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by Adrienne May The moment you tell your kids, “You cannot have any more Christmas candy” or “No more cookies for you,” they’re going to start dreaming in gingerbread men and candy canes. So in […]

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Breakfast time around here is always a rush.  It’s morning, and we are not morning people.  By “we” I mean “me” of course.  And the wee ones aren’t the most organized either, for that matter.  […]


I am not sure about the rest of North America, but in Houston, Texas … summertime is HERE. It’s hot.  Humid.  And we’re just barely into May.  (sigh) With children who want to play outside all day long, I […]


Contributing writer, Chris Molnar, has the perfect indoor activity for kids – homemade ice cream! Winter may be ending soon, but it’s never the wrong time of year for homemade ice cream. Ice cream on […]


Hey Ladies, this is Amber Strocel here… Back-to-school time is coming up fast. This is a big year for my family, because my oldest child Hannah is heading off to kindergarten. They grow up so […]


I love ice cream. Actually, I love food in general, but ice cream really stands out for me. If I didn’t have to be a good example for my children, I would eat several bowls […]


Jackson and Julia have very different eating habits. Jackson eats almost everything (except he rarely likes fresh fruit – how bizarre is that?) and Julia eats almost nothing. But the one thing they both always […]