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Keep Kids Secure Online and at School

I’m a member of Master Lock’s Live Secure Safety Squad and have been compensated for my time in writing this post. To keep our kids safe in this digital age, we need to teach them […]


meet melissa

Hi! It’s Melissa here from Qustodio. If you’ve been following along with the party thread, then you probably already know that we’re the sponsor for this year’s #UBP14 Twitter Party. What you may not know, […]


Raise Awareness about Child Safety

Qustodio is sponsoring the #UBP14 Twitter Party and we’ve arranged with them this extra promotion for you. As you know, the Ultimate Blog Party is full of prizes, and Qustodio is offering subscriptions to 10 […]


UBP 2014 Twitter Party

The Ultimate Blog Party TWITTER PARTY is brought to you by Qustodio… UBP Live Events During the week long Ultimate Blog Party 2014, we have two LIVE events… this #UBP14 Twitter Party on Tuesday April […]


Live Safe Security Squad

I’m a member of Master Lock’s Live Secure Safety Squad and have been compensated for my time in writing this post. Are your passwords secure? What about your family’s important documents? These days we all […]


5 Minutes for Mom contributor Geri Chase shares her thoughts about the MagneBricks Building Blocks Kickstart project.  She was compensated for writing this post and sharing her honest opinion. My family took our internet use […]


Club Penguin Summit

A couple weeks ago, I was familiar with the website Club Penguin but it didn’t jump out at me as something I should go out of my way to introduce to my children. Janice’s boy […]


Club Penguin

Today I saw inside a fascinating virtual world that’s created and carefully monitored to allow kids a safe introduction to social media. Yes, I’m in Kelowna, BC, Canada at the headquarters of Club Penguin, the […]



My friend and I were out walking our dogs the other day and a neighbor called us over to borrow a cell phone. The mailbox for the street had been broken into — the door […]

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Guest contributor Kristen Brophy weighs in on how parents can protect their children online. YouTube, Facebook, and Google are all powerful contributors to the digital world of information. The ability to communicate and search at […]

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