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Disney Frozen - Discover the Truth of True Love

Frozen crushes the formulaic story of “happily ever after” and instead tells a captivating tale of the truest love. This Disney Princess movie is unlike any before. Just like the characters in the story, the […]

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Lolli here… A black and white animated movie? I admit my first impression of Frankenweenie, Tim Burton’s newest stop-motion animated film, was curious, at best. It wasn’t until I saw an extended sneak peek of […]



5M4M Contributor Christie O. Reviews Real Steel and calls it, “The Karate Kid. But With Robots.” Hugh Jackman, a bunch of Rock ‘em Sock ‘em robots, underground fighting in the future. Real Steel seems like […]



5M4M Contributor Christie O. goes behind the scenes with Dreamworks Co-Chairman & CEO Stacey Snider who opens up about “The Help” The amazing movie The Help hits theaters TODAY (August 10, 2011). I’ve reviewed the […]

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