We were compensated for this campaign. This week is National Teen Driver Safety week. With a 15-year-old daughter who is learning to drive, who has already been riding around with other teen drivers for a […]

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Today’s tackle has been submitted by Jerry Weichman, PhD. Parent: “How was your day?” Teen: “Good.” Parent: “What did you do today?” Teen: “Nothing.”  Does that sound like a recent conversation you had with your […]


If you’re concerned about how to discuss alcohol with your pre-teen, you’re not alone. Many parents are nervous about beginning the conversation regarding alcohol and drug use, but the truth is…the more comfortable you seem […]


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The orderly wheeled me to the car with my newborn daughter cradled in my arms. I remember thinking how absurd it was that they would send me home so soon. What did I know about […]


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Acne can be devastating and seriously depressing. If you suffered with teen acne — whether mild, moderate or severe — you know how it can destroy your self-esteem. There are scientific studies proving acne can […]


Today, Jeremy Lee from Parentzilla is sharing with us about teens and cell phones. We would love to have you comment and share with us your thoughts on this subject. This is the most frequent […]


Did you notice the “My Moodies” link in the navigation bar on the site? 5 Minutes for Mom is partnering with My Moodies to bring you animated content for both moms and daughters.   What […]

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Seriously, parenting gets scarier every day! A shocking post on Scribbit is circulating through Twitter and in case it didn’t hit your stream, I wanted to grab your attention here. It’s about something I had […]