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Have you felt that tug at your heart this week? This week has been amazing for the 10 mom bloggers in Kenya. If you followed the posts, you  know just a glimpse of the tragedy […]


It is a whirlwind week for the 10 mom bloggers currently in Kenya with activist-group ONE.  Are you following their #OneMoms Tweets? What these ladies are seeing and learning is changing their hearts and impacting […]


This post originally appeared on and is part of the #ONEMoms Trip to Kenya. Tuesday, July 26th, Nairobi, Kenya Today was our second day focused on health, particularly women’s health, and we learned many […]

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Travel time – 20 hours. Kenya appeared before their eyes and excitement rose in their hearts. The 10 #OneMoms completed their first day of visits and have much to share. Monday was focused on education […]


Moms, we can change the world! We can make a difference! Bloggers making a difference By joining together with ONE, moms are raising awareness to help Africans have medication, food, education and a better life. […]