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monday mingle

I love taking part in Monday Mingle and tried desperately to sneak in a little vlogging while my girls played behind me. Of course it didn’t go quite as planned. I really liked this week’s […]



Jen from One Moms World is one of the sweetest bloggers you’ll ever meet. We are so sad to hear that Jen is in the hospital and that she’ll be spending her birthday tomorrow still […]



Julia and Jackson want to know what musical instruments your children play and what age they started? They’re asking over at Say It Face To Face… You can leave a text or video reply at […]

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The Bloggess

I love going to conferences, but the problem is I’m just too busy while I’m there and then even busier when I get home. So I record all these cool video interviews and then I […]


Add your UBP Video

If you made a video for the Ultimate Blog Party or the UBP 10 After Party, you can also add it to this conversation thread over at Say It Face To Face. Our video conversation […]

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monday mingle

I love the Monday Mingle vlogging carnival and I missed it last week while I was away at the StomperNet conference in Atlanta. As usual, I’ve uploaded my Monday Mingle response to our video conversation […]


monday mingle

Okay… time for some vlogging! My Monday Mingle response is at our video conversation site Say It Face To Face. This week’s questions were submitted by the hilarious Greg from Telling Dad: If you were […]

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The blogosphere is now so full of fantastic writing and awesome communities that new bloggers might feel that it is too late for them to get started and gain ‘blogging success’. During the Mom 2.0 […]


monday mingle

Have you ever vlogged before? Monday Mingle is a vlogging carnival created by Eighty MPH Mom and it is a great way to get started vlogging. You can join in Monday Mingle by recording a […]


The Mommy-Files

Shannon from The Mommy-Files posted a great question over at Say It Face to Face… What’s The Name Of Your Blog? How Did You Come Up With It? Click over to Say It Face To Face […]