Overlooked Holiday Moments to Photograph This Year

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to capture memories! Alongside your traditional Christmas family photos don’t forget to photograph what makes your family holiday unique and special. Here are five often overlooked […]


photo editing with textures

Have you used textures in your photo editing? Alishia Osborn, from Just Leesha, is here with some tips on finding and using photo textures to add drama and interest to your images. When I first […]


How to Add a Dramatic Sky to Your Photos - Photoshop Tutorial

Want Clouds? Make Clouds! Alishia Osborn, from Just Leesha, is here with a Photoshop tutorial to show you how to add a dramatic sky to your photos. With a few steps in Photoshop, you can […]


Halloween Cat Costume

Julia is Getting Ready for Halloween… This past week I made cat costumes for my daughter, Olivia, and Susan’s daughters, Julia and Sophia. I love these DIY girls black cat Halloween costumes so much, I […]


TrunxApp Giveaway

This post and our recent #TrunxPhotoFun Twitter Party are sponsored by the photo app Trunx. Trunx – that “lets you snap, organize and store forever”… privately and in the cloud! Test it out not tow […]


How to Use and Love Layers in Photoshop

To edit photos in Photoshop, you must learn to use layers. What are layers? Simply put, they are photo adjustments you can stack on top of your picture. You can add as many or as […]


TrunxPhotoFun Twitter Party

We’re thrilled to announce a fabulous Twitter Party talking all about Photo Fun – Tips and Ideas to Get the Most from your Photos! The event is sponsored by a new photo app called Trunx. […]


Photoshop Tutorial - Add Light and Warmth

Have you ever taken a photo of a wonderful moment and then felt disappointed that it didn’t turn out as fabulously as you thought it would? If so, Alishia Osborn, from Just Leesha, is here to show how you can […]

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Applebarn Abbotsford BC

Decisions, decisions… Olivia had some pretty tough decisions to make during our trip to The Applebarn at Taves Family Farms. I posted this photo several days ago, along with others from our fun-filled outing, but […]



Writer Bonnie Way shares a look at Moleskine + MILK Books Photobooks. She was compensated for her time in writing this post but all opinions remain her own. My 18-month old turns to me with […]