Tackle It Tuesday

If you recall, about 7 months ago I shared the news that we were moving to a new house. My family and I were SO excited and thought we possibly had found the house of […]


Post image for Heading to the Beach or to a Sunny Park, We Don’t Leave Home Without…

Has summer weather hit where you live? Will you be heading to the beach or just packing up the kids for an afternoon at a sunny park? Susan and I are lucky to live near […]

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I cannot believe it took me from 7am to to 11pm to pack out my entire house and scrub it clean. Of course I had the help of five Sicilian men to do all the […]


What a surprise… Janice is scrambling to pack her bags the night before leaving for a blogging conference. She’s so behind, she’s making ME tell you about her tackle which is fittingly, prepping for Blissdom […]


Tackle it Tuesday

A Sentimental Tackle… While Susan and I were in NYC last week for BlogHer10, my eight year old son was at camp — without me! We go to camp every summer as a family to […]


I can’t believe I’m admitting this… But my tackle had two phases… Yes, as you might guess, my tackle tonight includes PACKING to go to the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration in Orlando. But the […]


I’m leaving again in two days! Seriously. So, again I’m unpacking, doing laundry and repacking. Do you think I’ll miss out on much sleep again the night before I leave? Probable outcome: 2 – 3 […]