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Susan here… I recently returned from Disneyland where I just saw the premiere of Mickey and the Magical Map and visited the new Fantasy Faire. For disclosure I’d like to let you know that I […]

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kmart design

Being a mom is CRAZY-HARD!!! Seriously… it is beyond what anyone can ever describe. And it doesn’t seem to get easier… We Moms MUST somehow force ourselves to take time for US and look after […]


I think Anissa Mayhew must be one of the most inspiring bloggers in the world. She’s shared her heart wrenching journey through her battle with her daughter’s cancer and now shes takes us all with […]


Melanie, Janice and Stephanie

We’re in the countdown of the last few weeks before BlogHer 10 and I’m getting so excited. This will be my first time in New York and my third BlogHer conference. Anyone who’s ever been […]


Kmart Design

Have you ever been to a BlogHer conference before? How far did you have to go to get there? Did you fly or drive? Did you have a sponsor? Did you have to scrape and […]


These days you can’t spend long on Twitter or in the momosphere without hearing about Erika Lehmann. Erika is the fashionable power blogging mom behind Chic Shopper Chick. But a couple of years ago in […]


Teri Hatcher on the red carpet at Disney World of Color

Last month, when I attended the opening night of Disney’s World of Color, I had the chance to catch Teri Hatcher on the red carpet. Teri is dazzling “In Real Life” — she is stunning […]


Cheeseburgher Party

Can you believe it’s June already? Our weather around here hasn’t been acting like it, but summer is pretty much here. So what does that mean for us moms? Well, besides scrambling to find ways […]


The Bloggess

I love going to conferences, but the problem is I’m just too busy while I’m there and then even busier when I get home. So I record all these cool video interviews and then I […]


Quadruplets from

When I first met Quatro Mama and her crew of quadruplet cuties at BlogHer 09, I just couldn’t get over how under control their family is. Quatro Mama and her phenomenal husband make taking four […]