site. We checked out AblePlay and it looks like a valuable resource, so of course we agreed to pass on the info to you.

What exactly does AblePlay do? AblePlay - Rated Toys and Play Ideas for Children with Special Needs
Through independent reviews and ratings of toys, the site provides comprehensive information on toys for children with special needs so parents, special educators, therapists and others can make the best choices for the children in their lives with disabilities.

Developed by the National Lekotek Center, the leading nonprofit authority on play for children with disabilities, AblePlay is a well constructed, easy to use site that provides parents and professionals access to the most useful, product-specific information about the top play and learning products and toys for children with disabilities. With clearly marked features, you can search for products, find out where to buy them, learn how to best use the rating system and even become part of their AblePlayers club.

If you or someone you know has a special needs child, you definitely want to check out


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    I will have to check this out and pass it on. I moderate several sites for homeschoolers and I know they are always looking for info..
    In the meantime, if you have memories you would like to post and link up with others in the process, I’m hosting a new meme… come by and leave your link if you want!

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