separation anxiety

It’s that time of year again… for me it is the most emotional time of the year.Julia is going into first grade this year, so it’s my fourth time sending her to school. She did […]

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Sophia at school

I’m always talking about how different Julia and Sophia are… but today I had a reminder that they are more alike than I may have thought. It turns out Sophia is following the same pattern […]


Olivia and Sophia at Preschool

It may be because they have each other or it may be because they both desperately long to do everything their older siblings do… but our two two-year-olds were completely ready to start Preschool. They’re […]



I am a weekly columnist over at, but every time they choose to feature one of my posts in the main marquee on the home page I get excited. There is something about seeing […]



I was away for 8 days. It was my first trip without my girls. I weaned Sophia a few weeks earlier in preparation. I explained to Julia that she was the big sister and if […]


Peeking through preschool window at Julia

It is getting better. Julia’s extreme preschool separation anxiety is easing. Each class she cries less and less. During her last class she only cried for a few minutes when I left and she only […]


Julia at school classroom door

I’m sitting on the floor in the hallway outside my 3 year old daughter Julia’s preschool class listening to her cry for her Mommy. The perfection of her first day was short-lived. Day 2 brought […]